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Post No. 292 - Expecto Patronum, flaming and bursts of "good vibes"

One of the things I have done recently is start attending a spiritualist temple so I can have an outlet for my channelled energy healing (see here and here). Well, my membership card turned up today, so I can now say I am a card carrying spiritualists, as WELL as a card carrying pagan (because of my membership of the Pagan Awareness Network) :)

Something else I have started doing is working my way through the Harry Potter movies, in preparation for seeing the final installment. Last night, I watched the movie version of "The Prisoner of Azkaban". I find it quite an inspiring film - this one, and "The Order of the Phoenix". What I particularly like in "The Prisoner of Azkaban" is the scene where Harry uses the "Expecto Patronum" spell to fight off a flock of dementors.

Now, I've written before about the potential value of tuning into current mass consciousness, and this one spell, Expecto Patronum, is one that seems to have some real life magical potential. How this happens is, as far as I am concerned, a moot point - it could be mass thought forms, or connecting to a pre-existing spell when the author was writing ... it doesn't matter: what matters (to a pragmatist like me!) is that it seems to work.

It reminds me very much of one of the early techniques I developed, when I was in Queensland, before I had received any formal training. From reading Lobsang Rampa's books I knew about thought forms and the use of breathing exercises, and I knew about the various Deity name correspondences of the Spheres of the Qaballah, so I combined these together to create a thought, built while I was using the "alternate nostril breathing" technique I had read about in Lobsang Rampa's "Wisdom of the Ancients", to create a thought form of me radiating - powerfully - positive energy whenever I chanted Eheieh (pronounced - rhythmically - "Eh-hey-ee-ah"), which is the Deity name corresponding with the Sphere Kether.

Later, when I learned about flaming, I added that to the mix.

It worked very effectively for me, in a way that brings to mind the film portrayal of the Expecto Patronum spell towards the end of the film "The Prisoner of Azkaban".

There was, however, an aspect of that scene while I only noticed last night: pulsing. I've written about this also, but hadn't noticed it in the film before. So .. now I will add that to my building of this thought form (whether I associate it with Eheieh of Expecto Patronum).

I recommend consideration of this to others as well.

As a final point, I have worked out a way to import material from Word, so I have pasted my notes on "flaming" from my workshop notes at the end of this post. Enjoy :)

Love, light, hugs and blessings

(pronounced "new-MYTH-ear")

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First published: Laugadagr, 30th July, 2011

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2.2 Flaming
Flaming is the concept of purposefully using energy to clear “negative” energy from one’s aura.
The aim of this is to develop an ability to undertake some steps to look after one’s psychic health (particularly with respect to one’s aura).
Ø basic awareness of non-physical health issues
Ø introduction to purposefully directing energy
Ø basic familiarity with several flaming techniques
Also note that the aura extends beyond the outlines of the physical body. How far it extends depends of factors such as the energy state of the person, and what nonphysical levels one is considering.
The first technique fits into the “bad out” category, but can be adapted for use in the “good in” category. The technique is called flaming, and involves use of personal will and skills to generate “positive” energies in a way that removes energies and nonphysical objects from your aura that are not a constructive influence for you. Those energies could simply be incompatible with your energies (a bit like a clash of colours, or an unpleasant discordance in music, or an unpleasant smell intruding into an aromatherapy session), or more actively counter to your wellbeing.
A common example of the latter is being on the receiving end of unresolved jealousy. The jealousy energy can be actively harmful to your psychic wellbeing – it’s basically a form of psychic attack. (This does NOT mean all incidents of jealousy result in projected energy that impacts in the target’s aura: but some does.[1])
There are a number of benefits to getting into a regular habit of flaming. These include:
Ø the obvious and intended benefit of removing incompatible or negative energy
Ø development of healthy psychic habits
Ø improved psychic strength
Ø practice at directing energy in a purposeful way.
OK, so how do you actually do this?
Most commonly, flaming is accomplished by visualisation. Other senses, however, can also be used. Try the following techniques and note which work well for you, which are neutral, and which feel uncomfortable (note that your assessment may change after practising these techniques a little more, or in different circumstances):
Your comments
1. Visualise a candle in the centre of your body, and feel the heat and light of the candle radiating out through your body and aura, dissolving and/or displacing anything you do not want there.

2. Visualise a fire burning in the centre of your body, and allow the fire to gradually spread, “burning out impurities” as it does so, until your entire aura is left glowing brightly

3. Visualise a light bulb turning on in your centre, and radiating out bright light

4. Visualise a waterfall of light washing through and cleansing your aura, washing any negative energy into Mother Earth for recycling

5. Feel the energy of Mother Earth radiating up, through your Earth Star chakra[2] and your feet, into your aura, dislodging anything negative and drawing that back into Mother Earth for recycling

6. “Hear” a pleasant musical chord or refrain building up, as if from the centre of your body (the solar plexus chakra, if you are aware of chakras) and transforming anything discordant within your aura into something harmonious

7. “Smell” a strong pleasant scent (e.g., a favourite flower) and allow that smell to pervade your aura, flushing out or transforming any unpleasant smells

Techniques exist for strengthening these various techniques (other than lots of practice). These include:
Your comments
i. Visualise yourself flaming strongly, whilst building an association with a word. Chant the word (mentally only, if necessary) to help strengthen the technique.

ii. Visualise a nonphysical object such as a crystal, and send lots of positive energy to it at times of your own choosing, when feeling energised or “up” (technically, this is creating a thought form)

iii. Connect the flow of energy to your breathing (generally build energy up as you breathe in [take in prana], and “flush” as you exhale)

See Figure 4 for an example illustration.

Figure 4
There is a view that any one “place” in the Universe is potentially connected to all other places in the Universe. This concept, if applied to flaming, suggests that we aren’t really using an internal source of energy: it is more a case of tuning in and accessing the Universe’s enormous stores of energy.
Of course, that concept also applies, to some extent, to the notion of accessing energy from our Higher Self, or from other sources, when visualising energy coming into us while using breathing.
Still, it’s often useful to contemplate the sources of energy that one can access.

[1] This is why resolution of interpersonal issues and personal problems is generally so important. Better to know what you are really feeling and deal with it than create a thought form of blindness to anything other than peace
[2] The Earth Star chakra, which I came across in Katrina Raphael’s book “The Crystalline Transmission”, is located around 150mm below the feet, and provides a connection with the Earth. It is, in my opinion, a chakra which needs much attention.