Saturday, 23 October 2010

Post No. 160 - Sexism and the quest for "love"

After my recent post about the problems I had encountered in pubs (see here), I came across a post on "The Age" website where a redheaded woman has been publicly asked about the colour of her pubic hair [1]. What an arrogant, insensitive, stupid, presumptuous mongrel that bloke was! How dare ANYONE make such an invasive comment! How dare anyone have such a complete lack of comprehension about personal privacy! And yet ... they do (especially in Aussie pubs! I also note that our judges are, apparently, tired of courts being clogged as a result of drunken violence - see here [4]).

It was sad that the woman felt she had to brush it aside at the time on the grounds that to do otherwise would be "social suicide". Actually, I consider it would have been "social spring-cleaning".

But then, I'm a little bit weird like that: mostly I prefer to spend my social time with people I feel safe with, and like. I'm too old and crotchety to waste any more of my life on bad experiences that I can avoid.

That attitude of mine has probably got something to do with my growth path being "Karma Yoga" rather than "Bhakti Yoga" as well. I would much rather, for instance, that I was allowed to just settle down and get my life tasks done rather than have anyone seek to make me "feel special". [2]

So now, I will go clean out the cat litter :)

Oh - and by the way, I have also encountered women who are as invasive of privacy and presumptuous as the bloke I mentioned ...

Also, the negative karma created by such disrespectfully people does not necessarily mean they will come back in the gender of their victim and experience the same behaviour, but it does mean they will have a breach of what they would like to keep private, and feel affected by that.

As a final point, if you are in such a situation and wish to do something psychic and hold your peace because you don't want to commit "social suicide:, try projecting positive energy (e.g. a bright coloured light - NOT red! [3]) from your solar plexus chakra to theirs. It's something I've taught a few young people to use to in order to cope with bullies (with good results_.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


  1. Seeing red over ranga clangers, by Stephanie Saxton. The Age 21st October 2010 - see here.
  2. See here for my past post on this. The other forms of growth orientation were Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga.
  3. The reason for not using red is to not risk adding to any frustration or anger your attacker is experiencing: you want to them to calm down and back off, not to attack you more strongly.
  4. See here for more on one aspect of the recent debate on alcohol affected behaviour: sexual assaults ...

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Monday, 18 October 2010

Post No. 159 - What is the most useful psychic exercise to do?

Here’s a little list of suggestions, from most important to least:
1. ask for protection and assistance by positive forces
2. grounding
3. flaming and shielding
4. working with colours on a regular – at least several times a week - basis (see my previous post on this here)

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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Post No. 158 - Loss of earthiness

I have a friend who is concerned that society these days is too politically correct (which I will abbreviate to PC for the rest of this post). I actually disagree, as I consider words are potentially more damaging than fists, but I do agree that something is wrong with society, however.

I’ve been considering this, and I think I could best describe this as a lack of earthiness.

Now, “earthiness” has, for me, some associations that I should outline. It includes connection with the world of nature (especially plants and seasons), it includes the earthiness of being positive about sex and sexuality (which I’ve touched on elsewhere – for instance, see here), and it includes “earthy language” – swearing, to put it bluntly. Swearing has been shown to help deal with pain (I’ll dig up that link one day), but one is not supposed to swear – it was, in fact, a series of posts on an email group I am on about the topic of swearing that led me to this post.

On that list someone was told off for choice of swear words – I actually do agree with that telling off (the words used were discriminatory), but some of us do need to be able to swear to help manage stress, frustration and even pain.

So what do we do? Well, I think it is possible to be PC in one’s swearing, and still indulge in swearing quite satisfactorily – believe it or not. I won’t give any examples on this blog, though (I’m trying to avoid having to enable the adult content button – gosh darn it!).

My concept of physicality also includes a few other topics which I would like to touch upon briefly (as I am running out of time before I am due to go and see my sister to give her a daily dose of healing). I consider we need also to accept the earthiness (perhaps, the “physicality”?) of life in a number of ways.

Firstly, there need to be physical challenges and physical risk taking behaviours for those teenagers who need it: we no longer have passing into adulthood ceremonies (I never considered debutante balls in that category, by the way), and those didn’t include trans/intersex people anyway so they were flawed, but we need things for those who want to push their physicality (as an example of this need, there was a Japanese student in Australia who recently went walkabout because he wanted to try himself out physically). I also note that these should have a sense of being forbidden – as do swear words! – or they won’t be taken up. Still, we should, as a society, be able to come up with something which allows young people to try themselves out in a way that they find satisfying, without being too risky.

Have a look here and here for some related thoughts …

Next, not all of us are cerebral. I actually consider the ending of trade and technical schools in Victoria in the 1990s a great and tragic flaw in our education system – I did at the time, and I have had no reason to change my opinion. In fact, much that I have seen since then only reinforces my opinion. (I, incidentally, consider myself a mixture of both: I need both physicality in a number of ways, such as going bush, exercise and my carpentry hobby [and better yet, sailing :D ], but I also need intellectual rigour and stimulation.)

Also, related to that point, not all of us verbal. Stereotypically, women are supposed to prefer verbal interaction, at which they are - stereotypically - supposed to be better at than men. However, I know women who are more physical than verbal, and men who are more verbal than physical. In any case, many of our education, counseling and growth strategies assume participants are verbally literate: that is not necessarily so. There are too many people getting thrown out on the education/job scrap heap because they lack verbal or other fluency – in my opinion.

I also consider the sex negativity of society could be due to a lack of earthiness, but I have touched upon that previously.

Finally, I want to emphasise that a lack of connection to natural world is a problem. If we were more earthy, fewer people would be surprised by physical calamities such as floods or bushfires (and maybe fewer would live in such places – or , at least, maybe they would take appropriate precautions), or the rescheduling of flights/commuter services as a result of storms, or have a lack of empathy for farmers when affected by weather (or be surprised when prices go up after a drought or flood!), or would do stupid things like plant trees on boundaries, or be surprised when a wind blows things away.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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Post No. 157 - Aussie %*$*%)%#!@ Pubs

Recently I was harassed by a group of people in a pub. Pubs are not places I chose to go (how terribly, terribly un-Australian of me! Oh golly gosh!): I’ve never enjoyed them – right from the time I was a kid getting dragged along to the beer garden with my parents. Still, I was there for others, to help a particular celebration.

Things started to go awry as soon as I got there: I had trouble getting one half-drunk person to hear me and move out the way of the path they were blocking, and then I found myself being overwhelmed with negative psychic energy – despite flaming continuously, at maximum intensity - and this was in the beer garden, which is normally the most innocuous part of an Aussie pub. Things continued to deteriorate, and eventually I was on the receiving end of some verbal taunts – which, for safety’s sake, I ignored.

Now, I actually consider verbal assaults potentially worse than physical assaults – it can take longer to recover from the damage (I’ve buried people I’ve known who have been driven to commit suicide by such bigoted assaults), and the frustration of having to bite one’s lip (metaphorically) for safety’s sake is galling. I’m still trying to deal with those events, so please forgive me if they influence what I’m writing.

Now, at the time, to some extent, and ever since then, I have been contemplating the behaviours I observed and experienced.

My first point of contemplation is: how do people miss what is going on around them? I observed little cliques around tables, or blocking pathways, all focused intensely within themselves, all seemingly oblivious to other groups. Now, to some extent, that is OK: they are there to, presumably, socialize with their friends, but:
(a) some interaction with other people is inevitable (that’s the nature of pubs);
(b) I am aware that some people go to pubs for the purpose of meeting others – which I will come back to shortly; and
(c) it can be dangerous – or at least irresponsible – under some circumstances – to not pay attention to what is happening.

As well as verbal abuse, there are physical assaults that happen at pubs, and assaults of people who have just left pubs. The best forms of self defence begin BEFORE any form of assault ahs occurred (this applies to both physical AND non-physical), and include maintaining a good situational awareness. Without being paranoid, it is quite easy to occasionally glance at the people around you, and see who is staring (which some do to signal interest in sex, of course), or who has aggressive body language, or who is sounding particularly obnoxious as a drunk, and make a mental note to be wary, or to avoid leaving too soon after they leave.

If you’ve had a verbal stoush with someone, it is not a good idea to leave the pub just a few minutes after them: give them some time to cool down, or get bored, or forget (if they are particularly drunk) why they are waiting, and wander (stagger!) off. I understand this waiting outside pubs and nightclubs has been a particular problem at some nightclubs (although I could not find a good link to illustrate that now).

THE SAME PRINCIPLE APPLIES TO PSYCHIC INTERACTIONS. If you’ve just been on the receiving end of some psychic attack from someone, don’t leave immediately after the person: they may not be there physically, buy they may well have left more negative energy (or negative intent) there, and you risk walking into it before it has had a chance to disperse. If people are drunk or alcohol affected, they are unlikely to be able to focus enough to create a thought form which will last – and, on possibly your part, they are also unlikely to be able to keep up their psychic defences to adequately protect themselves against negative psychic energy (this is one of the reasons I rarely drink, and never anywhere other than home).
So … it is irresponsible not to pay attention to what is happening around you. Yes, ideally one wouldn’t have to because the world would be perfect and safe, but the world is neither perfect nor safe.

Ideally, one should never be surprised by an assault – physical, verbal or psychic. Ideally, one should have seen the threat building – in fact, ESPECIALLY if one is psychic. Part of setting up my wards (psychic defences) includes a trigger to warn me consciously if a potential threat is developing, or someone or something impacts on the ward.

This sort of topic is something I have sometimes warned other trans* people about, incidentally – it is part of the bucket of survival skills trans* people need.

Going back to the behaviour of others in a pub, I think a lot of the problem can be summarised as being a case of putting own physical needs ahead of others emotional/mental wellbeing/safety. Person A wants to connect to person B, and is prepared to do or say something at person C’s expense if it will get a laugh. It’s the sort of thing I’ve seen amongst groups of friends: make fun of an outsider and get everyone laughing together, and that must mean we’re all bonding … Well, as someone who is usually one of those outsiders, I consider such behavior shows selfishness, ignorance and appalling immaturity (on a number of levels, not just spiritual).

It may also, in my opinion, show excessive focus on physicality – putting sexual needs of oneself ahead of the wellbeing of others – and such behavior is, when all is said and done, NOT necessary to get laid. But I have seen women defend obnoxious male drunks, basically because of fear of being without sex - or because the obnoxious male drunk is family. [1]

This recent incident has hardened my views on Aussie pubs. I now consider them a great source of (psychic and emotional) evil - not so much the cause or initiation of evil, as a place where society’s problems are magnified by mutual reinforcement and by picking up negative entities.

I will no longer go into pubs – certainly not heterosexual pubs, and I am going to be wary of other pubs for a very long time …

Love, light, hugs and blessings


  1. A very wise woman has pointed out to me - very correctly (Diolch Cariad) - that one of the main reasons women may defend men in pubs is not so much so they can get sex, but for fear of being bashed or otherwise abused when they get home if they DON'T defend their partner.

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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Post No. 156 - Some reading while I'm on hold ...

One of my sisters is currently receiving treatment for cancer, and I am providing her with as much support and channeled energy healing (see here, and the first part of here - particularly the diagram) as I can. While this is happening (for another few weeks yet), I won't be in a position to post as much as I would like to.

However, these links may be of some interest. I don't necessarily agree with all that is on them, but they are, at the least, interesting (to me) - enjoy :)
It hasn't been all gloomy: my partner has had a handfasting to her other partner, someone I have enormous respect and regard for. Love and blessings to both of you *mwa (If you don't understand this, look up polyamory.)

Also, after reading Galina Krasskova, "Runes - Theory and Practice" (pub. 2010 by Career Press, ISBN-13 978-1-60163-085-8), which I mentioned in my post here, I'm exploring the concept of relating to each rune as an energy/"entity"/"Deity" in its own right - which, I must say, I find easier to do than relate to Deities connected to runes as per the list of associations given for runes. So, having drawn myself a new set of runes, I am considering creating a set of on-line shrines, one for each rune, at the nshrine site, using the rather unspectacular artwork I have created for myself.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Post No. 155 - Protection

Just a quick thought on protection, triggered by doing some re-establishment of protective seals recently:
- all entries and exits from an area being protected need to be sealed or protected as well as the space itself.

What I am talking about here are doors, windows, electrical cables (if you're not sure where they run, just do all electrical applicances/outlets - GPOs, lights, switches, etc, and ESPECIALLY TVs, computers and phones), all pipes in and out (sinks, taps, etc)

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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