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Post No. 035 - Evil

I’m a little off colour – I don’t need any healing, just a chance to slow down for a day, and that’s what I’m doing. And I’m watching “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix” *, and enjoying doing so – and letting my mind drift, as it does under such circumstances.

One of the things which comes out of this viewing for me is how easy it is in films to pick out and fight what is “evil”. Sure, there’s the major theme of Harry and Dumbledore being “prophets without honour”, and the campaign by the Ministry to hide the truth of Voldemort’s actions, but the actions Voldemort takes are clearly “harmful”, “evil”, “destructive” (whatever label you wish to use). (The actions of the Umbridge and the Ministry are also, shall we say, “questionable”.)

In the real world, the office bully, the bigot who’s bigotry manifests against someone lacking in social power or influence (e.g., women, a member of a minority ethnic or religious group, a lesbian or a trans person in an office) or the small-minded person who tries to force others to live in ways the small-minded person considers “traditional” etc – THESE are the people who are doing evil. THESE are the people who are ACTIVELY creating and using energy and spells (no matter that they may not know they are doing so, or not be aware consciously of magic or nonphysical energy – or even consciously oppose magic etc) to do harm. The harm they are doing is to the individuals they are targeting, and to other sentient life (by creating fear, the feelings that go with being on the end of discrimination, by harming “group souls” ** through harming one of that group soul’s members, and by slowing, harming or reversing evolution/growth generally [if you want an example of this, look at the discuission about social conflict in the 1960s at***), and to this planet that we live on and should revere (by creating harmful energies and slowing, harming or reversing evolution/growth generally – and that makes the chances of doing something constructive about problems such as global warming MUCH harder).

It’s far less spectacular proposition than the sort of struggle in Harry Potter, but what the world needs is just as determined a campaign against the everyday harm bringer, such as the office bully etc. It is also worth keeping in mind that such people are connected together through means they are unaware of – group minds, the collective unconscious, unconscious psychic connections to the like minded, and so forth.

Of course, all those connections are available to those who would like to make the world a more GENUINELY caring, loving, tolerant, inclusive place – AND we have the advantage of consciously being aware of all this, and predisposed towards developing and using such abilities in accordance with moral codes such as the Wiccan Rede (, the Golden Rule (, etc. When I use Rampa’s alternate nostril breathing or any of the other techniques for developing my psychic and/or spiritual abilities, or stand up to the office bully, or campaign for human rights, I am actively working to improve this world on many levels. (I sometimes have to remind myself of this, as when I am struggling against yet another bigot or bully, it would be so much easier to just go round the problem: but that leaves them to potentially harm others.)

As Gandhi said, be the change you wish to see.

Given that I started this while watching “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix” (which I’m still fitting in! Ah, the joys of being able to do two things at once, eh?), let’s consider a typical day and how Harry might connect to it. I would start that day with some of the prayers for protection I mentioned in, including specific mention of protection at work. When I get to work, I will “flame” (visualise heat and light cleansing my aura and my environment), check for any obvious problems (there are always some psychic problems because of the levels of stress we work under – and even the boredom some of the junior engineers there experience until they have work can be a problem), and I might even try expelliarmus on problem people to remove energies/things (I use the generic term “unit”) they are using against others, then stupefy to neutralise those units, and then some of the conventional clearing techniques I have written about in and (these posts include flaming, grounding and protection). I am also considering working out a way to use revelio to help confirm who I need to be careful of (beyond just using my normal sensing): the 2nd word is something I will have to work on: maybe captio or inutilis or adversarius (browse for a few ideas on new spells: after all, every spell once started somewhere J; I also use Welsh when working with magic – see

Now, a few cautions: read,,, and before you try any of this. You need to be VERY sure that you are not the problem owing to your own lack of perspective or personal problems (such as discomfort with your own shadow self). Some of the personal mental/emotional torments that Harry experiences in “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix” are exactly the sort of thing which can and does happen at the psychic hands of those who wish the sort of evil I am writing about in this article.

Be safe and balanced as a sentient being, but, I repeat, be the change you wish to see. Don't let bullies and their ilk win: it harms other people, and this planet which is our beautiful, underappreciated home.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


This post's photo is from Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve, near Frankston (see This was established as a military training reserve at the time of the British Empire's war in the Sudan in the 1880s, was used for training in the Boer War and then was converted to a hospital/recovery base for soldiers in the First World War. In the last part of the 20th Century (about 1970s, I think) it was converted to a Flora and Fauna reserve.

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*** Just in case this is changed in future edits, the article at discusses "The 8-Circuit Model of Consciousness is a model of consciousness proposed by psychologist Timothy Leary. Leary believed the mind is best viewed as a collection of 8 "circuits", also called "gears" or "mini-brains". Each stage is claimed to represent a higher stage of evolution than the one before it.".
The discussion I reference is:
"Leary claims that this model explained, among other things, the social conflict in the 1960s, where the mainstream, said to be those with circuit 4 active and characterized as tribal moralists by Leary, clashed with the counter-culturists, said to be those with circuit 5 active and characterized as individualists and hedonists."
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Post No. 034 - Doing things differently

Something I have never had much time for is following stupid restrictions - there are a lot of good rules and conditions that I DO follow, such as speed limits. However, others, such as always doing things in certain directions prescribed by others I don't necessarily follow: I will think about the matter, and judge it on it's merits. I don't just do something simply because book such-and-such, or alleged authority so-and-so, say so.

I sincerely hope everyone reading this blog has the same attitude.
In my life, probably one of the first areas this showed was in the topic of associating elements with particular directions. In my initial workings, I genuinely could not feel any reason to associate a particular direction with an element. Now, a couple of decades later, one of my teachers has made the comment "where does a radio receiver have to be placed to work?" Well, calling in the elements is a bit like tuning a receiver; DOES it matter where it sits in the room?
The answer is basically no, not as far as the energy is concerned. The significance is in the mind of the beholder.
When I was learning, I worked out my own method of working where I called the four elements plus spirit from each quarter (by drawing a pentagram and calling one for each point). Is that less valid than the other, more traditional systems of calling one element from each quarter? No.
It has the disadvantage of not connecting to the energies that traditions have built up over thousands of years of workings, but if that grates with whoever is doing the working, that discomfort FAR outweighs the advantages of connecting to a tradition. (As far as connecting to "built up energies" go, there's quite a bit of energy/thought form being developed around some of the Harry Potter spells, such as expecto patronum, expelliarmus or stupefy, through sheer volume of [almost completely undirected] thought-energy: are you connecting to that?)
If someone has been taught to use a particular form of working (e.g., doing invocation counter-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere to follow the Sun) and is set on that method, there is no point in trying to change it. However, that does not mean the preferred method is more valid.
I personally get annoyed when people in the Northern Hemisphere make no allowance for the difference of seasons and direction of the Sun in the Southern Hemisphere, and will dig my toes in on doing things to match the southern seasons to make a point against "Northern cultural imperialism". (I almost wrote "comrade" ... and when staff in Australia Post offices try to use American spelling on money orders ... !)
However, if I am doing a working for myself, the direction I work with respect to things like direction of invocation, I am likely to tie that to the (desired) directions of spin of chakras that I am working with (which also means I will devoke in the same direction, to keep the desired direction of spin going; ironically, that often means invoking in a clockwise direction [as per common Northern Hemisphere practice] and devoking in a clockwise direction [as per common Southern Hemisphere practice] to connect to both spirit and earth).
I do things as best suits me (keeping in mind the Rede "an' it harms none, do as ye will" [and countless other variations of wording]). I'm very wary believing there is one "perfect" way to do something: in the real world, "perfect" is a word in the dictionary.
May the Goddess bless you in your search for your perfections.
Love, light, hugs and blessings
This post's photo was taken at Ocean Grange, in Werribee.
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Post No. 033 - Links to interesting reading

Here are a few other interesting articles for you:
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An article from the excellent Witchvox website: "Grounding: Cultivating Your Root", by Quinta Essentia Healing, which is also about grounding - see
Another article which talks about a bfew chakras is at
MM dear Reader,

There have been some interesting articles published recently on various sites. For a bit of a change from my voice, the links are:

From the Druid Journal blog (at
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Love, light, hugs and blessings


This post's photo was taken near Lancefield in August, 2004: it is dawn, taken on a work trip.

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