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Post No. 044 - More reading

Some reading to get a few different views on topics of some relevance to this blog for you: enjoy :)

"Kathy Lee Apologized...Sort of" by Greymentality

"Healing Magickal Paranoia" by PanSpiritus

"Defending On-Line Witch Schools" by Silverwolf

This time, just for something different, I'm also including a link to a book review. This has me intrigued, as I'd like to know if they cover the way I draw trees: "Flower and Tree Magic" by Richard Webster (pub. Llewellyn)

Love, light, hugs and blessings


This post's photo is from the Women's Factory, Hobart, Tasmania, a truly dreadful place (amongst it's horrors, almost 1,000 infants died while it was operated) - see and

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Friday, 11 July 2008

Post No. 043 - Workplaces

I’ve been making a few decisions lately: one of the key ones was whether to stay in my current job, or accept an offer from another company. My decision was based on what was best for my personal growth, not necessarily what was easiest. As I wrote on another online article:

Work has been interesting for me of late because the company I am in is being sold. Effectively that means we get transferred to another company (this is the 3rd time this has happened to me - I have held the same job for 23 years, but the desk has been slid around a bit), but I have also been considering another job offer that would involve less staff, less stress and less work (they said I wouldn't have much on my plate for a while): in a sense I turned that down because it involved less stress - where I am now, and where I am going to, will be stressful (there's the stress of a brand new company and new systems for a start, whereas the other offer is from people I know and have worked with; both roles would involve building teams - in the case of the other offer from from scratch), but that will lead to me refining my ability to manage people (and hence work with group dynamics) and personal growth (if nothing else, how to manage stress :) , although I have more chance of learning from others this way as well: the new offer would have meant I was the only senior professional in my field, and this way there are quite a few others I can learn from).
Now that you’ve read that, consider my previous post about psychic attack: ever considered how much negative energy there is in the workplace, due to stress, impatience with other people’s priorities, clashes of personality, etc. I see lots of opportunity to do (psychic) good in many workplaces :) How? By clearing the negative energy, stimulating positive links (see some of my original posts), and choosing to be a source of cheerfulness.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


This post's photo was taken at Port Sorell, Tasmania (see,_Tasmania).

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Post No. 042 - Psychic attack: being caught out

I recently was caught out. I went out with a few people, including a Significant Other, for tea. While we were out, I started feeling rather ill – almost as if I had food poisoning, but without any diarrhoea, vomiting or anyone else who ate what I did becoming ill. Hmm ... what was going on?

I used the “White Light Test” I’ve posted about elsewhere to check for the possibility of psychic attack, and had a positive result (i.e., the symptoms reduced when I used that test).

The symptoms actually started a little while after an ex- of my Significant Other left, and further checking using that technique confirmed that the psychic attack was coming from my SO’s ex (the check was based on “take out the effects of attack from _”). I was surprised by this result, which is good, as my surprise is indicative of me not influencing the result [see note 1].

Does this mean the ex had gone off somewhere to indulge in some evil ritual? No.

Most psychic attack is simply strong emotion (in this case, jealousy) being allowed to “leak out”. There is no ritual involved, just emotion and a thought effectively directing the emotion. We are creatures of emotion and thought; we all live in a world of non-physical energies, and anyone who is trying to develop their psychic abilities or, in many cases, their spirituality, may enhance their sensitivity to such influences. Also, when we relax, we often diffuse out our aura, and that leads to a “thinning” of the natural “skin” around the aura.

In the case I am writing about, my S.O. was well protected, but I hadn’t thought to protect myself against any emotions – I didn’t need to formally protect myself against that person in particular, I simply needed to remember that I was in a public place, and that some energies could be, if nothing else, incompatible with me. In this case, I suspect that she realised at an unconscious level that her ill will was not affecting my SO, and turned her resentment and jealousy on to me.

Another example of what can happen is someone having a temper tantrum (adults can have tantrums just as much as kids!), and leaving a massive cloud of unpleasant energy. I have seen that happen, and people get headaches from walking into that cloud of energy. (This was at work.)

So: this was good reminder to use protective prayers [see note 2] and other techniques [see note 3].

It is also a reminder to all of us to make sure that WE don’t indulge in such behaviour ourselves – by being aware of what we are feeling (and dealing constructively/responsibly with such matters by personal growth etc), closing our aura, asking that we be helped not to adversely help others, etc.

Now, having been a klutz and allowed myself to be attacked, what did I do?
1. Asked for protection (better late than never)
2. Grounded myself and released as best I could (using a technique where I visualise colours coming in to my solar plexus as a I breathe, then flowing out through my body and aura as I breathe out; the colours I use are pink, blue, green, gold, orange, purple and white).
3. Went home, and then used the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (see elsewhere on this blog, or try an internet search) to establish a safe place.
4. Rested, then continued used the colour breathing, grounding, prayer, etc to remove the energy from me, and sent healing to the attacker to try to lift their state of being.

One of the debates I’ve come across a few times in the psychic/spiritual/metaphysical world is whether it is best to deflect psychic attack energy, or fight it actively. These debates have been interesting, but the problem is that none of them have considered the possibility that the psychic attack is from someone they care about – perhaps a younger, jealous sibling, or a friend who envies your accomplishments, or a partner who is frustrated and resentful at something (if you are a younger jealous sibling, envious friend or frustrated partner, do be careful with your energies!) – rather than some malicious, evilly inclined dude.

It happens – it really, truly does happen (it is bad enough when some couples disagree emotionally). And when it does, are you really going to vigorously fight against someone you love? Or are you going to deflect and try to get the attacker to change? Assuming you answered with the latter, so how about living up to that standard when others attack you? (There’s a whole debate there about things like motivation, and tricks like the Buddhist notion of considering that every sentient being you meet could have been your mother in a previous life, and treating him/her/hir with the appropriate respect.)

I have a couple of other points on this topic.

Firstly, clippings and hair (from brushes etc): do you collect and dispose of them "safely"? I know people who burn these to avoid risking them coming into the possession of those who are either inclined towards ill-will, disharmonious, or wish to take unreasonable advantage/use of the person's skills/energies/abilities/time/resources. I've done that when staying in hotels (on work trips), but rarely in other circumstances (I might reconsider that). (Have a look at the film "The Missing", starring [Australian] Cate Blanchett and Tommy Lee Jones, to see a highly dramatised version of what could happen [supposedly - although the principle is what I am writing about here].)

Secondly, some people have the view that psychically attacking companies who do the wrong thing by them is acceptable - which is probably justified along the same lines of thinking of those cretins who think stealing from a large company, like Woolies or Target, is a victimless crime that has no impact on everyday shoppers. Anyway, the point is, it does affect individuals, and some of those people could well be the attacker does or could care about (for instance, I recently found out that my sister used to work for a phone company whose ISP division I used to use). I've been harmed by "business practices" (yes, I'll be vague) of some ex-employees (who tried to get me to go over to their company), so this is a topic which is somewhat personal for me.
There is another point I would like to cover on this: the power of the spoken word. That, however, can be a separate post. But I may yet add more to this post still :)

Love, light, hugs and blessings

[Note 1]
If you would like a good analysis of potential distorting influences, read Stuart Holroyd’s “Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth”. This book covers the potential for such things as mediums to actually being telepaths who are “reading the minds” of sitters, rather than actually channelling an entity. This doesn’t mean that mediumship isn’t possible, but looks realistically at the possibility that other forms of psychism could be at play in a situation. My being surprised supports (it doesn’t conclusively prove) that I wasn’t influencing the result.

If you want to adapt this technique (i.e., the White Light Test) to overcome this, you could try a “blind” technique, such as giving a friend a list of what you want to check for, and have them think of one of each of these factors, in a random order (and maybe more than once for each factor), and rely on your guides to read your friend’s mind.

Note 2
An example prayer is:
”There is but one Power in the Universe, and I am a perfect manifestation of that Power. As such, I will that the boundaries of my aura be strong an healthy, repelling all negative or unwanted energy, while allowing positive and healing energy in.”
“I ask my constructive influence* guides to protect, guide and heal me, and all people, energies or things which could or will influence me and those about me, or will be influenced by me or those about me.”
* I used to use “Divine Light Force”, but what I really want to cover is “those guiding influences who have a constructive influence on me”. It IS necessary to be specific, as otherwise it IS possible for malicious entities (who do exist) to take advantage of slackness and step in and provide their version of guidance.

Note 3
Such as visualising an egg shell around oneself to close the aura, making sure one’s chakras are closed, visualising a tree root into the earth to ground oneself, or making sure all excess energies have been released.

This post's photo was taken on top of Mt Wellington, Tasmania (see

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