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Post No. 285 - A weekend out of the city

As I write this I am enjoying a birthday present from my partner - a weekend in the bush, in the hills near Melbourne, in a lovely little cabin with a great antique feel, lots of bush - and nature spirits.

I went crazy with my camera and took lots of photos when we got here, and then, as we sat on the cabin's verandah having a cuppa, I pointed out where some nature spirits were to my partner, she said "hi", and they wanted to know why people with a city "taint" in their energy wanted to come where they lived. We explained that we, more or less, wanted to be cleaned - and the nature spirits very kindly offered to help clean us. We agreed, and had a lovely little clearing/healing session for a few minutes.

In return, I offered to include them in a ritual to raise energy for them. I did that, and they were very happy - actually, they wanted me to work longer, but I was getting cold. I will do some more for them later, I think ... I had agreed to do this in the daylight for them, but I do prefer working at night.

It's so lovely to have a place with so many plants and nature spirits. Living in an old, run-down house in the inner city, with a standard, regimented, minimalist (in my view) garden is hard - almost as hard as having four million leak auras around me.

I know some people deliberately create nature spirit gardens, and we're planning on eventually having trees and bushes in pots (so we can take them with us when we move), but there are other things everyone can do to be considerate of nature spirits - headed by: be considerate of nature, as in "be environmentally responsible".

If you had people come to your home who trashed it, would you feel like inviting them back and spending time with them? No? Well, nature spirits are not stupid: they are well and truly capable of determining who is sensitive and caring towards them, and who will trample ignorantly over them. This is not a case of the Peter Pan view of "we need you to believe in us or we won't exist" - that is rubbish. Nature Spirits exist just as we do, and we don't need others to believe that we exist in order to exist. (I am a pragmatic engineer, and tend to think the speculation about whether or not a tree makes noise if no-one is there to hear it is rubbish.) However, many people do not notice nature spirits, and literally walk over them.

If you want to do something for nature spirits, first care for their world - which, oh gosh, also happens to be our world. Then, show some sensitivity, caring and politeness (manners go a LONG way). Even if you are not psychic, you can feel the peace and joy they create in natural places: send them a thought of thanks.

There are many opportunities for us to live simpler lives - consume less, reuse, recycle, etc. I live those who follow the principles of "electronic simplicity+ - for instance, not having a TV AND a PC which can play DVDs or download programmes. Other people have described this as "modern austerity".

It is also possible to travel places without using planes - I prefer to drive anyway, because of the stupidity of many airport security people when it comes to people who are different from "the norm".

As a digression built on that, I have come to realise just how much I have aimed to simplify my life so I can focus on the things that matter to me: I do housework only when it is needed, and then by the lowest energy version. For instance, when I was single, I would not clean the floors every day, and often sweeping would suffice, they didn't need vacuuming or mopping. I would use what my partner calls "food assemblage" cooking, not because I couldn't cook, but because the time, energy and money spent on cooking from basic ingredients and then cleaning up the massive mess created was not worth it to me: it took away time from things that mattered more to me. Two hours of cooking and one hour of cleaning for 30 minutes of flavour did not outweigh an hour of exercise, one of meditation and starting a movie in time to see it before going to bed.

Of course, I copped a lot of flak from people who couldn't see past the "I chose to spend lots of time doing unnecessary things so every one else has to as well", but they're just idiots who have all left my life now, and I have had the benefit of my choices.

(I've also learnt, from subsequently living on a boat, not to create a mess in the first place.)

And now it is time to go and enjoy the nature spirits some more.

Love, light, hugs and blessings

(pronounced "new-MYTH-ear")

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Post No. 284 - Evans-Wentz on Faeries

I'm currently reading (slowly!) Evans-Wentz's book "Fairy Faith and Celts", and while doing so have been wondering how this might relate to non-Celtic countries. I have seen Nature Spirits and worked with them, but haven't seen the scary creatures in Celtic myths - but Australian legends include things like Min Min lights, yowie, etc so ... not my karma to see/encounter? wrong place? too naive? The intro to Chapter II mentions that some spirits native to one part of Ireland but not another ...

Descriptions of indigenous spirituality that seem to largely relate to creation (see here, in which I found particularly interesting stories showing changes in landscape such as Port Phillip, which used to be dry when the Yarra went through the Carrum Carrum swamp), or songlines which have lots of practical info. There's nothing which would equate readily to Evens-Wentz's descriptions.

Going back to the Irish Chapter (pp. 31-32): spirits on Earth are said to be as thick as the grass, mostly "good spirit"s - those who died in war or early, who stay till their time is up (that's a new twist on rescue work ...). Also, there are "bad" spirits.

The belief that faeries are the dead seems to equate with the view (in the Australian film "Ten Canoes") tha,t between lives, spirits live in/near water holes (or some other sacred part of the landscape in other parts of Australia).

As I read more of Irish chapter, my old shamanistic habits came more to the fore, and I tended to regard the stories a little dubiously - except for the concept of leaving a bit out for the fair folk: like that principle. One point that particularly grated is the view that Water is a barrier - not so in the shaman/shamanka's world, where water is a means of passage!

There was a lot about helpers, including from dead rellies, which is a bit like Spiritualism ...

Also stuff about the unseelie is a bit like the struggle between "good" and "bad" in many trad's.

Well, I'll have to see what I think when I finish reading :)

Love, light, hugs and blessings

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Post No. 283 - A Pagan Version of the Six Yogas of Naropa

Something I'm (also) reading - actually, it's more "studying" - at the moment is what is called the "Six Yogas of Naropa", a set of Tibetan techniques. The Wikipedia article is here, but there is also a book on the Sacred-Texts website, here.

This post is not about those techniques per se, but, as I work through these, much as I did with Lobsang Rampa's description of Tibetan group rescues (see here), I am thinking about ways of developing pagan - or pagan-friendly - versions of these.

One of the first admonishments in the training materials for these "Six Yogas" is to be focused on (amongst other matters) compassion, on the suffering of other humans. Some techniques are given to build that (built around the technique of thinking of all sentient beings you met as having been, or potentially having been, your mother in a previous life - which is OK unless your mother was abusive), but what could be a more pagan friendly version of this?

Well, paganism is - in part - about working with Deity, so what I came up with is as follows.

First, consider that some deities, such as Cerridwen or Brigid, are known for the gifts that they gave to humanity, gifts, such as the various Cauldrons of Cerridwen of Bridget's gifts of weaving etc, which are of benefit to humanity. Why would one do so? Well, perhaps it was at least partly out of a sense of caring - compassion. And on compassion, Kwan Yin is the Goddess who I consider one of the leading proponents of that ...

So, the technique.

Basically, this aims to invoke the compassion and caring of Kwan Yin, Cerridwen (pronounced with a hard C - i.e. Kerrid-wen), and Brigid (I use the version of her name "Bride", pronounced for this Bri-day), bring it in to one's heart chajra, let it build there (and maybe transform from pagan version to more generic, or be transformed from higher level to levels that more people can understand or access?), and then let it overflow to the world.

So, standing or sitting as is comfortable:
- chant Kwan Yin, Cerridweb, Bride as your scoop your arms around in a big circle, which I find comfortable just slightly above horizontal, which helps me with the thought that I am gathering compassion to me, and bring your hands in to your heart chakra;
- pause briefly to allow the compassion and love to fill you, which should help with some self healing as well (the [true] Christians' Christ had the message "love your neighbour as yourself"), and then
- allow your hands to gesture out and slightly downwards as you chant "Aum" (not "Om"!), which is a carrier that allows this love and compassion to be taken out into the world.

I have found this so far useful for generating positive energy (e.g., before giving a channelled energy healing), dealing with compassion fatigue, and dealing with any tendency towards "hard love". Hopefully others will find it also useful, although the deities may need to be varied to suit others. Sure, it's highly eclectic, but I think that is what the world needs now. Others may need to adapt the deities used etc.

As I come up with other pagan adaptations of the "Six Yogas of Naropa", I may post them :)

Love, light, hugs and blessings

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Post No. 282 - Quest for magical devices

Now, I am totally aware that things like the quest for the Holy Grail is nore allegory than real, but there are magical devices created which can be of great power (even, in a small way, my talismanic tetrahderons). There is something I find a little disturbing about quests for devices of great magical power, and that is: it assumes we now are incapable of doing anything similar.

I dispute that.

I think we CAN create devices now of great power - apart from the tetrahedrons, many years ago I created a special totem pole which was tuned to my chakras. It used crystals, copper tube, wood, carvings, hair as part of the tuning, the spacings were connected to my chakras (in terms of physical layout), a carved double spiral of dolphins which was connected to some of the measurements Bruce Cathie wrote about, etc.

If I could do that at the start of my spiritual/psychic journey, how much more can be done by others who are more advanced - or better resourced? For instance, what about growing a totem pole out of crystal, by adapting industrial crystal growth processes (and it would need lots of adaptation!).

What about my ideas for layouts of crystals?

We are today capable of creating devices of great power: let's do so, and use them for GOOD.

Love, light, hugs and blessings

(pronounced "new-MYTH-ear")

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Post No. 281 - More on visualisation

A common error that many people seem to make when starting to work with visualisation - such as colour breathing - is:
  • creating a little picture of themselves, outside of themselves, and seeing the colours flowing in the little external image, RATHER THAN visualising the energy flowing within their real, actual, physical body.
This most often occurs when people are visualising sealing their aura - e.g., by visualising a white layer or "egg shell" around their aura. Rather than seeing it around their aura where they happen to be, those making this mistake tend to create a little image of themselves somewhere off in the psychic foreground, and then create a nice little protection around that image - which is useless.

If you are working with visualisation for your benefit, then it needs to be where you are, not an image of yourself!

Something else I have noticed with some people is making a show of trying to do something. In this case, the visualisation is correct, but they try to do it without allowing it to work. For instance, they may be angry and upset in such a way that pink (or green, or blue) colours may be soothing or calming, but when doing the visualisation they hold grimly onto and shield the anger energies from the pink (or green or blue) energy. Then, utterly exhausted, they snap out "well that didn't work!" and go on being angry ...

This is a little like something I was warned to expect when I first learned about channelled energy healing: sometimes, despite healing energy being able to travel from one place to another so that, say, a headache can be healed by putting energy in at the big toe (although it may do a lot of healing along the way, so you may have to put more in at the toe than if you were putting in healing at the head), the patient will think that, as you haven't touched where it is sore, you can't possibly have healed it, and they will hold on to their pain (much like anything reading this sentence out loud is going to try to hold on to their breath to finish it!) until you have touched the sore spot.

People can be ... strange, complex.

Love, light, hugs and blessings

(pronounced "new-MYTH-ear")

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Post No. 280 - An old set of notes for a post: daring to judge and daring to do

My apologies if I actually have posted this, but I used my weekend away to try and catch up with some drafts.

As I was driving in to work in spring last year (i.e,. September, since I live in the Southern Hemisphere), I heard article on the Afghani elections, which described how one candidate was standing up to Taliban.

Now, although I believe in respect, particularly respect for other cultures, I do dare to judge - and discrimination against women is wrong - NOT because they're women and therefore somehow special (that is simply a different version of the view that leads to attacks - many such fundies say "we are protecting our women"; the rubbish here is also typical of women who want to be above men). No, women are not any more special than men (in fact, the most aggressive person I have known in recent years was - she is no longer so aggro - a cisgendered female): ALL people are special. ALL people have rights - including the right to be all that they can, and ALL people and deserve respect.

Therefore, I consider the attacks on women wrong (and there are other attacks) in Afghanistan - and I acknowledge that there are flaws in Australia on the topic of discrimination (I mentioned to another engineer just a few days before I heard that radio programme, when planning on how to set up a mentoring scheme, that I still discuss discrimination and the consequences of standing up for yourself with young women), but two wrongs don't make a right.

Now, I have views along the lines that the invasion of Iraq was wrong, the conduct of invasions flawed, but I also think most pagans are too insular. I've read posts about why don't we do more to helps others, like Christians, and consider it true (there are some good articles on this topic on Witchvox).

This situation in Afghanistan is one such case where we could do more, using our unique talents.

I posted recently about the time it took for the Hope, Love, Peace and Prosperity spell [1] to work. That spell was based on (some of) the causes of conflict, and took several years to manifest some effect in the Middle East: what about something similar for those insecure thugs who are attacking women and girls in Afghanistan?

This needs to address the issue on the multiple levels of any such problem - including the superficial shallow levels that the thugs are aware of, as well as the deeper issues that underlay it.

So .. how 'bout it: anyone wanna 'aveago [2]?

Love, light, hugs and blessings

(pronounced "new-MYTH-ear")

1. Hope, Peace, Love and Prosperity Ritual (11th of each month)

May the winds of hope bloom
Sweeping away despair & sorrow
So that life again may grow
Building a better tomorrow
May hope clear the air and end
The darkling clouds of fear & pain
And bright beginnings send
That we may dare to dream again
May what was dark & overcast
Be now renewed & once more whole
Freed from all limitations past
Healed by hope within the soul
Awake now hope!
Spread wings & fly!
Cleanse & liberate my heart!
All things are possible and I
On wings of hope shall claim my part.

May the Fires of Peace burn bright
Giving light when the world is darkest
Putting hate & bigotry to flight
And laying prejudice to rest
May the light of peace melt away
the encrustation of violence and bitterness which holds sway
So often in the worlds events
May peace transmute & tame
Unruly aggression and arrogance
Subdue them in humanities name
To give the future a decent chance
Thus I say and Thus I pray
And Thus I will it to come to be
I pray and work for peace this day
For all the world, for you, for me!

May Love like water pour Forth
Filling my heart and soul
Flowing out over all the Earth
And making all things whole
Love as deep as the ocean
Clear as the mountain lakes
Crowning all other emotion
The Thirst of Humanity slakes
Love enters & heals the anchoring heart
And Washes away its pain
Thus clearing the way for a better start
To reach out & Love others again
Fill me oh love, like a cup to the top
Fill the world as well like a sea
That I may know love from the world without stop
And all the world know love from me

Prosperity high as the mountains fastness
Prosperity rich as the fertile ground
Prosperity deeps as the caverns vastness
Prosperity wide as the World round
Prosperity helps heal the hating heart
Prosperity helps heal fear
Prosperity fosters the peace-makers art
Prosperity I call you here!
Prosperity come make us feel secure
Prosperity helps us love peace
Prosperity help us the future ensure
Prosperity I pray you increase
Prosperity I call you to manifest now
Prosperity rumble & shake!
Prosperity now in my life I allow
Prosperity like an earthquake!

2. "want to have a go"

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Post No. 279 - theme of the coming world religion/leader

I've written previously about a possible coming world religion and world (spiritual) leader ( here, here and here). Well, I've been thinking about this more, as we (my primary, well, only, partner and I) luxuriate on a two day holiday by the sea, enjoying the cold, grey, rainy weather (seriously, I do enjoy this weather).

More specifically, I've been contemplating what would the core message of this coming leader and her/his/hir religion? Christ is generally considered to have brought through the message of Love, although that has been sadly warped and misinterpreted (in what I would describe as an immature way) by others, Buddha brought the message of wisdom, etc. What would the new message be?

Well, perhaps it could be maturity - in the sense of a mature expression of love, wisdom, etc.

There's nothing wrong with the original messages brought by previous World (Spiritual) Leaders: the problem is the followers. Perhaps one of the ways to get around the problems that those followers create is: express the lesson in a genuinely mature way. Such would fix some of the problems that go with oh ... say, the Golden Rule, as in what happens when someone does to another as they would wish to be treated, but maybe one is a sadist: it's a rubbish argument, and approaching the rule from a mature position - in my view - caters for this.

I've written about this previously as well - see here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Actually, as I've planned this post, the thought came to me that the Pope, head of a large, OLD (not mature - just old) neo-Christian (not Christian, in my view) sect, is, perhaps, in many ways the worlds ultimate spiritual (stereotypical [1] - this has nothing, necessarily, to do with ANY teenager: it relates to the stereotypical image of teenagers which is pushed in the media) teenager. Consider this:

Stereotypical teenager: I know it all
Pope: I know what's good for you

Stereotypical teenager: I invented sex
Pope: I , a celibate man, know what's best for your sex life

Stereotypical teenager: I am the only one allowed to have sex - parents are NOT allowed to do so
Pope: I am the only one allowed to communicate with God - women in particular are not allowed to

Stereotypical teenager: you're embarrassing me
Pope: you're doing evil

Stereotypical teenager: it's only for my age group - you're too old!
Pope: toe the line, or you will be excommunicated!

Stereotypical teenager: what's your complaint? You tell me to do as I would be done by, so OF COURSE I made you hash cookies!
Pope: I tell you no-one in their right mind would want that!

Ah well, I'll leave this post at that - have a nice maturity :)

Further thoughts:
In much the same way that, if you teach an immature person to negotiate, they will wind up being a manipulator, does teaching an immature person about spirituality result in someone who is religious? I know from my life that, as I matured, my tendency towards religion altered to what I consider a truer form of spirituality.

Love, light, hugs and blessings
(pronounced "new-MYTH-ear")


  1. I am VERY aware that there are exceptions to ALL stereotypes - after all, I've been lumbered with stereotypes as part of the discrimination I've encountered in this life, and have broken many - beginning with the stereotype of a teenager :)

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Post No. 277 - Purpose of life, and success and failure

Recently I heard someone say that the reason humans exist, in her opinion, was so that we could all work out how to get along with each other.

That's not bad - it certainly is better than the money-grubbing, selfish, materialistic aims too many people have, but it is not the whole story. In addition to working out how to get along with others (which would certainly be a help when we move into the astral after this life, and find all our emotions are a hundred or so times stronger without a body), there are ideas - things I will describe as noble concepts: freedom, equality, liberty, peace ... RESPONSIBILITY, HONOUR, MATURITY ... LOVE

These things, although they can be argued to be part of "working out how to get along with others", perhaps others who happen to living elsewhere and be directly impacted by one's environmental responsibility or irresponsibility, or one's caring for those who are hungry or going without despite one having a comfortable existence, are too important to not be mentioned - I certainly had the impression the person I am referring to was thinking only of direct, face-to-face interactions, not these other noble concepts ("other", because her concept is itself a noble concept).

Another topic I wanted to cover here is that of success or failure.

Now, I am aware of Kipling's poem "If", which says to treat both these the same - with some validity, I will concede, especially if one looks at this from a long term perspective. By that I mean the "wheel of life", where someone is a beggar one life, poor the next, successful one life, learning fortitude, patience and perseverance the next by being unsuccessful - which basically means that, by maintaining a good attitude despite setbacks, one at least has the "victory" of improving one's character, Pyrrhic though that victory may seem to be.

This is OK, but I KNOW just how much people can do if they go beyond their limits. I am thinking, in particular, on the special op's people, as written about by Bryce Courtney in "The Persimmon Tree", who performed things that many suburban people, people who have perhaps never tried to push themselves physically, think to be impossible. I know what my fitness levels can be if I exercise, but I consider the time I devote to my family and other matters more important at the moment - and I now have issues such as arthritis, diabetes and collapsing disks to consider.

I also know what I did when I was working up to 15 hours a day, 7 days a week on psychic work (rescue and clearing) - but, again, I have a life now. I also consider that things such as levitation, telekinesis, invisibility [1], creating physical light etc, etc, etc, are also probably possible - IF you put the time into it.

In some cases, these skills may require development over several lifetimes - for instance, perhaps Mozart had several lives developing his musical skill until he was born an absolute prodigy. I've felt a few times in this life that I could be better at music, but I've chosen - deliberately, consciously, to put my time and energy elsewhere.

Does that make the small amount of time I do play music (well, I'll call it that, at any rate :) ) a failure? No - it's all that I wish to do.

On the other hand, if I fail to use my psychic abilities for the betterment of others to the full extent that I am able to, is that a failure? Yes, I consider it is. (I also consider not getting my housework done today a failure ...)

Some people would judge my life, as it is now, with a loving relationship, friends, families, job, home, reasonable health, etc to be a success. Yes, those things are wonderful, and attaining them does constitute success, but there are other matters as well. In my case, I was born with a sense of purpose - psychic purpose, and I consider I should be doing as much rescue and clearing work as I can. If I don't, if I become smug or complacent and stop trying to do what I consider I should, then no matter what else I have achieved in this life, I would consider it a failure.

This is a little bit like not resting on your laurels. I've done stuff in the past - in this life, I mean :) - that I am proud of, but that is in the past. I refuse to sit back and say "I've done my bit, and, even though I can do more, I will declare that what I have done is enough and become an old person recalling past glories". I'd like to have some acknowledgement of past achievements from time to time, but I tend to consider we are only as good as what we are doing now, to some extent. If we're bludging off others when we could do more, using past achievements as an excuse not to get off our backsides, then, no matter how much we've done in the past, I consider that to be a failure. (Mind you, there is a valid need for rest and recuperation, which can go for quite some time - new arrivals in the astral may need years or even decades to get through the first stage of recovery from their recent past life.)

On the other hand, much of the get-up-and-go motivation of overachievers such as atsronauts is entirely unsuited to some people, who's life purpose is to do something which is- validly - big to them, but may not seem so to others ...

How does one make a judgement, a decision, about which things one should pursue, and which things one should let go, and which things can be combined with others (that is an aspect that is, in my experience, too often neglected - people tend to think they must be one thing or the other, but never even contemplate trying to have both in their life)?

Unfortunately, I think experience is the main way: making decisions, and experiencing the consequences of them. Make the decision is the spirit of maturity, and with full acknowledgement of one's responsibility for others (so, for instance, if you have dependents, don't walk out on them!!!), but nevertheless, this is something one probably has to learn for oneself by doing.

Love, light, hugs and blessings

(pronounced "new-MYTH-ear")

  1. As a child, I was once playing hide and seek with a cousin, and laid down in some grass that was only a bit longer than I. When my cousin tried to find me, he swore he couldn't see me, although when I had him lay there I could see him perfectly well, and he had seemed to look right at me. I recalled stopping myself from thinking, which is something Lobsang Rampa's says is the key to invisibility at will ... maybe it worked then? I haven't replicated it since, though, so maybe my cousin was ... being nice ... Anyway, I'd rather be able to manifest physical light :)

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Post No. 276 - Improvements - visualisation and healing

If you would like to improve your visualisation, don't mentally name or describe what you are doing. For instance, if someone is visualising a blue ray of light, when working on their own they tend to think the word "blue". If you make an effort to not do that - which is very disconcerting! - you will find that more of your energies go into the visualised colour, rather than some effort going into processing the word "blue". This is one of the potential benefits of having someone outside guide you through such visualisations, but many people tend to still do this mental self talk (or even worse, sub-vocalise).

Now, healing. I've recently had the opportunity to start doing healing again in a spiritualist temple, which is something I used to do back in the 80s. I've only given healing to one person so far, but she was very grateful, could move much freely, and looked generally much brighter. I was pleased to see a few things at that temple - young people attending and obviously (judging from some of the interactions) studying there, quite a few people giving healing, some good rules (e.g., washing hands between "patients" to avoid transferring energy - not necessarily "negative": it could simply energy that one patient is compatible with and the next is not - from one patient to another), and healers who were prepared to receive healing. I stopped too early, owing to lack of familiarity with the set up, but hope to be able to do a lot more healing there.

I have done some thinking about ways of teaching improvements to healing since then. Let's begin by considering the mechanism in healing. If you've clicked on the link I gave above (and maybe even if you haven't, you smarty-pants you :) ), you will know that the healer is actually just a conduit for positive energy from a Higher Source - whether you call that your Patron Deity, your Guide, the Goddess, or something else. Look at the diagram below.

The healer is basically a conduit, or a transformer - a bit like a radio set. The radio receives radio waves and converts them to audible energy (i.e., sound), somewhat as the healer collects and directs healing energy into the patient. Now, what if the radio set is buried in all sorts of rubbish - scraps of foil, and ... maybe two feet of old clothing and six feet of earth. It isn't going to work very well, is it?

However, if you clear the path for the radio waves to reach the antenna, it has a chance of starting to work. So the first suggestion for improving healing is improving a pathway for your Guides/Patron Deity/the Goddess to reach whatever point on your body is being used as an entry point for the healing energy. Now, in choosing a place or area to do this, be mindful of where you sense or visualise the Goddess/your Patron Deity/your Guides standing. If you feel/visualise them standing behind you, there is no point in concentrating on clearing a path upwards from your crown chakra, shoulders, hands or whatever other point you have the healing energy enter you. There is quite a particular problem that many people have with visualising flaming or other auric cleansing techniques behind them, and yet that is the commonest place I have sensed the Goddess/your Patron Deity/your Guides (I'm just going to type "Helper") standing - for other healers, not just myself. I therefore consider it important for healers to be able to strongly project energy behind them, to make sure they can give the whole process the best possible chance of success.

This technique can then be used to clear any pathways within yourself that healing will be channelled along - for instance, along your armss, or from your cromn chakra to your hands.

Next, our various levels of being (etheric, astral, etc) all impact on each other. To some extent, this is the principle behind healing - put in energy at a higher frequency such as one of the astral levels, and the benefits created will then trickle down to the physical. (This also applies in reverse: if you are tired, stressed or ill, your etheric, astral, mental etc bodies will be harmed - which is one part of the mechanism by which things like excessive stress can cause problems such as mental ill health.) So ... I use techniques like shiatsu on my lower arms to open up the (etheric) and kinesiology to get the channels as clear as possible.

This is also the benefit using techniques like regular colour breathing. For benefit with healing, direct the visualised colours along the path you intend healing energy from your Helper(s) to pass. This has been useful for me, though, as I've realised I need to get my diagrams and notes on healing posted ...

Happy healing :)

I'll leave this post at that for now.

Love, light, hugs and blessings

(pronounced "new-MYTH-ear")

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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Post No. 275 - Mary Ann Winkowski

I have just finished reading Mary Ann Winkowski's book "When Ghosts Speak" (pub. Hachette Australia, 2007, ISBN 978 0 7336 22700). This woman has objective clairvoyance - which means that the clairvoyance is such that the images appear outside her head, not sensed, or perceived "inside" the head, as is the case with many clairvoyants (which is termed "subjective clairvoyance").

Mary Ann's grandmother encouraged this gift, and helped Mary Ann develop it for the purpose of rescue. It is interesting that Mary Ann is quite clear that she cannot communicate with spirits who have passed over, although others she knows can. Her life experience inspired the TV Series "Ghost Whisperer".

The book has some excellent, down-to-earth advice on how to keep oneself safe - e.g., the dangers of ouija boards, the importance of testing guidance from alleged spirits (something ASPECTS was very good at teaching me) [1], the accumulation of earthbound spirits in certain places (such as pubs) and around certain types of professions (such as police and lawyers). There are some interesting stories about animals and the ghosts of famous and other people she has met, as well as commentary about the health, energy and other problems inevitably caused by earthbound people - some of whom leave their family when they realise they are having adverse effects on them, according to Mary Ann, and find other sources of energy.

She refers to "dark witchcraft", by which I suspect she is trying to differentiate between "good" witchcraft and other - she is certainly open to the existence of witchcraft because of her Italian heritage, but I suspect her understanding of what is covered by that is possibly flawed or limited. She may not understand that pentagrams are a sign of good, not evil. (This reminds me of the so-called "Sign of the Horns", alleged in the world of neo-Christianity to mean "the devil" or "I worship the devil", heavy metal music as a sign of being "in", in Wicca to symbolise the Horned God [also known by a range of other names, such as Cernunnos], and known as Kurana Mudra in Buddhism, where it is used to expel demons ... take your pick? - just know that it predates heavy metal by a LOOOONG way!)

Apart from that, this is a good book. Her website, for which I have two URLs (here and here) leading to the same place, may also be worth checking out.

Love, light, hugs and blessings

(pronounced "new-MYTH-ear")

  1. See here, here here, here, here and here.

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