Offerings - Rituals, Healing and Regressions


One of the things I enjoy doing is ritual - both writing/preparing, and participating/leading. In fact, as child I would write my own rituals, little things to do every day (I mentioned this on my bio at the Asuri website), and I took to the ritual aspects of Wicca like a duck to water (I can still remember the pleasure of my very first ritual - the circle dance, the choice of incense, etc). I still enjoy doing this when I can - for instance, I am enjoying completing the four sets of cycles of rituals I am posting for my ritual project.

I have written and, on occasion, led, rituals for other people for various purposes, but I am NOT a registered/official  celebrant - nor would I ever be under the repressive, bigoted marriage regime instituted by the evil John Howard, and maintained subsequently by others. I may, however, be able to be convinced to offer my services to write or, if you are conveniently located, participate in or lead, rituals for other purposes - coming of age, handfastings, cronings/sagings, Sabbats/ Esbats, etc.

If you wish to try to convince me, please contact me using either the contact form on this blog. 

Channelled Energy Healing 

The quickest way to give you an idea of what I do as a channelled energy healer is to describe it as "like Reiki, but without the visualisations, formality or hierarchical attunements etc".
In effect, I act as a conduit for etheric, astral and higher energies to flow through me to your nonphysical bodies. This can potentially be of benefit to you emotionally, mentally or psychically, and, through the interconnections of our nonphysical and physical components, eventually to your physical wellbeing (even if all it does is provide a 'recharge' of energies).
This technique is more or less as used in spiritualist churches, and by healers such as the late, great, British Harry Edwards. They often used the term “spiritual healing”, hopefully in the sense of working with spirit, but it seems to imply that one is, or should be, “spiritual” in order to carry out the healing: fortunately for me, that isn't so.
In writing about this, I wish to make it perfectly clear that I have not performed any miraculous healing (if I could perform miracles I'd be tempted to quip that Melbourne Football Club would have won an AFL Premiership or two since 1964).
I also insist that my clients combine alternative therapies with conventional medicine, as I am firmly of the view that they are both potentially complementary.
You should also be aware that, just as not all conventional medicines are suitable for all people, each healer or healing method may not be suitable for a particular patient, or perhaps a particular session. So, no matter how much you may want the healing to work, it is important to be objective about this.
For more on my approach to healing, try reading:
·         Channelling energy;
·         Colour healing (an example of my early automatic writing);
·         The secret science of hugs.
I can do absent healing, but how focused this is depends on the number of requests, and the demands of my family, work and other commitments in my life. Similarly, I have a healing book, and will consider requests to add people to this (at no cost), but note that this is a low key approach to healing. You may also wish to consider lighting an on-line candle at an appropriate shrine at the nshrine Web site.
I consider myself under a geis not to charge or accept money for the channelled energy healing work that I do.

Past Life Regressions

I can do past life regressions, both individual past life regressions and workshops, but, as I am now de-commercialising myself, I would need to be convinced of the merit in doing so.
Please note:
1.       I do NOT "read" the past life for you. YOU do all the work, under my guidance, and get the details of the life via your spirit guides.
2.       If there is ANY comment along the lines of you having been someone famous in a past life, I will stop the session immediately. The world has a surfeit of Cleopatra's as it is ....
3.       I do NOT offer proof of past lives. If that is your interest, I suggest you contact a suitably qualified hypnotic regressionist (I do NOT use hypnosis). There is a suitable link or two on Charmaine Wilson's Web site.
4.       My approach to past life regressions is based largely on dealing with the energy we created: see here and here. Before I agree to take you on as a client, I will do some checks to see if I consider you suitable for my techniques. If I consider you unsuitable, please feel free to consider the links on Charmaine Wilson's Web site, or possibly contact the Victorian Spiritualist Union, the Pagan Awareness Network, or the Australian Psychics Association for suitable referrals.
This is only available for those who live close to Melbourne, Australia.

Love, light, hugs and blessings

Gnwmythr, Wéofodthegn 
(pronounced "new-MYTH-ear"; ... aka Bellatrix Lux? … Morinehtar? … Would-be drýicgan ... )

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I started this blog to cover karmic regression-rescue (see here and here), and it grew ... See here for my group mind project, here and here for my "Pagans for Peace" project (and join me at 9 PM on Sunday, wherever you are, to meditate for peace), and here for my bindrune kit-bag. I also strongly recommend learning how to flame, ground and shield, do alternate nostril breathing, work with colour, and see also here and be flexible.