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Post No. 063 - The film "Flatliners" and personal responsibility

I've just finished watching the film "Flatliners". It started off as a spooky sort of thing, and I was thinking it could lead to some good "ghost-busting" sort of action, but it wasn't that sort of film.

Nevertheless, it was quite a useful film, as it presented a viewpoint about the need to avoid having unresolved issues in our past. Other films touch on this. I recently read a book, which I loaned to a friend, about a rescue medium's life: in that, she talked about the importance of not having unresolved problems, and gave several films which illustrated that. Unfortunately, I don't have the book back yet, so won't be able to give details for a little while ... Some films I can recall, however, are "Always", "Heart and Souls", "Ghost", and "Voices" (for which I could not find a link).

The book was quite interesting because of the examples of reasons that people could become earthbound by. One was a woman who had been raped and murdered, and then her attacker committed suicide: she avoided passing over for fear of running in to him - which is unlikely, as the astral equivalent of what we perceive as "physical distance" is compatability - distance or closeness of vibration, frequency or essence.

I've been meaning to post for some time about the importance of dealing with unresolved issues. Obviously such can be psychologically damaging to oneself, but more importantly,. the energy tends to wander off, or free float, when it is not claimed by the person responsible for it. That energy can then influence other people.

Of course, such influence could be good (e.g., if one was having a pleasant interlude, the energies would be "nice", and that could possibly help someone who was feeling down), but most times that people are not inclined to take responsibility for themselves and their energy is when they're down, angry or upset. That energy is likely to influence others to be down, angry or upset, some of which tends to get stuck in the free floating cloud of energy, and - hey presto! When we go to claim responsibility for that energy, there just seems to be so much more of it that someone came up with the term "three fold return" ....

In fact, it should also be kept in mind, at this point, as illustrated quite nicely by some of the films I mentioned earlier in this post, that the living are influenced by the dead.

On that, sure, most of the time the influence is by means of influencing our thoughts and emotions (whether for better or worse), but sometimes there is a physical influence. For instance, Debbie Malone's book "Never Alone" talks about having physical bruises after the sensation of being strangled, and Dion Fortune talked of finding physical scratches after psychic attack. You know what? You can defend yourself against psychic attack whether it has a physical manifestation or not. I've posted about this in the past enough, so I won't repeat myself here (it's late). *

If it helps you, keep in mind that you may well have dished this out to someone else. If that doesn't help you, don't think about it. I'm not trying to be funny here: it is a case of find what works, and use it. Some people are quite comfortable with the idea of karma (I'm one of them), and it can give us an inspiration to endure, to outlast, whatever we are going through because, IF IT IS KARMIC, and we have the right attitude, IT WILL END.

As another suggestion, try thinking about how things were so HUGE when you were small, and how now they don't seem that way at all. As a seven year old, it was the end of the world to not do homework and be told off by my teacher; now, in my day job, I have to explain multi-million dollar projects being late because of inadequate staffing/resources, or explain why other people have over or under estimated projects.

Actually, on that, I think we all have things in our past that we are ashamed off. As a kid, one may have told a lie or two; when one was a young adult, one may have been too cocky and disrespectful, as an older adult one may have allowed the world to sway one from one's path in life. These things are real: you can beat yourself over the head about it, or you can accept it, move on, and make the best with what you have. Maybe what is in your past is worse: maybe you have a serious crime, or several. You cannot change it, but you must come to terms with that aspect of yourself, and with what you have done, and make amends as best you can where that is necessary.

Otherwise it will come back when you are trying to pass from this world to the summerlands** (or the other side, if that is your preferred terminology).

This is not just something mentioned in films; recently someone close to me reminded me of after they had an NDE during surgery.

Now, at the risk of making this ramble even more disjointed, I want to touch on two more personal responsibility topics that I have been planning on posting about:
(1) how you behave under stress is a fair indication of your innermost self
- I particularly watch how I behave in traffic jams and when things go off the rails at work. I'm often not proud of what I see, but acknowledging that that part of me is there is the start to dealing with it.

(2) there is ALWAYS a price to pay
- this may not be monetary, but there is always some sort of price to pay: for instance, if you want to learn something, and are not being charged a monetary fee, you will still have to pay the "price" of effort and time, and maybe a karmic price for not applying your knowledge afterwards ... there is ALWAYS a price.

In fact, what you are prepared to give up, or not to give up, is both a price, and an indication of how serious you are about a thing.

May your prices be what you can afford and wish to bear, and may you find accepting your dark self within your bounds of capability.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


* See, for instance,, and

** I thought it was interesting that the film "Flatliners" did show that not everyone experiences the same, not everyone has the tunnel and bright light and happiness, when they pass over. The talk of being in fields reminded me of the Greek concept expressed in the Roman word of Elysium.

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