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Post No. 041 - Mediumship - part three (last part)

In my experience, most people who start exploring mediumship tend to do so from the point of view of seeking to have greater contact with guides/spirit teachers/patron deities/etc. Those uses can indeed be valid, but the best use I have personally encountered for mediumship is doing rescue.

Rescue is the art/science of guiding those souls which have wound up in an earthbound condition after death (which means they have wound up "stuck" around the physical plane, rather than moving on to higher realms (astral/Summerlands/etc) as they should. This can happen when people die in pain (physical or emotional) and stay focused on the pain, or in some other circumstances which require an intense focus on the physical plane (such as soldiers who die in combat). In many cases, rescue is just a case of gaining the earthbound spirit's attention sufficiently to break their focus on the physical, and, say, bring their attention to what they can now see about them, which allows them to become aware of the spirit guides/helpers/etc around them, who then help them to pass on. (Some of those spirits may be the astrals of people who are still alive on earth: such people are sometimes referred to as shadow walkers or world walkers.) I've given links for a few sites on rescue previously: a few more (which may include some of those from before) are given at the end of this post.

One of the ways which can be used to gain the attention of the earthbound entity is have them be channelled by a medium. The change (to the earthbound entity) of body (especially, for instance, if the medium is of a different sex) and of circumstances (e.g., by the interviewer [who is speaking to the earthbound entity being channeled by the medium] beginning with the question "do you know where you are?") is very good at gaining their attention, which can then be directed towards passing over.

Such conversations MAY include some minor resolution/partial resolution of issues, but the sort of prolonged, drawn out, long, heavy emotional focus shown in the TV series "Ghost Whisperer" (whilst great TV - and I watch the series, even if I cringe at some of the technical '"rescue" aspects) is not part of the experience of myself or others who work in this field.

There are other earthbound entities, who know they are earthbound, and wish to stay that way because they enjoy being able to manipulate and torture others who are incarnate (i.e., "physically alive"). When it is time to ensure those entities pass on, the experience is MUCH tougher - and MUCH more rewarding from the point of view of personal growth. The key aspect here is that:
(a) most mediumship in this circumstance is not deep mediumship, which means that the medium's personality can still have a part to play, and
(b) under those circumstances, entities who are, for instance, angry, can only be angry in a medium if that medium has the potential to be angry.

If you find you are channelling entities who are uncooperative, or angry, or depressed, then you know you have some work to do on yourself in those areas (see some of my earlier posts on workshops for suggestions on how to work on these ideas; by channeling such entities you earn some karmic credit towards being able to improve those aspects of yourself). On the contrary point, if you find these entities are cooperative, pleasant or communicate well, then you know those areas are reasonably strong in you. One of the traditional ways that I understand Indian yogis work is to absorb entities or energies which are causing problems to others into their own auras, from which the potential for such problematic behaviour has been thoroughly replaced by positive behaviours that the energy/entity is "cleansed". I've done this in a minor sense, and it is VERY testing of how well you have evolved: I have the greatest respect for those people who can do this.

This post will have to be continued and elaborated over time, so ... stay tuned :)

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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Web sites about rescue (I can't vouch for all of these: use your mind and judge them for yourself) (this site includes examples, and discussion on the use of mediumship for rescue work, including trance to rescue earthbound entities, and an EXCELLENT discussion on working with the astral environment to effect a rescue)

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Post No. 040 - Mediumship - part two

Life has intervened since I started my series of posts on mediumship: an 8 year relationship has ended, a new one has begun, I'm moving homes, I had the first birthday of my recently deceased (adoptive) mother, and the workload at my day job has been so severe that I'm considering changing jobs (again).

The move has been "interesting", and has shown the appalling ignorance and complete, utter and absolute lack of spirituality or consideration of some people in service companies (which may yet be the subject of legal action :) ). But that's a topic for another post - or another blog, even.

I'll return to mediumship. My last post on this, at, warned of the dangers, and the need for self-discipline. I'm now going to give you a few exercises to start developing your mediumship.

The first exercise is quite formal.
1. establish AND CHECK protection
2. when you feel protected, ask your guides to take turns at coming closer to you, coming partially into your aura.
3. note the (psychic) sensations you feel (which may be akin to a change of mood or even personality, as they start to overshadow you more and more), including when you start to notice a change and when that change dissipates
Continue this until you can clearly notice the changes.

When you are TOTALLY PROFICIENT at the above, ask your guides to start drawing close to you during the day (which can occur, as the protection you should be asking for regularly is to keep out disharmonious/inappropriate energies, not your guides), so that you start to notice such changes/influences when they occur unbidden. THIS IS IMPORTANT! The problems that can occur with mediumship are not failing to experience any mediumship, but opening oneself to problems such as obsession/possession, which can come with problems such as changes of personality, lack of being grounded (are you still practising grounding yourself? If not, you won't get far usefully with this exercise), etc.

I remember what I was like when I was young and impatient; I'll think very carefully about how much more I post on this blog on this topic - and I have a few other topics to cover anyway.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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