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As a former Buddhist I am well acquainted with the notion and details of karma. I am very much of the view that whatever I do will come back to me - both good and bad. As a result, I have a very high personal motivation to "do the right thing". For some posts I've made about this on my blog, see:
In terms of services provided through this Web site, however, irrespective of my personal beliefs and whether or not I am charging, all that I do is subject to the laws of this state, this nation and a number of international laws. In particular:
  • any attempt at fraud by me is actionable under law;
  • any failure of me to be inclusive (i.e. any incident where I discriminate on the basis of sexuality, gender identity, race, religion, etc.) may also be actionable under law.
The Australian Psychics Association has a Code of Ethics which is not bad, but lacks the above two points, and seems a bit anti-Wiccan/pagan for my tastes. I am not registered with, nor am I a member of, the Australian Psychics Association. I would like to get a better version of their register going at the Order of Hermes Web site, but I have been lacking in time to make that happen.
I am also aware that any client's attempt to blackmail or threaten me is also covered by relevant laws - that is, I am protected, as well as any clients. That also applies to discriminatory (i.e., offensive) behaviour against me :)

Next point: love spells are an attempt at negative psychic control, and are therefore WRONG, and I will have NOTHING to do with such rubbish, nor requests to harm people.

So ... ethics all round, thank you :)

Note that I am now closing my business, and am planning to do this work on a non-commercial business. 

Love, light, hugs and blessings

Gnwmythr, Wéofodthegn 
(pronounced "new-MYTH-ear"; ... aka Bellatrix Lux? … Morinehtar? … Would-be drýicgan ... )

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