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I am no longer attempting to do this as a commercial concern, but for the information it provides about me, and just in case there is ever any desire to make a donation, this is the context I would expect to apply to that. However, should anyone wish to make a donation, you can do so via the following account. I expect such donations to NOT be excessive (if they are, I will send them back! There are causes with greater, valid needs, causes that are far more deserving of money, than my work here on this blog):
  • Account :           K White 
  • Bank :                Westpac 
  • BSB :                  033-067 
  • Account No. :    298957
Note that I also do not accept donations that come with 'strings' (i.e., expectations of acknowledgement or reward).

If you want to take advantage of one of these services, you need to contact me using the form FIRST, before sending any money, so we can discuss what it is you want done. All my cautions in regard to ethics apply to all paid services - and donations.If you are making a donation, be sure you know WHY you are doing that.

The following is a slightly edited version of what I originally had here.
As an energy psychic, I would rather receive five cents given with gratitude, than twenty dollars given grudgingly. I believe that those providing psychic services deserve to be paid just as much as anyone else giving a service, but I have better things to do with my energies, skills and life than fight against ingratitude or resentment that has been dumped into my lap by someone who didn't want to pay "that much".
For that reason, I ask that you pay only what you consider my services are worth. I will actually set an upper limit on this*, and I will ask that you wait at least one week to make sure what I have done is of reasonable value to you, and I will give you a few options around payment (for example, I am happy for you to make a donation to a charity of my choosing, or 'pay it forward', perhaps in kind rather than cash - and I'll even buy a Lotto ticket just to see if your payment has got back to me yet :) ), but if you don't wish to pay me for whatever reason, that is perfectly okay with me :) I even will refrain from using the f word (as in "Fine! Fine! Humph.")
I have a day job, so I don't need this money to survive, and I am aware of the workings of karma (known to witches/Wiccans as "the Law of Threefold Return", and many others as "what goes around, comes around" or "what you give out you get back"). If you're just trying to avoid making payment to me because you're stingy, it's you that has to deal with your karma, not me.
* In part, the 'upper limit' is based around this being, from the point of view of my tax agent, a 'paying hobby'. That's okay by me, as I don't want to have to deal with ABNs, BASs, etc. - the taxation stuff I had to deal with when I tried to set up a part time massage/alternative healing back in the late 80s was enough for me to let that idea go.
To end with a lighter note, did you hear about the guy who didn't keep up the payments on his exorcism? He was repossessed. :)

My expectations of you

On that note, it should also be noted that people providing a service are protected by laws also. We are protected against assault, attempts at blackmail, and abuse - including abuse simply because you can't, say, handle an uncomfortable truth. I also expect all people who come to my home (if that is where I work for a client) to accept that all our pets are full and equal members of the household, and are to be treated with the same respect that you would give another human. Hence, for example, if a cat is on a chair, the chair is taken: you find another chair, or stand.
If you cannot make an appointment, or will be late, please email (up to 24 hours beforehand), ring or text. However, please do not expect me to put my family, work and other commitments on hold for your slackness - I've already done so once, to make the first appointment. Rescheduling will generally be done, but on the basis of mutual convenience. Continued failure to turn up without adequate reason will result in services not being offered.
Finally, I expect people to do their fair share of work: if I advise you to do something, I expect you to do that before coming along again. If you don't take my advice, then I see no point in taking time out of my life to try and help you, and may terminate the session or refrain from future sessions. As a minimum, I expect ALL my clients to gain some basic familiarity with the principles of (psychic) flaming, and grounding and shielding.

Restrictions on clients I will accept

These days, I understand that a "Blue Card" (i.e. "Working with Children checks" - which, I understand, also comes with a requirement for police checks*) is required for working with children (the Pagan Awareness Network has a media release about their actions in this regard).
If I run any workshops, I will have to either get a "Blue Card", or limit attendees to those who are over 18. I will probably choose the latter, as I don't have the time or inclination to attend the courses etc. required to get a "Blue Card" - particularly when, based on my past experience, that is only ever going to be a very small part of my clientele.
In any case, parental permission is an absolute must for anything involving those under 18 - and, in the case of separated parents, that permission includes both, as far as I am concerned.
If you are under 18, I don't make the rules, but I get to pay the price (potentially including jail time) if I don't observe them, so don't drag me into any of your battles over this. In particular, don't disguise your true age from me.
* Whilst I fully support action to protect children (I know many people who have been abused as children - some almost fatally abused - and experienced a couple of such incidents as a child myself), the way police checks are generally conducted is not without flaws, particularly around the management of former names for trans people (read here for an explanation of that term).


From time to time, I may have to cancel bookings in response to other events in my life up to and including the death of a Significant Other. Where such happens, I will provide as much notice as I can, and will negotiate a new appointment under mutually agreed terms (not just time).

Fees and Payment Options

This section no longer applies, but just in case anyone is inclined towards wanting to make a donation, this sets the order of scale of what I would be comfortable with.

The broad options regarding payment (Pay-It-Forward, pay what you consider it worth, etc) have already been outlined under the sub-section “Payment”. Assuming you have decided, after trying my work out for sufficient time, to pay a reasonable fee, then your options are:
·         pay cash (which will be declared on my tax return);
·         deposit into account (details provided when scope of work agreed);
·         future online options are being investigated (e.g., I've considered a Skrill account, which is an alternative to a PayPal account that I need for Flattr anyway, but their commercial purposes use is incompatible - and has fees that are unclear to me - with the low key way I run this 'business').
The actual fees are tabulated below - but remember, these are generally an upper limit - remember, I prefer you to pay at least one week later, and pay what you consider my work worth for you. 

Upper limit fee
Spirit rescue and/or Clearing
Preparation of a new, tailored talismanic tetrahedron
A$60 + postage
Existing, public talismanic tetrahedron, such as psychic protection or world peace
A$20 + postage
Writing simple rituals
Writing more complex rituals
Leading rituals (e.g. handfastings)
To be mutually agreed
Channelled energy healing
No charge
Past life regression
Varies - typically around A$25
Rune readings
House clearings
1st session - A$100
Subsequent sessions - A$50
Varies - to be mutually agreed


Information is collected and maintained about clients who take me up on these services to enable communication with you, and to maintain records of the services provided to you so that any future consultations will be efficient. In the case of any abusive behaviour from you, records will be maintained of the problematic behaviour so informed decisions can be made about whether to provide any services to you at a future date.
No personal information about you will be divulged to any other person, except in response to a lawful direction from a court or a police officer.
Your records are kept on a system which has up to date virus protection and updates to the operating system.

Love, light, hugs and blessings

Gnwmythr, Wéofodthegn 
(pronounced "new-MYTH-ear"; ... aka Bellatrix Lux? … Morinehtar? … Would-be drýicgan ... )

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