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Post No. 217 - Pathworking (a re-posting)

I recently read an interesting post titled "Pathworking", which has various insights into guided meditations.

The original link cited (here, which says this is from "Magick Without Peers", by Ariadne Rainbird & David Rankine), does not appear to be working. I do not have permission to post the information (but presume the person posting did have), so will give the Spirit Rescuers link, here.

Alternatively, you could try supporting the authors by getting the book, which I think was published by Capall Bann in 1997. I found the some useful comments about the "progressive witchcraft" views of the authors here.

And now, I am going to go and try to coll down in the hot weather (our forecast maximum is over 40 degrees Celsius).

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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Post No. 216 - Virtues and faults: a matter of octave? And dreams vs. responsibility ...

Recently I posted about some guidance I had received (through meditation) to cultivate equanimity. Today, I received some further commentary on this. The equanimity to be cultivated is, in fact, simply a higher expression of a fault I have struggled with, which is being (or being perceived as) complacent.

So, in somewhat the same way that cowardice in one circumstance can be prudence in another, or courage in one circumstance can be foolhardiness in another, my complacency in one set of circumstances can be transformed by me into equanimity.

I should, however, point out that my meditation is not saying that it is simply a case of one exact same thing being of different value or merit in different circumstances: it is more that, by hard work and application, one can choose to manifest one's flaws on a higher plane, in such a way that that aspect of oneself becomes beneficial, rather than harmful.

So ... personality characteristics, the negative (destructive) versions of which we seem to be so addicted to on this planet, can be transformed from negatives to positives, which is a way of personally evolving into what one can be, rather than holding on to things which are limiting.

Could be quite interesting to work out why one is holding onto a negative aspect and then work through the process of transforming both the attachment and the thing being held on to.

Now, films.

Recently we watched "The Astronaut Farmer" and "Closing the Ring" ... the former deals with holding on to a dream and seeing it happen despite major odds (although the dream is balanced against family responsibilities) and the latter deals with holding on to a dream for far too long, when the dream should be let go off.

The first film mentioned deals with someone who leaves his training at NASA when his family needs him, and then later works towards completing his dream of going into space, and gets his family and community caught up in the dream as well. Along the way, he gets into financial trouble, and is hauled back into line by his wife. I agree with her actions: if you have others, particularly children, who are dependent on you, you must consider their needs. If that means you stick at a hated job until the kids leave home, then so be it (although you could also consider changing your job, and I would presume that, when the kids are old enough, you would be a multiple income [1] family ... ).

The second film mentioned is about a (heterosexual) woman who loses the man she loves during the Second World War, and then holds on to the love she has for him through a life lived with another man. Unbeknown to her, her beau had briefly survived the crash of the B17, and had asked a local man to pass on a message to the woman. Eventually, through many twists and turns and delays, he does ... around 50 years late.

This woman held to her vow to the dead beau, and the local man to his promise to return the ring (which meant he had to find it first, owing to a subsequent fire, and hence spent decades digging the wreck site to try to find the ring). There are some conversations in the film which are quite poignant about whether one should hold to a promise or not.

While I agree with holding to vows where one has given one's word as long as it has meaning, there can be a limit. For instance, if you promise eternal devotion to an organisation, what are you going to do when ten, a hundred, a thousand or a million years later, that organisation not only no longer exists, but would make no sense in the context of the latter times?

More particularly to the second film, I do not believe in monogamy: a vow of exclusive love to one person is, in my mind, nonsensical.

I do, however, believe in honour. It was therefore interesting to see the Kung Fu episode "A Lamb to the Slaughter", the 14th episode of season 3. In that episode, Caine takes on a debt from his father, and seeks to repay it. This, incurring debts in another's name and without that person having a chance to say yea or nay, is also nonsensical - although some acts are so profound that there may be a case for a group of people owing another group of people for some act, such as a war or genocide. As examples of that, consider the reparations paid by Germany for the World Wars, and actions taken by governments to correct wrongs such as ... the Stolen Generation (where an apology was made, and some compensation may be paid). In the case of the Kung Fu episode, perhaps the debt is more from one family to another ...

As a final reflection, when the astronaut Farmer launches his rocket, I found that a bit of a tear jerker moment - largely because the rest of the community saw the launch and realised he was not a crack pot after all. When I looked deep within myself for the cause of that reaction, I found I was enjoying the acknowledgement he received, and that there are things I am doing for which I would like to receive acknowledgement from the people who are giving me a hard time over those actions. So ... I still have ego and selfishness, and am not putting logical acts for the betterment of all ahead of my personal egoic desires for reward for doing those acts. In other words, I'm still human.

Might work on it, though ... :) And, of course, it will help me to do so to view such flaws with equanimity ...

Love, light, hugs and blessings


  1. I cannot say "double income", as the family may be in a poly situation, so there may be more than two parents.

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Friday, 28 January 2011

Post No. 215 - Confidence

I want to post about something which I may have mentioned in a recent post, but it is something I consider important enough to highlight in a separate post: confidence in one's guidance.

Assuming one has done all the necessary development work to be able to check psychic impressions you receive (and if you doubt the need for that, do a little research into "Hungry Ghosts", which, sadly, appears to be what claimed Joe Fischer [see here]), then it may become an issue to begin believing in yourself, your ability to get guidance and the (checked [1]) guidance you receive.

As an illustration of that, my partner and I were looking for a place an hour or so drive away from where we live. We had planned on using a handheld navigator, but lost the signal. So, we drove up and down the street we knew we had to go onto, looking for the side street where the address we were looking for was, and then decided to go and buy a local map. Just before we turned round to do that, I had the impression to turn up one [particular street ... but didn't: I let logic win, and we went of a got the map ... and found that had I turned up that side street, we would have found the place we were looking for.

I am now very disappointed that I didn't act on that guidance: had I done so, it would have been very affirming. As it was, by not doing so, I created a (partly karmic, partly reluctance on the part of guides who have been spurned) block to getting more guidance.

Ah well, we live and learn ...

I have heard, at an early stage of my psychic development of someone using guidance to find a place. This particular person was a member of the group I learned at, who had moved, but had not been able to contact him to tell him of the new address. he turned up at the old address, found the group had moved, and threw a challenge to his guides. They responded by guiding to the new address - which was not too far away.

So ... if you can check your guidance when that guidance is credible and not counter to common sense, consider acting on it :)

Love, light, hugs and blessings


  1. See here, here, here and here for some posts with some of my thoughts with some relevance to this.

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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Post No. 214 - Denial and other personal negative shields and barriers, or what I have learned from being trans

OK, so let's get controversial, shall we? Well, I will, at any rate, so ... hold onto your socks lest they get blown off :D

Now, we often fail to acknowledge or face up to things like personal flaws or faults. This denial, along with whatever the reason for such denial was (often guilt, or fear of others' disapproval), creates shields or barriers - some psychological, some psychic.

I will leave the psychological blocks to the shrinks, but the psychic ones are my area of expertise :)

These barriers - actually, I'll just stick to calling them shields, as that is how they are usually sensed by me - are capable of being perceived by a psychic (actually, maybe I should use a broader term: a "sensitive", often used in this context to mean one who is sensitive to psychic energies, but may have the advantage of dodging round the baggage that many people hang on the term "psychic" - baggage such as "oh I'm not psychic" [often said due to false pride, or a desire to manipulate others into giving praise, as well as the more common simple disbelief]). In my case, I sense these literally as shields in the person's aura (including my own, if I find that I have any such shields).

Now, I am in favour, in most circumstances, of combining methods of working. Hence, for instance, I most often tell (if I am asked for my opinion!) people to combine alternative medicine with conventional. They work in different ways on the same problem, and are often complementary. If we go back to one of my favourite sayings - "truth is a multi-faceted jewel" - for an analogy, one type of medicine works on the problem through one facet, the other works through another facet. Perhaps a better analogy would be to consider raising a load: one form of medicine takes part of the load, the other takes the rest. If you try to use only one form of medicine, perhaps it will be overloaded?

So, going back to shields, I consider the ONLY way they can be removed is by both:
(a) addressing the psychology that led to their creation (whether through counselling or GOOD personal growth work); AND
(b) dissolving the energy that is there.

Now, the good news about the second point is that you don't have to be psychic to do that: much of it can be done from the astral - i.e., when you are astral travelling during your sleep state. It is, however, dealt with more quickly and efficiently if you do it consciously. That means, learn and APPLY the techniques I write about in my blogs.

Now, there are some circumstances where I will deal with the shields and barriers of other people. Those circumstances are:
(i) where they are actively harming other people to a significant extent, or
(ii) where those shields have been inserted by other people (often discarnate) as a means of controlling the victim.

I have posted about this attitude of mine towards people deliberately harming others previously (see here). As I have commented elsewhere, if someone has a gun and is shooting other people, you don't say "it is the shooter's free will". Well, much of the behaviour in society is akin to that shooting, but on a nonphysical level, where people who are not sensitive do not see or notice that someone is metaphorically bleeding to death or in pain not of their own choosing.

I personally consider that to be fairly obvious as a principle, although I freely admit not everyone is sensitive enough to perceive the reality of it.

Shields are capable of actively harming someone by:
- restricting their growth (e.g. by cutting of access to guides, or stopping the flow of ideas, etc);
- by contributing to sense of guilt or fear (e.g. fear of being unloved); or
- by stopping them understanding themselves.
These are not just passive blocks that interfere with interactions with other people (as the word perhaps suggests): they are much more sinister than that.

The second point is less obvious: creating doubts, guilts and fears within other people to enable them to be controlled. Ah, but then ... I suppose there has been a fairly extensive history of such behaviour, and that might help people to understand the effect of these negative psychic units. Probably the most recent and spectacular examples from history would be the Nazi, Stalinist Russian and African/Middle East dictators' (such as Mugabe and Idi Amin) controls over people, and quite a few people regard varioius forms of religion as controlling people, but I understand that Robert Menzies once said something to the effect that he didn't need to ban the Communist party in Australia (possibly after he had lost the referendum?) because the controls exerted in suburban living rooms over other people were far more stringent than anything he could come up with. Which, of course, is why we needed the flower-power 60s - to start breaking down that sort of socialisation/social control of other people. I dread the prospect of having been alive as the adult I now am during the 50s and 60s - particularly being trans (not to mention lesbian, pagan and - shock! horror! - a woman). I think I would have knocked myself off rather than try to live that way ... (or try to change it ... *shrugs* who knows? :) ).

There are earthbound entities who enjoy exerting power and control over people. maybe they see this as getting even for wrongs they did or thought they experienced while alive ... maybe it is just the nasty personality they had while alive still continuing as a result of them having failed to pass over properly.

There are even networks of such entities - much in the same way as a gang of (incarnate) youths may band together to go bullying or attacking people they perceive as weak, or people who are different and therefore threatening to their insecure sense of self.

In those cases, some of the motivation is the desire to belong, or to get assurance from people they consider their peers. It's more or less a variation of the sad old "any attention, even negative attention, is better than no attention".

Now, one of the aims of my proposed "Rangers of the Inner Plane" who I have mentioned previously (see, for instance, here, here, here, here [which also has some relevant comments on other aspects of this post, as the title - “Honour, Mistakes and Forgiveness” - may suggest], here, here, and here), is finding situations where people are being psychically controlled, and breaking that control to re-establish the free will of the victim.

Determining this is not always simple or clear cut, and I am proposing quite extensive training (the course is currently at about 3 to 4 years length, based on weekly "lectures" and ongoing practice and exercises) on this aspect - particularly around some of the self destructive behaviour that people may indulge in as a result of their own free will. Such behaviour is actually VERY RARELY due to external control ...

Given all that, however, there are things which can be done about this. They include:
  • learning to ground, shield and centre yourself (closing your aura is particularly important - far more so, in my opinion, than shutting down chakras [we never REALLY shut down our chakras: if we did, we would suffer serious harm, possibly even death; what most people REALLY mean when they say "close your chakras" is "desensitise your chakras" - and my experience is that closing the aura is more essential, although it is best if you do both);
  • developing your psychic health and strength; and
  • reducing your vulnerability by undertaking personal growth or increasing your awareness (e.g. by studying sociology or becoming an activist).
I've posted elsewhere about these skills. I also consider the alternate nostril breathing technique Lobsang Rampa describes to be absolutely invaluable. It strengthens and balances your mind. At first, I didn't notice the bit about "balancing", and was afraid that it would lead only to a stronger mind that would be possibly more locked into negativity, but that doesn't seem to be the case - certainly it hasn't for me.

I've also posted elsewhere about learning to do things like clearing and spirit rescue (e.g., here). Those skills are where one can start to actively work on those discarnates who are controlling others.

Just remember free will! If someone actually chooses to let themselves be controlled, you cannot do anything about it unless they are in turn harming others against the others' will: then you can, in my opinion, take action to stop the harm being done to the others.

Now, a big caution here: if you threaten or attack something that is important to other people, they will usually defend that. In this particular case, if you attempt to reduce the power of an egomaniac, as many of these controlling earthbound entities are, they will be less than pleased. It's a bit like walking up to a dictator (think Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Robert Mugabe) and saying "I am going to take away your secret police and the other ways you use to control and keep subservient people". They're likely to try and do something to you. So ... don't try this unless you have very well developed skills of psychic self defence, PARTICULARLY around dealing with indirect psychic attack. (Indirect psychic attack is where someone gets at you by attacking someone close to you.)

When you start doing this sort of work, you become a threat to quite a few earthbound dictators, and they tend to take you on, including sending astral thugs round to try coming the heavy with you and/or your loved ones. So, you need to be very alert, very switched on. In my case, I sometimes astrally broadcast a warning that I will take on anyone who tries to come and have a go at me and clear their negative units (such as the shields and defences I've mentioned) "against their will". This is a bit like having a big, astral "Beware! The dog bites!" sign.

This is particularly so for people who want to try and take me on on the basis of me being trans - and I include other trans people in that: if they want to get at me by having other trans people attacked, I will regard it as an attack upon myself. In effect, I am saying "if you do that, I will remove your shields and defences without your permission and enact the most terrible, cruel "curse" that I can possibly think of: forcing you to learn to be a better human being".

That "curse" of forcing someone to learn not to do something, or learning to be a better human being, really IS far worse than just trying to return pain or misery, as it does force them (IF it is effective) to change who they are, and thus directly undermines what led to the behaviour and thereby denies them the "reward" they sought for that behaviour in the first place (because it is no longer something of any value to them). Having been through quite a bit of personal growth myself, I know just how difficult and demanding that can be, at times. So don't underestimate my approach just because it sounds "soft".

Now, there are two qualifiers to this approach.

Firstly, karma. In general, whatever you give out, or fail to give out, will come back to you. That means if you aim to cause someone else pain - even if they have done so to you first - that is potentially what you are creating for yourself. (Does the force 'em to learn to be better sound more appealing now? :) ) HOWEVER, if you have the capacity to take action to help others, and YOU DO NOT, then that failure to be helped when you need it is also something that you are potentially creating for yourself.

There was a recent article about karma on the Witch's Voice website which I thought was mostly poor, but it covers this issue of failing to take action: if I can find the link for it, I'll post it (sorry!).

What I have been teaching people for 20 years is, when they embark on this work, specifically ask their DLF guides to immediately do to them whatever it is that they are doing to others during (and after) a clearing circle. This helps sitters become aware of things they are doing unconsciously, but it also helps set the scene for keeping a check on your motivation and actions. Are you comfortable having your own negative shields and barriers ripped out of you? (I still make this request, by the way: it is a very important part of making sure I am ethical - of course, I am trying to be "positive" with the energies in my aura and life generally, so I actually quite enjoy having negative units removed.)

This leads to the second point: never leave a vacuum. Now, if you remove a negative psychic unit, such as a shield of emotional denial, that unit is likely to be recreated by the person unless they are given something else to hold to. (One of my former students and I removed several earthbound entities and thought forms from one woman in particular, and each time she just unconsciously went out and dragged in another one.) So, when I work on my attackers this way, I also try to strengthen their links to their Higher Selves and their DLF Guides (including doing this for earthbound entities, if I cannot rescue them for some reason). I may try to stimulate their higher chakras (crown and those above - see my posts on chakras here, here, here and here).

Think about this from the point of view of being in that situation (and I can guarantee that most of you will have, in some long distant past life ... waaaay back there!). Would you prefer to:
(a) have your values ripped away and be left totally exposed and vulnerable; or
(b) have your values ripped away and be given a glimmer of hope and teaching about a better way to think or be?

(Don't think about this from the point of view of being back there in that horrible past as you are now, with all your enlightenment an' all, but as you were then: fearful of being isolated or socially unconnected, perhaps, fearful that you would be "contaminated" by contact with people who were different, or fearful that anyone who was different would stop the world being the way you wanted it to be ... )

So, having got this perspective on the situation, one other bit of advice: never lose.

If you take on someone and they get the better of you, then you are telling all the earthbound entities and others around (in the nonphysical sense) that this is the measure of the strength that they have to get to in order to get some control over you. If something doesn't go the way you think it should, then ... heal, learn, win.

This sometimes requires sessions to go for longer than anticipated, if you are working at a major level of intensity. It can be useful to be in a life situation that is a little flexible.

It would be useful at this stage to look at the flow charts is this post from my other blog.

Of course, you don't have to work at that level of intensity. By doing anything to make the world a better place you will still be contributing constructively, in a worthwhile and valuable way. It's a little like raising the Kundalini: you don't necessarily HAVE to do any special exercises to raise the Kundalini. When you have spiritually evolved enough, it will rise of its own accord.

On that issue of spiritually evolving, I've learned the hard way, the same as others have. One issue I have had to work through that others may not have is being trans. It may be useful to cover some of the spiritual lessons I have personally had from that, but it needs to kept in mind that these lessons are unlikely to apply to any other trans person. Everyone is unique, and we all have our own reasons for being in a particular situation.

So ... in no particular order, the lessons I've learned from being trans include (and this is by no means a complete list!) the following:
  • Things are not always as others say they are. The fairly obvious lesson here is that what I was taught by society about gender and sexuality was wrong: one is not "born a (physical) sex and that's it", and one does not grow up, get married, have kids and then die. Life has far greater richness, far more variety - on very fundamental levels - than that. I was, in my opinion, born female: my physical shell, the outermost, least important part of me didn't match that - but that doesn't change the REALITY that I am, and always have been in this life, female. Of course, my idea of "what is female" is now rather radical to some (maybe even, dare I whisper it ... feminist. There are women who do not consider me female for all sorts of spurious reasons (e.g., I don't have periods: so what? What about the cisgendered women who don't have periods?).
  • I am becoming better at standing up for myself, others and what is "right". There is a staggering amount of prejudice and discrimination that trans people encounter - it is enough for some to get tired of it all and choose to end their lives. That does NOT mean surgery is wrong, it means that SOCIETY is wrong to be bigoted. This process starts fairly early on for those trans people who wish to have surgery, as it is not one's own choice to have surgery: you have to live in the desired gender role, get examined by a panel of shrinks every three months, and then, finally, after two years, if they all agree you're transsexual, and you haven't developed any crucial problems along the way, you can get put on the waiting list (so long as you have the money [difficult when many get sacked at transition] and no physical problems preventing surgery). I actually favour having a thorough assessment procedure, but it could include a little support (which I understand has started in the last decade or so ... ).
  • Associated with the previous point, I have developed greater understanding, sensitivity and empathy for other minority groups (it was always there to some extent, mind, but it has been refined and developed as a result of the hassles I have gone through). I am also (slightly) less conservative: my spiritual beliefs actually tend towards me being fairly conservative, but I've eased up a little. This is also helped by the first point, and both of those points were things that I had to go through because of the mistakes I made in my most recently previous life.
  • One thing I am struggling with is not hating wrongdoers. When I have to bury someone who has committed suicide, or hear of another trans person murdered because they were "different", not hating is hard. I try to manifest my anger in a positive way (for instance, I spent several rewarding but exhausting years involved in activism, which is better than letting myself spiral down into hate. Still, I feel better about not hating the bigots when I see them learning or growing. One point that is very related to this is being aware that we train others how to treat us, so I don't just freely forgive or let others off the hook: if they are indulging in behaviour that I know can kill others, or cripple them emotionally, I will fight them (nonphysically - which means psychically, legally and socially) to the utmost of my ability: they HAVE to change, or they will kill, cripple or main some other human being, maybe not one of my trans siblings, but someone else who may have something the small-minded bigot perceives as "a difference".
I had a few other points when I first meditated on this: I'll add them as I rcall them, if I can.

So ... enjoy your thinking about all this :)

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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Post No. 213 - A Sunnudagr (Sunday) miscellany

This is just a quick post on a few links and thoughts.

To begin with, a link for a glossary of paranormal terms from the interesting website of an "open minded skeptic".

I also came across an article with some interesting thoughts about Australia's national day (see also here).

Next, I came across a few quotations which I quite liked, although I am still trying to find the source of one of them.

Foster and polish
The warrior spirit
While serving in the world;
Illuminate the path
According to your inner light

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift." Albert Einstein

I have been watching the TV series "Kung Fu". I'd like to comment about some of the episodes (I would also like to do that about the Buffy series), but given my lack of time (especially as it now appears I have to find another daytime job :( ), I'll just quickly pop in one thought now:
  • The 4th episode of season 3 is an episode titled "The Valley of Terror". It shows the struggle of a young woman to come to terms with being psychic, and the prejudice that others can have against being psychic - including fear of evil and assumptions of insanity. In this particular case, the problem is solved by Kwai Chang Caine by viewing the problem as a fear to be faced and overcome.
On that, is interesting that Caine describes meditation, when asked what he is doing, as "thinking". (Another thing I found interesting is that one person I know watched the series and wound up hooked by the martial arts aspects of it, whereas I was interested in the philosophical aspects, particularly around peace.)

I also very much like the episode "The Devil's Champion", Episode 8 in Season 3, where Caine and the masters of the temple use meditation, rather than violence/physical fighting skills, to overcome a threat from an "evil" force (due to someone with a festering anger/hate).

Finally, an interesting photo and story from an overseas newspaper about the recent Queensland floods: please click here.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Post No. 212 - Meditation: a variation ...

One of the things I often try to emphasise when doing psychic development exercises is not focusing too much on visual imagery. There are other sensations which can be used - for instance, sounds (one of my past personal development exercises that I sometimes use with others was running through a musical scale and using each note to clear/cleanse/heal my various levels, just as many people would with a colour), scents, etc.

It is particularly useful to adapt techniques to suit individuals - for instance, if working with a musician, I would get them to work with sounds rather than perhaps visualising colours. As an example of that, if someone who is musical is feeling upset by something and wishes to not be, I would suggest they create a musical phrase that expresses the upset-ness they are feeling, and then add another musical phrase (as a separate instrument, perhaps) to this "visualisation" that changes the first into something harmonious or pleasant - or at least acceptable - to them.

Whilst it is not quite that varied, as an example of adapting techniques I would like to write about a meditation I guided my partner through last night.

My partner is a magnificent cook (to me and many other she is truly a chef), and blending tastes is a special skill she has. So, in guiding her through a meditation to help her sleep the problem being not being able to switch off her thinking), I focused on cooking. We discussed this, and agreed to use a vegetable curry using half a dozen vegetables as the basis for the meditation.

The vegetables were arranged (by my partner, using her ability to visualise) in front of her, and then she assigned some of her thoughts to each of the vegetables. [1] She then mentally prepared and blended the vegetables, and then began testing the combined flavour and adding the curry and other herbs - and I suggested that she see what thoughts/views/feelings were coming in with each of the added herbs/flavours to create the balanced and pleasing mixture.

At this stage, the intention is that the thoughts in her mind have been worked on indirectly to create a state of mental balance and pleasure. To help this, I had her visualise tasting some of the mixture and enjoying the sensations of the food.

However, having the thoughts in a relatively quiet state is one thing: to be able to let go of the thoughts so one can sleep is another, so the final stage of the visualisation was to work through storing the vegetable curry somewhere safe so she could access it when she wakes up (later today - I rise before her :) ) by visualising eating it, for instance.

That doesn't read as well as it flowed last night, but it may serve to show the flexibility and adaptability that can be used in psychic exercises, perhaps.

Be creative, flexible and adaptive, and enjoy :)

Love, light, hugs and blessings


  1. This process went a lot more smoothly after we stopped laughing. My partner had been nodding and "mm-hm"-ing after each instruction I gave, and when I said you don't need to acknowledge each thing I say, she nodded and said "mm-hm" :)

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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Post No. 211 - Perspectives on the self ...

While I'm going on in this reflective vein, I recently heard an interesting programme on the ABC Radio National's science show, which was a re-run of an older programme relayed from a show called Radiolab (which has a very annoying style of presentation for an old fuddy-duddy like me :) ) on Words.

The programme basically examines the effect that communication by means of language, particularly spoken language (or signing) has. While much of the programme was interesting, I particularly found the concept that language enables discrete ideas to link together (and possibly also enables discrete parts of the brain to link together from around age 6) quite fascinating. There have been times when I have been stuck for a word, and it has been extremely frustrating and limiting (in fact, I recently posted about trying to find a word - and toyed around with PAPH for a little while ...), but there have also been times when I came across a word, such as polyamory or lesbian or Goddess, and the experience has been liberating (for a start, it often meant that I wasn't a solitary freak: there were enough of us for someone to have to invent a word to label our little box :) ).

One of the people interviewed on the programme was Jill Bolte Taylor, who had a stroke that, in part, created a perception that seems similar to that which some meditators seek - basically, the left (logical) half of her brain was shut down, allowing full reign to the (creative, intuitive) right side, which left her with, in part, a lack of any sense of herself as being distinct from the rest of the Universe - in other words, in a state of Oneness with all ... ). Of course, her experience was physically forced, and therefore lacked the benefit of all the hard work when people train themselves to achieve something like Oneness.

That hard, preparatory work, that STRUGGLE, actually serves a purpose. It is that which allows us (albeit possibly at a Soul level [1]) to test the limits and interactions of the "something new", which allows us to integrate it into ourself usefully and effectively, and then enables the experience to become integrated into the Universe's net experiences as we build our Higher Bodies which then eventually become part of the Source ... (see my previous post here). So, I wouldn't recommend trying to acheive a sense of oneness through having a crippling stroke any more than I would say ... trying hard drugs or forcing the kundalini to rise before you have evolved appropriately (and keep in mind that the kundalini DOES rise of its own accord when you are ready).

And now for a final thought: one of the reasons I can make these sorts of speculations is because I am privileged enough to be in a situation where I do not have to worry about having enough safe food, clean water or shelter for me and my loved ones to survive: others in this world - MANY others - are not so fortunate ...

PS: came across a couple of things which might contribute to the general thinking on this topic:
  • A repeat of a programme on the ABC Radio National programme Lifematters on being unbalanced towards being positive and optimistic. The blurb includes the following: "When author Barbara Ehrenreich was diagnosed with breast cancer she found the emphasis on positive thinking a burden rather than a support. She describes positive thinking as an ideological force in American culture that is denying reality and promoting individual rather than social solutions to problems. She advocates a return to realism and critical thinking." See here for more.
  • This article started to seem like a diatribe until I got past the half way mark. I should have known better if I'd paid attention to who wrote it! The details are: "Ruby-encrusted belly buttons and bikies not bad, after all", The Age, 19th January 19, 2011, URL:

Love, light, hugs and blessings



  1. There is a saying that if you wish to learn something, teach it. What I have found through teaching things from sailing through engineering to metaphysics/psychism/spirituality, is that one's students will often thing of questions that you had't (in fact, I now often get the engineers I mentor to teach whatever they have learnt to others as part of my mentoring/teaching). The things I have strugled with may in fact turn out to be those that I am best at - for instance, sailing. I have had many lives, and took to the sailing world easily enough, but when I first started skippering my own boat, I was useless at competitive sailing. Eventually someone (thank you Gary G) took pity on me, crewed for me and managed to get me to "get it all together" and I was then away learning, developing new things and being successful (at a regional level). If I had been moderately successful initially, I would never have developed the ability I did later.

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Monday, 17 January 2011

Post No. 210 - Equanimity

As I did some work on one of my (many :) ) personal flaws this morning, I received a suggestion from my Guides to try and view success and failure equally.

Now, this does not mean "don't try", or "don't try to learn from mistakes and do better", but it does mean "don't over-invest emotional energy and self esteem in obtaining a particular outcome". After all, one cannot guarantee either success or failure [1], owing to such vagaries as karma, other people's free will, etc. If you build your self image on being X, or being able to do Y or accomplish Z, if any circumstances occur when you can't X, Y or Z, you risk damaging your self perception - after all, you don't have to DO anything, or BE anything in particular to be worthy of love ... [2]

As I mentioned, none of this should be taken as meaning "don't try" or "don't care", it's just a case of being balanced in your perspective on your trying and caring.

Rudyard Kipling wrote something about this in his poem "If-" [3]
"If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two imposters just the same"

Worth a thought? It's certainly good practice for considering the ups and downs of a sequence of lives ...

Love, light, hugs and blessings


  1. Oh - you'd like an example of how one can fail to fail? Well, I know one poor, sad fellow many years ago who decided to commit suicide by car, got himself drunck, got up to high speed and tried to drive into a tree - and missed (owing to a lack of visual focus resulting from aformentioned drunkenness). I've written that a bit lightheartedly, but it really was - as with all such episodes - incredibly sad. Unfortunately, I can't even say "it all turned out OK", as he moved shortly after that and I lost contact with him.
  2. Although I like to manifest my love for others/creation by trying to be/do "good" ...
  3. I like the link to the Bhagavad Gita in the Wikipedia article on this poem.
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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Post No. 209 - ... and on Personal Responsibility, also ...

My previous post about my views on responsible pet ownership has spurred a few extra thoughts ... like I would like to see the day when at least 70% of humans on or around this planet (i.e., incarnate and discarnate) practice pyshic protection, grounding, shielding and flaming, and at least 30% also work with colours regularly as per my previous post here.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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Post No. 208 - Pets

Do you have pets? Do you love them, appreciate them, care for them?

Most people who have pets at the very least appreciate them, and try to care for them = i.e., make sure they have food, water and shelter, get treated for fleas and worms and go regularly to the vet for check ups. Responsible pet owners will also make sure their pets are neutered (unless they are intentionally and CAREFULLY breeding them) and, in the case of cats, have them as indoor cats to prevent loss of wildlife (which requires things like lots of toys - remembering that another cat from the same litter is the best toy of all).

But what about your pet's development?

Something Lobsang Rampa talks about is the spiritual growth of animals. I think Rampa also mentions that pet owners are responsible for what they do to help their pets evolve ... and that is what I want to cover in this post.

An analogy I've come across and often used is that cats, for instance, are much like toddlers at the "terrible twos" stage of development. Well, they're not quite that bad, but, for instance, my partner and I spent quite a bit of time discussing the character and state of being of our pets (e.g. Willow's losing his confidence lately - and we have spent a LOT of effort "civilising" the stray kitten who adopted us). This is much like the effort one puts into raising children - and is as rewarding.

Please consider this issue. It applies more generally in life as well. There is a saying to the effect that we train people how to treat us by our behaviour (i.e., what we accept without speaking up, etc). Remembering that, unlike pets we own or children that we have responsibility for, you do NOT have responsibility for others' growth, it is worth still thinking about how you may be influencing other people's growth. This also can be thought of from their perspective, in the sense of "what am I allowing myself to be trained to accept?"

As an example, consider a situation of bullying in the workplace. If we do not ether speak up or speak to the victim, we are allowing ourself to be trained to be an accomplice, and we are failing to encourage both victim and perpetrator to take an opportunity for learning.

Worth thinking about.

As a final point, if you think of how you treat yourself, what are you teaching yourself to be?

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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Friday, 14 January 2011

Post No. 207 - Aging and retirement

I first started this post when I wanted to put some thoughts down about retirement. Basically, I was going to comment about how that would, in reality, be progressive (which is better, in my opinion, than stopping suddenly - I recall the problems my adoptive father had when he did that). The "obvious" way to do that would be to cut down to 4 days a week (mind you, I've often joked about cutting down to 5 days a week!), then 3 days per week, and so on.

Well, that's nice.

BUT ... what I would like to do is have my initial stage (well, the stage after 4 days a week - that one I do like!) as: don't work during my favourite times of the year, which are - to use the European terms - autumn and winter (in the Kulin people seasons, that would be Waring, the Wombat season).

This would allow me to be quiet and introspective during the - to use the Wiccan cycle of the year - dark half of the year

Hmmm. Nice - I like that.

One thing I also like, is being healthy and active. In my particular case, I have done quite a bit of exercise for most of my life, and I enjoy being physically active, and it is very beneficial to me. In fact, I once read (and regret not having kept the citation) an article which reviewed the evidence cited as the basis for saying being overweight is bad for one's health, and the review found it was actually being inactive that was the problem.

This is something which is commented on in "The Only Planet of Choice", to the effect that, as one ages, it is important to maintain some physical mobility in order to prevent one's mind locking up. Well, I can't comment on that (although I know many people who successfully follow the "young at heart" attitude), but I have watched my adoptive father as he wastes away - particularly after my adoptive mother, his wife of over 50 years, passed.

Now, to some extent, that IS aging - I should know, I have greater recovery time and more aches and pains (and a back that has arthritis, scoliosis and collapsing disks - my birth mother has just had a spinal fusion, so I'm thinking I have about 16 years to go ... and I am very aware not everyone CAN be active for reasons of different physical ability due to illnesses etc), but I have long held a theory that it is also lack of physical activity. Again, going on my personal experience, when work started to become more demanding, and I acquired family responsibilities, I know how hard it was to keep exercising, and how much my health suffered as a result.

On the other hand, I read a few years ago of an ex-commando who died at 102 and, until he became ill with the pneumonia that claimed him, did weight training for 2 hours a day plus a long walk. I would like to be able to do 2 hours of exercise (although much of my exercise is relatively gentle things like Tai Chi - which can be done sitting - and circling joints and stretching) - and 1 hour of meditation, breathing exercises and psychic exercises - every day. I can't at the moment, but I am working up to as much as I can.

If I can keep that going, it will be interesting to see if I can overcome the effect described in "The Only Planet of Choice" of the thinking of people on this planet contributing significantly to a much shorter lifetime ...

And in case I can't, I will live to the full - in MY way, which is a more reflective way than many others would be comfortable with, I suspect. (It certainly does NOT involve parties!)

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Post No. 206 - The week: floods, fires and violence.

What a week it has been: the fires and floods in Western Australia, the terrible floods in Queensland (and my birth mother lives in the Lockyer Valley, although on higher ground so she was safe from the brunt of the flash flood [1]), and the even more terrible floods in Brazil, where over 200 people have died (see here).

Of course, the scale of a tragic event does not make it more or less tragic, nor more or less deserving of caring. I am personally mourning the passing of someone I knew in high school, an indigenous boy who I offered to help with his school work (that didn't go ahead for a whole host of reasons, unfortunately). He wasn't Koori, but his culture may have also prohibited mentioning the names of the dead (for very good reason, actually - see here), so I won't mention it. I will just mourn ... both his passing, and the discrimination I saw him endure while we were both at high school.

Discrimination brings to mind attitudes, which raises the issue of the recent mass shooting in the USA [2]. I've lived on the receiving end of verbal discrimination, and other forms of discrimination induced by a third party's words, so I KNOW just how massively powerful words ARE - words can maim and kill. Doubt it? Think of the harm done in abusive relationships, for a starter. I don't doubt that the rhetoric being used in the USA by the "Tea Party" mob and their ilk has probably contributed (it may not have CAUSED, but I consider it probably CONTRIBUTED) to the shooting.

I know there are surveys on topics such as whether TV or other things contribute to violence which seem to have conflicting outcomes (sorry - I haven't bothered to keep any links). One report seems to say, yes TV etc causes increased violence, others are claimed to prove otherwise. I personally think the studies are flawed because
(a) they take a "one-size-fits-all" approach: I think it is problematic for some people (especially SOME kids), and not for others (including some kids); and
(b)a certain level of violence permeates our culture and, including from psychic sources, our consciousness (a point discussed in "The Only Planet of Choice"), which means you cannot really compare the study results with a control group.

I know the world is a lot less violent than it was during the Middle Ages, but it can still improve - and will.

There a few things people can do right now: care enough about crises such as the Queensland and Brazil floods to at least pray for assistance for those affected (including the planet herself), light a candle to help send healing (or help get healing sent by others, if you do not know how to heal), do - if you know how - do spirit rescue [3] to help those who died in trauma break free of their trauma and pass over.

On that, I recently (as in, last night :) ) saw a new (well, new to me :) ) film about rescue from the perspective of the person being rescued: "Passengers" (see here). Really good film (from the point of view of spirit rescue and understanding passing over), one that I will add to my list of such films - which currently includes Always, Heart and Souls, Ghost, The Lovely Bones, The Others and Voices (for which I still cannot find a link; I discussed such films in a few posts, including here and here). A couple of aspects I particularly liked about the film are the depiction of love/relationships after death, and how forgiveness can lead to benefits for oneself ...

Love, light, hugs and blessings


  1. I was staggered to learn that the area affected by the floods in Queensland is larger than the area of France and Germany combined.
  2. Some of the coverage and opinion pieces I've read is here, here, here and here.
  3. See my previous posts, including here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and other links within this post.

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Post No. 205 - Taking action or not, plus vengeance and other thinking

This started off as a quick little post to prompt a little thinking ... maybe. It's grown a bit, but ah well - enjoy :)

Now, when I was helping to run the Shrine of Crystal Web for the Correllian tradition (pre-split), I would occasionally pose - after due consultation with my co-Guide - a topic for debate. One of them was: - at what stage does one start practising control of weather when things are going in ways that one does not wish?

Now, there are a few subtle aspects to this - and some not so subtle. For a start, it assumes that the person making this decision has some ability to influence weather :) (There was a discussion on weather witches on the Druid Journal website a couple of years ago: sadly, I find that site a bit hard to navigate round now, and don't go there as much as I used to. Still it may be worth trying to track down. On a personal note, I find it interesting how my birth mother, who lives on 10 acres in the recently flooded Lockyer Valley in Queensland, would find rain almost always seem to happen when her water tank was low ... [it's currently overflowing, and she hasn't been able to get out and see what has happened to her dam]. maybe - despite my aversion to crediting genetic stuff - I have inherited some of that weather control ability ... I once drove to a friend's home and, jokingly, said "let's keep it clear for me, please" and found the rain stopping just before me and starting behind me all the way to my friend's town.)

Going back to the more subtle aspects, the basic concern is that, if you do something such as cause rain to fall in one area, you may cause a shortage of water elsewhere. If - Goddess forbid! - someone with the ability to control the weather was to indulge something as superficial as indulge a liking for sunny days, they could cause massive droughts ... hmmm ... OK, 'fess up: who did it? (Actually, in some seriousness, I will be posting at some time in the future about how our thoughts and feelings can contribute to large scale effects: I might have to consider this as part of that post ... adds to the debate on climate change,. eh?) This is also an aspect that is of concern for (most of) those scientists who work with cloud seeding (but see here).

More importantly, from my point of view, if one who can influence the weather does so, and thereby contributes to "first world" (and some developing world) humans continuing to live an excessive, consumer-driven, materialistic lifestyle, is it actually being irresponsible by allowing people to ignore their personal responsibilities?

It can be very hard for someone such as myself to see trees that are struggling - dying, even - and do nothing or little in order to try and promote people living in a way that is more responsible, more in harmony with the world of nature. I'm also aware of events such as a storm here a few years ago where tres had been weakened by a few years of drought, and then were blown over by a storm bringing winds from an unusual direction [the trees had "braced themselves", in a sense, against winds from the "normal" direction, but had a root system too weak to cope with the change of wind direction] and a storm a couple of decades ago in the UK where allegedly some strong, negative person had deliberately set out to destroy trees [which could happen, as far as I am concerned: I just don't know enough to comment on the actual storm] by creating an usually violent storm. On that, I was interested to read recently that NASA has found some thunderstorms can create antimatter - see here.)

The debate in the Correllian Shrine went, if I recall correctly, along the lines that if trees are being harmed, it is time for those who can to take action. (On the Druid's Journal blog, I think the debate went the other way, with most people urging caution.) If I was in a third world or developing country, I would go along with that (in fact, I'd probably take action earlier to save lives or reduce the impact on health of starvation or food shortages from crop problems), but in developed nations, I am still not convinced ... we have a long way to go in terms of changing our lifestyle to something that is sustainable (and dealing with greenhouse gas/climate change issues is only the start!)

Now, on the terms I've used, please see:
Talking about thinking, I've posted recently about "AFL girl". Well, it seems like she is starting to think more about what she is doing - see here and here.

If i take a step back to have an overview of this whole situation, it may be that she has lessons to learn on not making assumptions: she appears to have expected something as a result of sex that the footy player concerned didn't. And, of course, neither party seems to have thought of the possibility of pregnancy, so possibly both share the responsibility (blame?) for her getting pregnant. This leaves me curious: what did she want or expect? It seems she wanted more than just sex ... (BTW, see here.) Keep in mind that BOTH sides clearly have faults ... (e.g. see here).

What does she want now (other than an apology)? She has been very open about wanting to "get something out of this event" - for instance, she has mentioned money through book deals. On the topic of the apology, is that because she expected the AFL or the footy player to look after her because she was pregnant? Or ... did she expect the footy player to become her boyfriend and she wants an apology because he didn't (that could be justified if she had a reasonable expectation of that from the situation she was in, and the conversations the two of them had held - footy players don't get off scott-free simply because they are footy players from morals, ethics and karma)? It seems she may think the AFL have a policy "banning" sex with those under 18. As the age of consent varies, and is generally less than 18, that doesn't seem likely. In any case, she was there too, and she is not making any allegations of rape ... So, what does she want an apology for, exactly?

This issue also raises the issue of communication: "AFL girl" says her having been treated badly is "obvious". Well, no, it isn't obvious to everyone. She would, in my opinion, help her case by saying exactly in what way she has been treated badly. I've found commentary in the media on the vindictive behaviour she claims to have received earlier, when she was trying to do something about being pregnant: is that vindictiveness what she wants an apology for?
(I am also aware she could think everyone uses Facebook/Twitter. That is not so, and, if she does think that way, would constitute another lesson for her.)

On the aspect of vengeance, who started this - AFL girl, or the people giving her a hard time when she was pregnant? It's a bit like the Middle East, where the cycles of vengeance and conflict for generations brings to mind Gandhi's comment that "an eye for an eye only makes the whole world go blind".

The Middle East, and many other such situations, are complicated and not easily resolved (and I have posted on this previously - see here and here, for instance). However, the Middle East, "AFL girl" and considerations of communication raise the issue of truth - which is something that has been described as a jewel with many facets, each facet representing one person's take. (I was originally going to post on the Mavi Marmara incident with respect to truth being a multi-faceted jewel, but time got away from me so I abandoned that idea.)

Finally, one personal perspectives, this story (see here) raises a few issues: who does this drongo think he is? Does him being French give him the right to assault people? Get real, moron! I'm pleased he has been charged.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Southern Yule / Northern Litha

In the Southern Hemisphere, this is Yule, in the Northern Hemisphere, this is Litha.
In the tropics - well, the tropics are an interesting situation, one that I have personal experience of. You see, between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Antarctic Circle, and between the Tropic of Cancer and the Arctic Circle, the sun comes closer, then further away, once each year, with two days when night and day are of equal length (i.e., the aforementioned equinoxes). But in the tropics, the sun is overhead TWICE in each year, so it gets closer, is overhead, goes further away, then comes back, is overhead, then goes further away - all in the space of one year! ... Maybe the solution is to find what seasons the indigenous people in that zone divided the year up into, and work rituals to suit that - as I am trying to do for Melbourne (see here and here).
Typically, each hemisphere does its own thing, which has a certain amount of sense to it, given that will be celebrating a different season. However, when I was helping to run a global on-line Wiccan group, we tried to come up with rituals that could be used by everyone. I've decided to start having a go at those again, and here is one for the June Sabbats.
Southern Hemisphere:

Rest and heal,
content that
the Unconquered Son
is coming back
for when we will be
renewed and ready
as our Northern kin,
celebrate the heights
of life.
Northern Hemisphere:
Peak of light and life,
may joy and life,
peace and prosperity,
be through all our life,
as our Southern kin,
rest and heal.

The ritual in full follows:
All rituals consists of 5 major parts, which you will notice below are segmented into the five elements.  Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit, but not in that order.  Each Elemental correspondence has its own unique role within the ritual.
In most cases they are broken down as follows:
·         East – Air – Athame – Opening – This is the basis of preparation, introduction of the ceremony.
·         North – Fire – Wand -  Invocations – This is the basis of invocations, prayers of the ceremony.
·         Spirit – Centre – the ritual itself.
·         West – Water – Chalice -  Offerings – This is the time of offerings, libations, and honour
·         South – Earth – Pentacle – Closing – This is the time of devocation and opening of the circle.

Words (if wish to provide guide or use particular words)

Overall direction of ritual:

Collate items required:
·         Cauldron and match
·         salt, water
·         athame
·         copy of order of ritual / running sheet / speaking notes

Ask for and brief volunteers

Air – East - Athame OPENING
Cleanse salt, water, incense and fire.
Charge salt, water, incense and fire.

Cleanse and charge area. Participants waiting outside to Ground and Release, and make sure watches are removed and mobile phones are turned off.
- hand over water, visualise yellow-white light from hand into water, 3 Clockwise, to the south, circles while say
“Behold, I exorcise you, O creature of Water, casting out from you any impurities which may lie within!”
- hand over water, visualise blue-white light filling water, 3 Sunwise (to the north, anticlockwise) circles while say
“And I do bless and consecrate you to this work!”
- hand over salt, visualise yellow-white light from hand into water to force out negativity, 3 Clockwise, to the south, circles while say
“Behold, I exorcise you, O creature of Earth, casting out from you any impurities which may lie within!”
- hand over salt, visualise blue-white light filling water, 3 Sunwise (to the north, anticlockwise) circles while say
“And I do bless and consecrate you to this work!”
- add three pinches salt to water (to make Holy Water) and say
“Behold, the salt is pure! Behold, the water is pure! Purity into purity then, and purity be blessed!”
Walk Sunwise (to the north, anticlockwise, in the Southern Hemisphere) and asperge (sprinkle with Holy Water) while visualise filled with yellow-white light.
“Behold I cleanse and purify this space.”
Turn to face inside of circle, visualise blue-white light and say.
“I bless and consecrate this space.”
Cast circle
“Behold I do cut apart a space between the realms of humankind and of the Might Ones – a Circle of Art, to focus and contain the power raised herein!”
Invite participants into circle and smudge

Fire – North – Wand
Invoke the Four Quarters 

East (air)
Example only: “Hail unto You, O Guardian of the Watchtower of the East, power of Air and intellect. We pray that You will be with us this night in our circle, and that You will give Your blessing and Your aid to this our undertaking! We bid you hail, and welcome!”
North (fire)
Example only: “Hail unto You, O Guardian of the Watchtower of the North, power of Fire and manifestation. We pray that You will be with us this night in our circle, and that You will give Your blessing and Your aid to this our undertaking! We bid you hail, and welcome!”
West (water)
Example only: “Hail unto You, O Guardian of the Watchtower of the West, power of Water and emotion. We pray that You will be with us this night in our circle, and that You will give Your blessing and Your aid to this our undertaking! We bid you hail, and welcome!”
South (earth)
Example only: “Hail unto You, O Guardian of the Watchtower of the South, power of Earth and integration. We pray that You will be with us this night in our circle, and that You will give Your blessing and Your aid to this our undertaking! We bid you hail, and welcome!”
Invoke the Goddess
Example only: "Divine Mother Goddess, All-Bountiful, All-Beautiful, Source and Sustenance of Existence: we do invoke You, asking now for your aid and guidance in this our undertaking.– May Your Divine Love be as a light within our hearts, now and always! Light our path, guide and strengthen us, enfold us in Your love, Divine Mother – we thus pray! Holy One, we bid You Hail and Welcome!"
Invoke the God (optional / depending on type of ritual)
Example only: "Holy Father God –Son, Brother, and Consort of Our Lady- we do invoke You asking now for your aid and guidance in this our undertaking.–. May Your Divine Love be as a light within our hearts, now and always! Light our path, guide and strengthen us, enfold us in Your love, Divine Father – we thus pray! Holy One, we bid You Hail and Welcome!"
Invoke your Patron Deity (optional / depending on type of ritual)

Invoke the Ancestors  (optional / depending on type of ritual)
Example only: “O Mighty Ancestors, Beloved Ones Who have gone before, We invoke You and ask You to join us and to Bless us! Ancestors of the Correllian Tradition, Priestesses and Priests, Mothers and Uncles of the lineage, Spiritual family which aids and supports us –lend us Your inspiration and Your love, Your guidance and Your aid this night, we pray. Beloved Ones, we bid You Hail and Welcome!”
Spirit – Centre
Libra is a cardinal, yang, air sign. Its strengths are their quest for fairness, peace and harmony, and Libra is known for balance.
Southern Hemisphere:

Rest and heal,
content that
the Unconquered Son
is coming back
for when we will be
renewed and ready
as our Northern kin,
celebrate the heights
of life.
Northern Hemisphere:
Peak of light and life,
may joy and life,
peace and prosperity,
be through all our life,
as our Southern kin,
rest and heal.   
Water – West - Chalice
This is traditionally done with a chalice of juice, wine or water passed around the company within the circle AFTER the dedicationary offering has been completed.
Then it is common practice to pour out a small libation, and dedicate that to your Ancestors, physical and spiritual, and to all your friends in Nature, seen and unseen.
Dedicate what remains in the Chalice to the Goddess and the God.
(After the ritual, the libations may be emptied outside, or otherwise respectfully disposed of.)

Earth - South - Pentacle
It is now time to give thanks, and close the ritual

Devoke the Four Quarters 

North (fire)
Example only: “Guardian of the Watchtower of the North, power of Fire and manifestation. We thank You for Your presence here tonight – we thank You for Your aid, and Your guidance. May there be peace between us now and always. Go if You must, stay if You will, we bid You hail, and farewell!”
West (water)
Example only: “Guardian of the Watchtower of the West, power of Water and emotion. We thank You for Your presence here tonight – we thank You for Your aid, and Your guidance. May there be peace between us now and always. Go if You must, stay if You will, we bid You hail, and farewell!”
South (earth)
Example only: “Guardian of the Watchtower of the South, power of Earth and integration. We thank You for Your presence here tonight – we thank You for Your aid, and Your guidance. May there be peace between us now and always. Go if You must, stay if You will, we bid You hail, and farewell!”
East (air)
Example only: “Guardian of the Watchtower of the East, power of Air and intellect. We thank You for Your presence here tonight – we thank You for Your aid, and Your guidance. May there be peace between us now and always. Go if You must, stay if You will, we bid You hail, and farewell!”
Devoke the Goddess (optional / depending on type of ritual)
Example only: "Divine Mother Goddess, All-Bountiful, All-Beautiful, Source and Sustenance of Existence: we thank You for Your presence here tonight – we thank You for Your aid, and Your guidance. May there be peace between us now and always. Go if You must, stay if You will, we bid You hail, and farewell!
Devoke the God (optional / depending on type of ritual)
Example only: "Holy Father God –Son, Brother, and Consort of Our Lady, we thank You for Your presence here tonight – we thank You for Your aid, and Your guidance. May there be peace between us now and always. Go if You must, stay if You will, we bid You hail, and farewell!”
Devoke your Patron Deity (optional / depending on type of ritual)

Devoke the Ancestors  (optional / depending on type of ritual)
Example only: “O Mighty Ancestors, Beloved Ones Who have gone before, we thank You for Your presence here tonight – we thank You for Your aid, and Your guidance. May there be peace between us now and always. Go if You must, stay if You will, we bid You hail, and farewell!”
Take down the Circle itself.
Example only: “As Above, So Below. As the Universe, so the Soul. As within, so without. Merry meet. Merry part. And merry meet again.”
Ground and release all excess energy.