Saturday, 30 August 2008

Post No. 050 - World Peace

World peace is an issue that is of considerable interest for me; it is one of my passion’s. As I was reading today’s online edition of “The Age”, I came across a couple of good articles about current events.

Good article by, of all people, Malcolm Fraser on the problems the US is causing.
America has lost its way in the world August 29, 2008
To view the entire article, click on:
The troubles in Georgia and South Ossetia are also extremely concerning, and do - in my opinion, at least - protend a second Cold War.
Why we should look to history for Russia's future August 29, 2008
To view the entire article, click on:
I think I'll start working on a ritual around these issues. Anyone interested in being part of that?
There are also other sites which may be of interest to those seeking to further the cause of world peace:
- the UK based World peace Campaign, which also suggests actions (e.g., contacting MPs), at
-, which includes the importance of personally finding peace (on that, have a look at
-, which is based around prayer
-, which has published a number of policy briefs
- (which is seeking 5,000 people to attract world peace)
And, of course, there is good ol’ Wikipedia, at

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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Friday, 22 August 2008

Post No. 049 - Precognitive dreams: what do you do about them?

I have a habit of having precognitive dreams – for instance, the tragic crash of a plane in Spain yesterday explained a dream I had recently where a jet seemed to disappear into the bottom of a sports arena. In yesterday’s crash, the ravine was identical to the effect of what I had seen in my dream, and the combination of “spectators” (witnesses at the airport) and the shape of some of the background mountains reminded me, as I watched last night’s news, of a stand in a sports field.

Perhaps because I died as a result of a plane crash in my most recent incarnation, I seem to be quite tuned into incidents involving planes (that may also be because I was a night fighter pilot, and shot down a lot of bombers: maybe I have some karma to clear up ...). They’re not all serious ones: I once dreamed of a plane doing a doughnut (360degree spin), and a couple of months later, heard of a plane doing exactly that.

However, on the issue of serious dreams, I had many terrifying dreams about plane crashes, including rolls, before 9/11. Other people did as well, and as one of the alternative world’s follow ups to that, I joined a Yahoo group based on recording dreams. Unfortunately, by the time I had joined the group, it seemed to have degenerated into a normal dream interpretation group, rather than one which watched for trends/themes which warned of impending events, and then did something about them.

That leads me back to: what does one do?

Well, there is almost always something one can do – no matter how small, tiny, insignificant and emotionally unsatisfying that may be – apart from anything else, you are showing to the Universe your quality as a human being by deciding whether or not to try and do something, or even just wish for something to do. You can ALWAYS ask the Goddess to protect those involved in, or affected by, the incident, and to minimise it’s extent and harm - or prevent it happening, if that is for the Highest Spiritual Good. If you are familiar with the energy clearing techniques I’ve written about in very early posts on this blog, you can always use those to try to help alleviate the situation.

After the clarity of understanding I received watching the newscast last night, I am going to try to dissect such dreams a little more, and then fine tune the work I do. For instance, the plane that crashed yesterday appears to have had control problems. I could have realised that from an analysis of my dream and worked specifically on the plane being able to be glided to a safer location.

I’m tempted to say I’d use the Grove of Gyhldeptis to analyse reported dreams which could be precognitive, and look for trends that people could work on (through psychic means – I don’t see any of this as being accurate and clear enough to report to authorities and be taken credibly, but I could be wrong there, too :) ). I suspect I would be swamped (it would have to be a necessary condition that NO personal interpretations would be given about any dream).

Well, now it is time to get back to my day job.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Post No. 048 - Opportunities

Last night I took my partner’s daughter’s dog for a walk. It was a pleasant experience, and good exercise to boot. More than that, though, it was an opportunity.

I’m generally wary of saying things like “do good”, but I have to say that is possibly one of the best phrases I could apply to this opportunity. As I walked the streets, I can lay a trail of positive energy and – in my case – remove any undesirable (I’m aware there’s a whole debate in each of these terms!) energy, such as clearing clouds of anger energy that others may have left floating round the place.

Other psychic opportunities present themselves to us, concordant with our abilities.

To understand this, think about attitudes to littering: in the 70s (if you were there). I can recall many people not caring about dropping rubbish: now, most people won’t litter, and many will actually pick up rubbish (or join in things like Ian Kiernan’s “Clean Up Australia” day). This is the psychic equivalent: caring about our psychic environment and (psychic) pollution in it as much as the physical environment.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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Post No. 047 - A new symbology for invocation

I like to try doing things differently from time to time, and something I tried recently, and quite like, is a set of hand gestures for the various quarters to invoke the Goddess. Basically, I use my two hands to draw a crescent Moon in the east for the Maiden, and the west for the Crone, a full Moon in the north for the Mother, and simply point to the south (for invocation of either the God, or more frequently now, Lilith). To invoke, I commence drawing at the top; to devoke I commence the drawing from the bottom (and use an open palm to the south).

(By the way, the issue of balance is something to be viewed, in my opinion, in a broad context: if, for instance, a woman has lots of recent past lives expressing masculine energy [which doesn’t mean “was male”], she may need to focus on the female to get the balance at a soul level right. Or, if she is living in a male dominated society, she may need to invoke more female energy to get the balance of energy in her life correct. Or, a male may feel the need to invoke more male energy in ritual because his personal circumstances result in an excess of feminine energy. Now reread that swapping the gender of the person I have referred to, but not the energy.)

I have got into a habit of drawing the crescents “facing” into the full moon (I’ll post some diagrams in the near future), whereas they should, to be accurate, be “facing” away from the full moon. I have tried both ways, and feel more comfortable as I have been doing it: if you try it, try both (or other variations: I’m in the southern hemisphere, so those in the northern may want to swap my associations for north and south).

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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Post No. 046 - Grounding and flexibility: a note/update, and Ouspensky

Grounding and flexibility: a note/update, and Ouspensky
I’ve written elsewhere in this blog about the importance of grounding. I would, however, like to make a couple of points about this – very quickly, as my time is limited.

Firstly, I find techniques such as “visualising” a tree root extending from one’s centre into the earth work best when I FEEL them happening, not just use my mental visualisation. Feeling engages other parts of my being, and is closer to using magic to accomplish this goal, than a purely head based exercise - which the word “visualisation” may conjure.

Interestingly, most good authors I’ve read on the topic also talk about using other senses, and emotions. I find, as a generalisation, there is a tendency to rely on using visual senses in psychic development matters generally – for instance, in guided meditations. How about trying a meditation based solely on sounds, or scents? I recall scenes in Star Wars and other films where characters would practice blindfolded: that could be useful for us in everyday life.

What sounds can you hear as you read this? What is furthest away? Now keep listening to the sounds that are closer, until you get in to your body? Can you hear your breathing? The blood rushing through your veins (I recall recently reading about medical problems where people hear blood in their ear drums, so be a bit careful about that one :) )? Can you hear your heart beat? (I can’t, but when I do this exercise I have some sort of awareness of it.) OK, so next, what are you feeling (as in, sense of touch)? Where do you feel your clothes, and which layers? Where do you feel your chair (if you are on one)? What do your fingertips feel? Can you feel you hair? OK, now: do both exercises at the same time.

In it’s full extent, where you gradually add in all the five physical senses (including sight, but looking more intently – e.g., how many colours can you see?), is an exercise I first came across in the writings of (I think – this was more than three decades ago, when I was a teenager) a Russian called Ouspensky. If my recollection is true (Wikipedia’s article, at, didn’t help me on that), Ouspensky taught that humanity was mostly asleep, and believed that exercises such as this would help us to wake up and be more alive. I think that view has merit. I used the word merit deliberately: it isn’t something that applies beneficially to everyone, and not everyone is “asleep”, and the technique can possibly be adapted or improved for individuals or modern cultures. As one adaptation, what about adding in one’s psychic senses?

Right: I’m going back to grounding.

Some people I teach this to feel that they can’t physically move once they have done this. That’s not so. What you have done with this technique is create an astral thought form – its essence is non-physical, so its location/orientation in the physical world is a bit like asking where a radio should be placed within a paddock (with good signal strength) in order to pick up a radio station what matters for the radio is the tuning, not the physical details (I specified a paddock to rule out interference from objects blocking radio signals). When you have created a tree root astral thought form, you can move and keep it intact, and hence stay grounded. I should know, as I have successfully done so countless times, just as I have created sacred space within cars, planes etc that were on the move.

Don’t limit yourself.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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Post No. 045 - The spoken word

A close relative of mine was married to an aboriginal man for a few years, spent living up in the Kimberleys. It was quite an experience, good and bad, and she has given me some interesting insights from time to time. One recent one was a reason that aborigines don't mention the dead: to help them pass over.

When I heard this, it resonated with me, as it actually ties in with other material I've learned over the years, particularly from my spiritualist days and from reading Rampa’s books. Calling a name in the physical will, if the person is within earshot and has sufficient hearing (not all do; one of my friends is profoundly deaf), get that person’s attention. Calling mentally to someone, particularly if they are close to you emotionally, can accomplish the same sort of thing – get their attention on non-physical levels. Screaming at someone with all the emotion of grief will also forcibly get the attention of a deceased loved one, and may actually tend to pull them back – after all, the person grieving is, in part, not wanting the loved one to go. The description in Rampa is of trying to talk to someone while someone else is tugging at one’s clothes.

I find that just thinking of someone close to me who has passed over will possibly be enough to establish a connection (an awareness of presence), but that may be because I have done so much rescue work and am sensitive to pathways/connections between this world and the next. For others, if you wish to avoid holding your loved one in an earthbound condition, maybe there is reason to consider something like this – although I do not consider it should be for forever: for most people, a week or two would be sufficient. Unfortunately, I don’t see how this could be combined with normal, healthy grieving.

I’ll keep thinking. I might also expand on this topic to cover avoiding calling something in by not referring to it vs. aiming to be strong enough to cope with energies that are drawn in when mentioned (or even using that to draw energies in to be cleared, which is a very specific variation to mantra work).

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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