Saturday, 30 September 2017

Post No. 1,076 – Gnwmythr’s News Ed. No. 182

Information and Summary/Analysis:
Note: I am NOT a journalist, and make NO claims to objectivity or freedom from bias. Furthermore, I do not hold copyright to any of the articles I link to, nor do I claim authorship, except for those links to material I have written for this and my related blogs, and my commentary in these posts. (I try to make sure quotes are shown using quotation marks.)
The purpose of posting these news links is not only to inform; it is also to
   stimulate a connection to:
    - nonBPM units that need to be cleared, and
    - BPM units that need to be strengthened,
   so that you can do the clearing / strengthening that is required.
That only works if you don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by this, so take it in small chunks if you need to, but remember to actively clear and heal! … including yourself.
As part of that, note that there are key uncooperatives to be cleared (rescued): you should ONLY address those that are within your ability – if you get a sense (e.g., through meditation) or are told by your BPM Guides/Higher Self to back off, do so, and content yourself with clearing the smaller nonBPM units within your capability – which will weaken those uncooperatives. More importantly, there are many people doing this sort of work, and others are quite likely to be able to clear the uncooperatives concerned.
That is also one of the many reasons it is OK to take a break or cut back this work if you need – in fact, doing so will help you deal with the next point, which is …
… the energies we use and manifest in our daily lives contribute to the larger soup of energies that influence world events, so it pays to address those as well, to the extent that one can, or to at least stop oneself projecting them into the psychic soup.
The reminders / explanations about Sunday’s meditation-clearing are here;   see also here,   here,   here,   (here and also here and here are interesting),   here, here,   here,   and   this post reminds us to be patient and persistent, like a “speeding oak”.
There are some notes at the end of this post about other options for those who do not like this way of working.
Finally, one of the biggest concerns I have about spirituality in the world now is that the concept of agape type love has been perverted into both a quest for emotional warm fuzzies, and an excuse to avoid doing the hard work of improving oneself and all that one does. On that, it may help to consider the simplification that one cannot love perfectly until one has learned how to perfect. (And one of the concerns I have about those resisting change is that they are so shallow / superficial /stupid that they thing their actions have ONLY the meaning of their [limited] conscious intention … )
The themes that come to mind for my work this week, after I review all this news, are:
(a)   based on my interpretation of information here and here with Saturn in Sagittarius contributing to finding an authentic balance (until 20th December, 2017), Uranus in Aries contributing to fresh and possibly radical starts (until some date in the Year 2018), and Pluto in Capricorn contributing to a transformation of power and business (and careers) (until some date in the Year 2024), conditions are ripe for a change for the better in world politics;
(b)   there is an enormous need to clear nonBPM energy – the thought forms, unattached energy and scars of the collective unconscious created by millennia of violence, including spirit rescue, and healing the warped views, seemingly “inherent” biases, and other damage created. Also, remember that:
           1. the counter to fear is
genuine  EQ and clear thinking, expressed through calm, de-escalating speech,
           2. where problems exist, advocating for
BPM responses, and being as BPM as one can be, are constructive solutions,
           3. peace is powerful, but it is a process requiring patient, persistent and nuanced nurturing, and a blend of conventional spiritual work,
clearing nonBPM units, and physical world activism;
(c)   viewing the overall emotional state of the world from an elemental point of view, this week we need:
           emotionally (astrally) and mentally, the courage of more
BPM Fire;
           a plot of the elemental influences on a causal/spiritual level follows, and shows a need for the reflection of more inward-focused
BPM Air;
(d)   the rune for this week’s work is Kenaz:
(e)   dealing with the 45th President of the USA (aka the USA’s CEO) requires:
           1. eroding
(i.e., slow, patient and persistent clearing of the little bits one can SAFELY cope with – remember, you are but one of many) the nonBPM influences feeding his arrogance and mind-set, and strengthening the USA’s CEO’s BPM Guides and giving them whatever BPM help they need to present a BPM alternative – for which my “changing the personality of oppressors” post is useful – with a view to promoting what would seem to be a change of heart,
           2. lifting the nonBPM influences from the shoulders of the USA’s CEO’s marginal supporters, allowing them to “come to their senses”,
which may result in them feeling bewilderment/shame, and simultaneously strengthening the BPM influences around them (e.g., their BPM Guides) to counter them backsliding,
           3. to address the others, physical world activism
(especially education) is required – e.g.,
this. As well as doing what one can there, help those who are doing this work (e.g., sending them “positive vibes”) and look for nonBPM blockages that can be cleared (e.g., setting up a BPM vortex above meetings to draw away external nonBPM influences/energies/units, so that the audience can listen as they are, without any obsession/possession);
(f)   the major events this week are:   as attraction to violence continues to be inadequately addressed, there are risks of mass atrocities in Yemen, Burma and Iraq;   the Rohingya crisis and the failure of so many nations;   refugee crises, particularly in Africa, and the failure to deal with the causes in Eritrea, Ethiopia, the DRC, the CAR, etc;   the beginning of a shift in focus in West Asia from violent extremists to Kurds’ quest for self-determination;   growing but still inadequate attention to Yemen;    brinkmanship associated with the Korean Peninsula;   failure to consider the consequences of technology/science;   devastation from natural disasters;   small gains by the politics of fear, albeit with counter gains by courage;
(g)   the need for more inward reflection, especially around emotional reactions;
(h)   greed for an abuse/misuse/failure to BPM use power;
(i)   macho posturing;
(j)   fear, ignorance and hate leading to discrimination;
(k)   the struggle for good governance and democracy;
(l)   insufficient acknowledgement of steps towards better situations;
(m)   the ongoing need for accountability;
I also take this opportunity to emphasise that it is absolutely VITAL that this psychic / metaphysical / spiritual work be performed non-violently and as is for the Highest Spiritual Good – which is part of being BPM – on all levels and in all ways. Always remember (see here): Do you fight to change things, or to punish? See also here, here, here, here, here, and my comments about “authentic presence” in this post.
News and other matters from this past week follows:
   news items are presented in the following sections (there is overlap, and items may appear more than once):
    - Permanent and Thematically Arranged News,
    - Location Based News,
    - From a Range of Other Sites;
   opportunities/good news are shown in green;
   comments are shown in purple; and
   WARNING: some of these links may contain triggers around issues such as violence, sexual assault, discrimination, etc.
Permanent Issues and Thematically Arranged News:
  • Permanent issue: may all actual and potential BPM Leaders be kept BPM safe, including keeping them undetectable to the nonBPM and keeping all their Significant Others inviolable against being used for indirect  psychic attack, and may they have all the BPM resources (including an assured income, given the power that nonBPM forces have in the structures of the material world), opportunities and assistance (including so-called “good luck”) for them to be BPM effective at influencing the world’s direction, development and unfoldment, all as is for the Highest Spiritual Good;
  • Permanent issue: may all humans recognise, irrespective of the appearance of difference, the essential shared humanness of other people, the inherent resilience, the dynamic power, the strength of BPM collaboration, and the opportunities of having a diverse, inclusive and welcoming population, and may all people choose fairness, when such decisions are before them;
  • Permanent issue: may all actual and potential BPM Violence Interrupters (and Interrupters of hate / fear / anger) of be kept BPM safe, and may they have all the BPM opportunities and assistance (so-called “good luck”) for them to be BPM effective at containing and stopping – along the lines of the Cure Violence model - the spread of violence (and hate / fear / anger), all as is for the Highest Spiritual Good;
  • Permanent issue: may all humans choose to live modestly – to forgo outdoing others, or trying to have more than they need - for the sake of an easier, more manageable life, if they cannot do it for the sake of the planet;
  • Permanent issue: may all humans be in better communication with the better parts of their nature – especially those who need that more than other, better people;
  • Matters warranting particular attention:
       -   a notorious Serbian-Australian has been jailed for war crimes committed in the 1990s, which supports the rule of law and accountability, and sends a powerful message to all other would-be abusers – see also here;
       -   a warning on “brain fingerprinting”;
       -   the DPRK has said an attack on the US mainland is “inevitable”, and, with the specious qualification that the USA has allegedly declared war (the two nations have never declared peace … ), claims the right to shoot down US planes outside its air space (and appears to have taken preparations to do so);   an analysis of North Korean rhetoric suggests that Voldemort II may have pushed them into a corner where conflict is the only way out … ;   the 45th US President has blamed his predecessors for the North Korean crisis;   details of the effects of what North Korea did to a US student who died after being returned;   social media has had to justify keeping the 45th US President’s threat to the DPRK online;   China has closed at least some North Korean businesses;   unbelievably, South Korea is recreating an assassination unit … that it had previously murdered the members of … ;   The Elders” have urged “a calm, sober and respectful” response to nuclear tensions “to avoid further escalation and potentially devastating military conflict”;
       -   an explainer on how Burma’s military controls the alleged democracy;   more UN aid – and a call for action - for the nearly half million Rohingya refugees as fears of disease increase and resources are overwhelmed;   allegations of Hindu deaths at Muslim hands in Rakhine have been challenged;   the abuse of the Rohingya in Burma could attract violent extremists;   Bangladesh is adding itself to the nations that abuse Rohingya by refusing to accept the truth that they are refugees;   Bangladeshi resentment against Rohingya refugees is growing;   more than a dozen Rohingya refugees have drowned;   disputed allegations that the UN impeded human rights activism in Burma – the UN has described the crisis as a human rights nightmare;   the USA has called for an arms embargo on Burma (hope my nations acts on that … );
       -   with profound apologies for using a social media link, an interesting article calling for a more nuanced approach to optimism;   another rebuttal of the idiotic idea that introverts can’t be leaders, with some examination as to why introverts are reluctant leaders;
       -   a call for cities to take a more leading role on key issues;
       -   this week’s atrocity alert at R2P lists Yemen, Burma and Iraq;
  • With regard to democracy (which can be measured, and requires  protection of minorities and the vulnerable – and remember Gandhi’s question about whether one is fighting to change things, or to punish, and note this list of 198 methods of nonviolent action), freedom and governance (e.g., here, here, here and here, and see also here):
    Note: I have a section specifically for the 45th US President below
       -   analyses this week include:   the (claimed) benefits of “Smart Diplomacy” (soft and hard diplomacy, plus modern technology), including feminism and stakeholder diplomacy;   referendums do not necessarily lead to change – even if a majority want that;   a call for more nuanced and understanding disagreements;   lessons from attempts to achieve justice in Kosovo;   reflections on challenges to democracy;   a rebuttal of the business-twisted definition of sovereign risk that suggests Australia’s gas deal could create such risk;   an opinion piece on the “red herrings” of populism that are shown by the German election result;
       -   for other analyses see: European security, Russian nuclear security, no coups for 2 years in Africa, activists;
       -   of concern this week:   failure of professional responsibility for months allowed a teenager to assault vulnerable residents at a group home;   more neochristian bias, bigotry and hate in US governance;   a far right wing Australian political party has been manipulated into doing private media corporations anti-competitive work;   influence attacks through social media;   increased security request to one tech company in the USA;
       -   other concerning events have occurred or are developing in: Iraq, China;
       -   in the grey/mixed [good and bad aspects] or neutral area this week:   after the UK’s Brexit decision, one famous person has taken up dual citizenship to deal with the problems;   New Zealand’s conservatives are best placed to form government;   a corrupt public servant in my home state has been jailed;  Cuba has "warned" the USA not to be hasty over closing its embassy;   a social media service has shut down a relatively small number of accounts linked to political trolling – see also here;
       -   other events in the grey or neutral area have occurred or are developing in: Kenya, PNG;
       -   good news this week includes:   as it takes a significant step on the democratic maturing process, Timor-Leste is a shining example of what the UN “can achieve in establishing peace and stability”;   the President of the UN General Assembly has called for action on the priorities raised (including prevention of conflicts before they break out, support for UN peacekeeping, sustainable development, and respect for human rights and gender equality);   US Senator Bernie Sanders has said he entered politics “partially to make sure humanity never descends into Nazism again”;
       -   and democracy/governance/political matters in my home nation this week:   Australia's neoliberal government has struck a deal to keep gas supplies for domestic levels at a level to manage consumer prices;   claims a local council mayor misled a corruption body;   a call for reform of small business insolvency laws;   abuse of the ABN system as a backdoor deregulation of the labour market which undercuts the taxation system;   an opinion that young Australians are engaged in political issues, but are unsure how democracy works (are older people better? I know a lot of who aren't);  divisions within the neoliberal party over a song about Equality (NOT Equal Marriage) at a sports events;
  • With regard to the 45th US President (who I consider seriously dangerous, even if his administration looks like a Schoolyard Squabble Squad – see here on practical, physical actions for US residents [and the principles are useful elsewhere]) this week:
    I deliberately avoid using the 45th US President’s name for valid psychic reasons: however, to both simplify my typing and remind people that he is dangerous (actually, I consider him evil), I will use either “the USA’s CEO” or “Voldemort II” (or a combination – and the “II” is because the Harry Potter series had Voldemort I) or a variation thereof – in this section, at least - as an alias.
       -   after sustained and intense criticism of Candidate Clinton for using a private email server, it now turns out that the son-in-law of the USA's CEO has done the same ... ;   the USA’s CEO “has a penchant for believing that every deal he didn’t make, and that Obama did, is by definition bad”;
       -   US government assaults on free speech;
       -   behind the bombast, the USA’s CEO appears to have been persuaded the UN is worthwhile;
       -   criticism of the USA’s CEO for refusing to lift sanctions against Cuba;   a revised travel ban by the USA's CEO includes North Korea (which I thought was already banned, but this is apparently without previous time limits on the ban)- and the leadership of Venezuela, but not Sudan (US focused analyses here and here);
       -   opposition to repeal of “Obamacare” is growing … and has succeeded;   support for the 45th US President appears to be eroding;   a call for any US tax reform to be fair;
       -   conservatives US politicians want tougher restrictions on the “Dreamers” – but see also here;   a rejected report shows the USA “made $63 billion more in revenue from refugees over the past decade than the refugees cost the government”;
       -   Voldemort II is disputing the free speech rights of sports stars – which is actually about race (see also here, and this support for the sports players from a World War Part 2 veteran);
       -   disability rights are being eroded in the USA;
       -   the USA’s CEO Chaos’N’Churn is in trouble for deleting inconvenient tweets …
       -   the energy industry has rejected an offer by the USA’s CEO to roll back marine sanctuaries;
  • With regard to violent extremism (VE) (aka, terrorism - e.g., Da’esh) (ALL people advocating hate or discrimination in response to violent extremism are actively doing the work of violent extremists. This will be countered, in part, by the sort of approach advocated by “Cure Violence”, and, in part, by addressing real and perceived disempowerment and acknowledging the variety in what provides genuine, BPM fulfilment as a counter to fanaticism as a source of meaning. I am deliberately avoiding the use of specific names of violent extremist groups as much as possible to reduce the publicity they get – I’m not a primary news source, and thus consider I can do so):
       -   violent extremist attacks/acts have occurred this week in Israel, Afghanistan, Afghanistan (2nd), Somalia, Nigeria, and, according to this Wikipedia page, there have been 2 attacks in Iraq, 8 attacks in Afghanistan, and 2 attacks in Syria (out of a total of 21);   violent extremist threats are or may be developing in Burma, Libya;   prevention has or may have occurred in UK, Israel;   and actions (Note: there are many others that don’t reach the media I read) have occurred this week against violent extremists in Libya, Libya (2nd), Libya (3rd);   concerns over a violent extremists’ video;
       -   a reminder that torture is wrong and counter-productive;   a man who bombed the Australian neochristian Lobby, possibly out of mental illness, although sexuality was also mentioned, has committed suicide;   as expected/warned, one Australian state’s deradicalisation phone line has had very few calls initially: concerningly, one was a parent “worried their kid was dating a Muslim”;
       -   the crime actions of returning violent extremists may reveal them;   a backgrounder to possible changes to US policies about killing suspected extremists;   seeking money for a “bride price” can lead to violent extremism;
       -   other violent extremist matters have also occurred in: Iraq (good news);
  • With regard to refugees (noting the New York Declaration) and people seeking asylum:
       -   22 refugees have left Australia’s gulag for the USA;   “right to refuge” campaign resources;   my nation’s neoliberal government is continuing to dehumanise refugees;   the criminalisation of refugees;   PNG has stopped refugees travelling to court to give evidence in a compensation case;   the UN has highlighted the importance of regional solutions to current massive movements of people;   the USA will reduce its refugee intake from 54,000 (110,000 under President Obama) to 45,000;
       -   other refugee-related matters have also occurred in: USA, the Mediterranean Sea, Libya, Cameroon;
  • With regard to human (and other) rights and discrimination (incidentally, I consider it vital to identify people who are bigots as they clearly have flaws in their powers of observation and thinking – shown by the fact that NOT all people act hatefully without education/lobbying/the restraint of laws):
       -   on Australia’s postal survey around Equal Marriage, and the homophobia/transphobia (including heteronormativity, cisgender-normativity and the suppression of the religious freedom of those religions that support Equal Marriage by neochristian supremacists) resulting from that, this week  and I am going to note that Australia’s current pus for equal “debate” IGNORES the FACT that there have been DECADES and CENTURIES of distortions, lies, attacks and hate speech against LGBTIQ people– if the current “debate” gives equal air time, then it is UNFAIRLY biased against the “no” case. Furthermore, after the fearmongering and conflation of this and transphobia, this is no longer just about marriage, it is about whether bigotry is simply being given a new, less overtly violent face (this “conversation guide”, is, however, quite good):   a slightly flawed (some religions are actively supportive) examination of "reasons" (social indicators, actually, not what I would consider truly reasons) attitudes to Equal Marriage;   "there is a strong and statistically significant association between higher cognitive ability and a greater likelihood to support equal rights between same- and different-sex couples. This may shed some light on why those who stand against equal rights may not be persuaded by evidence-based arguments in the ongoing same-sex marriage debate";   an article proving that religious opponents of Equal Marriage don’t know what they’re talking about (maybe, like Queen Victoria, they think women can’t have sex?);   privacy questions (including from me, as a “Yes” supporter) after text messages were sent to thousands of people;   AME has an excellent “conversation” guide –much better than the notion of a (an adversarial) debate;   after Australia Post forced a rural Post Office to stop flying the rainbow flag, the town did;   “hope vs. fear”;   the daughter of a notorious neoliberal MP (and former Prime Minister) is in favour of Equal Marriage;   some utterly ridiculous reactions to the "Yes" SMS;   predictions of the benefits for all children if Equal Marriage is legalised;   from the real world: same sex couples have problems of invisibility;   Oxfam supports Equal Marriage;   economics supports Equal Marriage;  the role of right wing extremist trolls in the “no” campaign;   “no” campaigners have resorted to violence against the staff of supportive business;   the court’s explanation (which I consider valid) of why the challenge to the postal survey was rejected;
       -   on homophobia/transphobia (including heteronormativity and cisgender-normativity) this week (and noting that trans kids are the same as cis kids of the trans kids’ true gender):   a US state is being sued for allowing an adoption agency to discriminate;   regional Australian doctors are not giving trans people necessary medical care;   Tunisia and Kenya are creeping towards banning the thoroughly discredited practice of anal examinations which are currently part of their homophobia;
       -   other homophobic/transphobic (and heteronormativity / cisgender-normativity) matters have also occurred in homophobic Hong Kong, Egypt;
       -   on white supremacist and other forms of racism and indigenous matters generally this week:   an indigenous school has broken records by winning science awards;   a Native American news outlet is closing;   an Australian white supremacist (neo-Nazi) group has vandalised signs at the University of Tasmania;   music for remote indigenous communities;   as my home state moves closer to a treaty, calls in another Australian state for the same;   the definition of a crime often amounts to an acceptance that a wrong exists, and must be dealt with: thus, the UN definition of genocide is based on the admitted horrors (evil, in a word) of the preceding Holocaust. The touchiness of calling a past genocide “genocide” because no-one could have been tried AT THAT TIME is specious: the term can still be applied as a valid description of an act, if it applies - the term sexism is a modern word, but it fits a lot of historical behaviour, for instance (in the example being considered, there are shades of grey, perhaps, but the events, in my opinion, overall fit the understanding of genocide. Also, how can anyone read that awful handwriting?);   a dental public health revolution for indigenous communities;   my home state is supporting Traditional Owners on land agreements, and an article on recognition of indigenous carers for the main river in my home city;   Australia’s new ice breaker will be named after an indigenous word for the Aurora Australis;   the problems caused by “work for the dole” schemes;
       -   other white supremacy / racism problems have also occurred in: Saudi Arabia (women drivers);
       -   on male supremacist and other forms of sexism this week (keeping in mind the overblown influence given to testosterone):   some men’s sheds are – partly - opening to women;   a TV network who sacked a cadet after she made a harassment claim appears to have breached several obligations and suffered a – deserved -  backlash (note the comments there about “a particularly Australian phenomenon … , I think, the boys' club”), but see also here;   a business group has reluctantly conceded active measures may be need to balance genders on boards;   the wine industry is the latest Aussie business area to recognise that it is losing talent and skills because of its macho culture;   the US military finally has a female Marine officer – with at least one other officer aware of the benefits;   an unconfirmed study suggests that heterosexual parents with teenage daughters are SLIGHTLY more likely to divorce - unless the father had a sister … ;   a call for a more nuanced approach to “revenge porn”;   sexually transmitted ethics(blame);   my home state’s parliament has become the first in the world to achieve White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation;   25 million unsafe abortions occur every year;   some US states have effectively banned pain relief for pregnant teenagers – although one state is trying to help the poor on this issue;
       -   other sexism matters have also occurred in: diplomacy, Victoria’s police, India (police), India (2nd) (court), Pakistan (patriarchal murders), Australian Federal Police;
       -   on workers’, children’s, privacy, and other forms of human (and other – e.g., animal) rights this week:   the EU is seeking more social protection and rights for “gig economy” and other casual workers;   the human rights obligations of banks;   a US corporation will increase its minimum hourly wage;  my home city - and state police – are adopting a tougher approach against homeless people, and claim to be trying to sort the genuinely homeless from others … ;
       -   other workers’, children’s, privacy, and other forms of human or other rights matters have also occurred in: Australia, Crimea, USA, Kosovo, USA/Singapore;
    US Justice Harlan’s comment "This 'liberty' is not a series of isolated points ... It is a rational continuum which, broadly speaking, includes a freedom from all substantial arbitrary impositions and purposeless restraints" speaks to a universal principle: specific “–isms” of discrimination are not the problem, the underlying bigotry, and whatever fear, ignorance or hate it is founded on, is the problem.
  • With regard to crime, judicial matters and policing:
       -   a DNA database for mission people cases;   my home state's police must do more to address sexual harassment and discrimination;   whilst I am aware of the dangers of possession, this case doesn't have any of the indicators I would expect;   some police have had to apologise for a “joke” which impugned a sports referee;   lack of a secure facility has resulted in a female autistic murderer being confined to her home;   support for the families of offenders;   a review of the purposes of punishment (if deterrence is mainly through fear of being caught, then perhaps concessions could be made for aid given to police on ways to prevent crime?);   police cautions are better than charges at preventing reoffending;   Australia’s federal Police are having a women-only recruitment drive;   an extortionist has hit German supermarkets;   some crime rates in my home state are up, but the overall crime rate has fallen for the first time in six years;
      -    other crime, judicial and policing matters have occurred in: India, India (2nd), China, Kosovo, Nigeria, Interpol/Palestine;
  • With regard to press aka the media, and freedom of expression (keeping in mind that claims of presenting “both sides” of a debate can be WRONG if the other side is RUBBISH –as is the case on LGBTIQ issues: having an “equal say”, or a “right to respond” MUST be assessed in the context of what is happening overall in society – NOT solely in one limited incident. Also, funding is an issue … ):
       -   media / freedom of expression matters have occurred in: the USA, Somalia, China, USA/Singapore, USA (2nd), Australia;
  • With regard to overcrowding and “modern” lifestyle issues (is YOUR smart phone free of conflict  minerals, environmental harm and child labour? [IT manufacturers are making some effort in on those – in response to activist pressure.] Do you suffer from FOMO or addiction? Are you having second thoughts about technology? Is your social media making you miserable or envious? Are you being duped by modern mantras? Are you “failing” at being well? Does your AI use ethics? Does your corporation misuse mindfulness as a distraction from working conditions? Are you afflicted by management  fads? Do you understand embedded emissions? Do you want a bigger, flashier home/car than people had 50 years ago – which means you are actively abusing the environment and society’s cohesion and contributing to the problem of financialisation? Are you accursed with the “new is always good” groupthink of the computer world? Do you abuse workers by insisting on busy-ness? Are you raising a Prince Boofhead? Keeping in mind that, although I am a Pagan now, but have been a Buddhist, maybe the lesson of Buddhism that one must first recognise that one causes much of one’s own suffering is applicable … ):
       -   on climate change and other environmental matters this week:   government funded fencing to control wild dogs is alleged to have led to “cruel” killings of kangaroos;  devastated Dominica has pointed out the stupidity of climate change denial;   another (or possibly a republished/updated) rebuttal of claims that renewable energy is pushing power prices up – which will continue, given continuing neoliberal government inaction;   my nation and Turkey are the only nations breaking emissions records … ;   the 2011 Japan Tsunami spread hundreds of species across the Pacific;   California is continuing to lead the way for the rest of the USA on air quality;   a UN report on how to achieve a pollution-free planet(including 50 specific actions);   the UN and World Bank will accelerate funding for climate action;   we generate over 40 million tonnes of e-waste every year … ;
       -   other environmental matters have occurred in: Brazil (reversal of bad news), schools in my home state;
       -   on technology and science matters this week:   the hidden but intrinsic problems of software;   too much social media could hamper children's ability to read facial emotions;   keep work and personal emails separate;   daydreaming and other benefits of boredom that are under threat from so-called “smart” phones;   security bans on unpiloted aircraft over public monuments in the USA;
       -   on economic and financial matters this week:   the human rights obligations of banks;   my nation's main banks are trying to dodge a Royal Commission (and those in the USA may be able to force people to waive the right to sue just to open an account);
       -   on affordable housing and homelessness matters this week:   a call to restore Australia’s expert housing advisory council;   measles cases in my home state include people who have been to major public events;
       -   on health and medical this week:   chicken therapy for autism;   prescription medications are behind Australia's highest number of drug-induced deaths since the 1990s;
       -   on other matters in the category this week:   the physical and other problems of being over-busy;   an organic farm has opened its land to other ventures;
  • With regard to education:
       -   better funded school libraries improve literacy;   a questioning of the assumption that country kids have to go to city universities;   a rebuttal of the USA’s overblown “escape through education” narrative;   some parents are paying tens of thousands in tutoring fees … ;   some schools in my home state are leading their communities on adapting to climate change;   confusion over new sexual assault rules in US universities;
       -   other education matters have occurred in: Australia (good news);
  • With regard to war, violence and hate generally:
       Australia’s commitment to peacekeeping;   Code Grey” for hospitals;   US-centric recommendations for containing a potential proliferation of hypersonic missiles;
  • With regard to natural and other catastrophes:
       more deaths and damage from an aftershock in Mexico –where social class is affecting the flow of aid;   following Cyclone/Hurricane damage, aid is sitting in a port and a dam in the US Imperial Territory of Puerto Rica is at risk of failing – but a better response in Cuba … aid is still only trickling to the USA's imperial territory Puerto Rico;;   preparations for a volcanic eruption in Indonesia;   thousands of bicycles abandoned - contrary to the event's principles - at the Burning Man festival might be donated to Cyclone (Hurricane) Harvey victims;   a volcano has erupted on Vanuatu;   the problems facing people with disabilities (in industrialised nations) during disasters;   “26 million people … fall into poverty each year due to natural disasters;
  • With regard to peace and/or spirituality generally (including survival after death, and good religion), development (in an “end poverty/thirst/hunger” sense) and the occasional nice story (are you crippled by the fear of being single or asexual or off-grid or in any other way a rebel / innovator / non-conformist / true to yourself, or believe in management  fads and fashions? Do you distract yourself and fill your time to avoid finding real meaning? If so, you have a spiritual problem, and a need to constructively remedy that):
       the benefits of nonphysical travel;   some of the benefits of reading;   a technology bank for poor nations;   a breakthrough pricing agreement for the first affordable, generic, single-pill HIV treatment regimen in poorer nations;   a new insect sterilisation lab has opened;   low and middle income nations are failing school kids;   training peacebuilders;   “inadequate supply of water and sanitation is costing [West Asia and northern Africa] around US$21 billion per year;   a video on the evolution of a global peace system.
Location based News:
  • With regard to the conflict in Afghanistan (noting that Afghanistan was once a peaceful and modern society, even allowing women in miniskirts, before the Russian invasion – see here):
       reports of a renewed interest in political engagement for peace;   clerics who preach peace are being assassinated;   the USA wants India to help stabilise Afghanistan;   violent extremists are shutting down health clinics;   steps towards mining rare minerals;
  • With regard to Africa, the Africa Center for Strategic Studies (and other sources) has:
       -   there have been fewer coups in the last decade in Africa – and none in the last two years;   African nations have played a leading role in the Minamata Convention on Mercury;   philanthropists are working together to boost Africa’s health care sector;
       -   Angola has claimed a strong commitment to multilateralism;
       -   criticism of a bid by African nations to stop investigations into crimes against humanity in Burundi;
       -   Cameroon has forcibly returned 100,000 refugees to Nigeria;
       -   civilians are paying the price for war in the Central African Republic – see also here;
       -   more peacekeepers have been deployed in the “Democratic” Republic of Congo, to address a specific risk;   cobalt miners may be leaving the DRC for more peaceful regimes;
       -   the hardship facing women in Ghana;
       -   last month’s electoral fiasco in Kenya will be investigated (what about the observers?);
       -   another attack on peacekeepers in Mali;
       -   Nigeria has ended all police roadblocks (which were often seen as an excuse to collect bribes);   cholera continues in north-eastern Nigeria;
       -   the UN has welcomed moves to remedy current media law problems in Somalia;   weapons intended for violent extremists have been captured;
       -   South African unions have protested against corruption;
       -   after soldiers removed opposition MPs and live broadcasts were stopped, a government MP introduced a bill to extend the current President’s term;
  • With regard to China (may her growing middle class bring a love of peace and freedom), East and South East Asia and the Pacific (noting the risks of atrocities in North Korea and Burma):
       -   a comparison of North and South Korea;
       -   on China, Hong Kong, the DPRK (North Korea) and South Korea (which need to accept their partition – for now – and sign a peace treaty), Taiwan, and the free but invaded and occupied nation of Tibet:
       -   “the Australian Federal Police has returned more than $200,000 in proceeds from crime” to China;   China may be backing away from its most controversial legal justification in the South China Sea”;   China continues to restrict online freedoms;   China’s soft power has been compared to the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers;
       -   other events concerning China have occurred or are developing in: South Asia;
       -   a British lesbian has won a court case to get a spousal visa in largely homophobic Hong Kong;
       -   elsewhere in Asia:
       -   abandoned and stray dogs in the exclusion zone around a volcano in Bali, Indonesia are being rescued - and disabled people, who also appear to have been forgotten;   the UN's decolonisation committee “has rejected reports of a secret petition demanding a free vote for independence in West Papua”;
       -   a new political party in Japan;
       -   a fiery, atheist, teenage Singaporean blogger has been given amnesty in the USA;
       -   Thailand’s former Prime Minister has been sentenced in absentia to five years jail;
       -   and in the Pacific:   lessons from PNG’s electoral problems;   failure to establish rule of law and a government structure on Bougainville, or properly disposal of weapons, may delay Bougainville’s independence referendum;
  • With regard to Europe and the European Union (EU):
       -   a critique of the political problems that stop Europe providing its own security – especially reliance on the USA;
       -   a right wing party has made gains in Germany’s elections (more politics of fear … - see also here), but Angela Merkel has been re-elected … and will try to win back the right … - see also here;
       -   tensions in the Catalonia region in Spain are growing;
  • With regard to (the conflict and other matters in) Iraq and Kurdistan (noting that Iraq was once a peaceful and prosperous society, before the UK / USA / CIA backed revolution – see here, and that it needs an emphasis on a secular society and citizenship – but also here, although based in Syria and here):
       -   the UN Security Council has authorised support for Iraq’s investigation into war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide by ISIL/Da’esh;   Kurdistan is steadfast on the eve of its self-determination referendum – despite Iraqi and Turkish retaliation, Iranian resistance, and local violence … and voted for independence - see also here;
       -   and the Iraq Body Count project reports 53 people violently killed in the last week;
  • With regard to the Libyan civil war:
       a retaliatory ban against US citizens;   a new push to stabilise Libya;   a Libyan coastguard vessel fired shots, boarded a rescue vessel and tried to get the return of the refugees – all in international waters;   armed people smugglers are trying to get government jobs in return for stopping;   Italy has proposed a plan to resettle 1,000 of the refugees stranded in Libya;   allegations of war crimes by the UAE in Libya;
  • With regard to Russia (which is currently supporting an – in my opinion, based on R2P principles - illegitimate regime in Syria), Russian influenced nations and eastern Europe, and responses (see also the section on Europe):
       grave human rights violations in Russian-invaded and occupied Crimea, where a Crimean has been jailed for criticising Russia’s invasion and occupation;   evidence suggests Russia is not seeking to make use of nuclear weapons easier;
  • With regard to South and Central America:
       -   after 15 years of campaigning, Argentina has a freedom of information law;
       -   Brazil’s army is taking action on violence between drug dealers in the “favelas”;   Brazil “has revoked a controversial decree that would have opened up a vast reserve in the Amazon to commercial mining”;
       -   minorities and the homeless were particularly hard hit by Mexico’s earthquakes;
  • With regard to South Asia (aka the Indian sub-continent), The Hindu and other sources have:
       -   the options facing South Asian nations squeezed between India and China;
       -   on India:
       -   fewer child deaths in India;   violent police attacks on female university students protesting against a sexual assault will be investigated;   an Indian court has shown its incompetence in matters of sexual assault;   a 100-day strike by separatists in India's Darjeeling region has ended peacefully;   the USA wants India to help stabilise Afghanistan;   a stampede at a railway station has killed over 20 people;   a social media campaign has transformed one village;   in support of activists;   the elderly need better care;
       -   on Pakistan:
       -   murder of women to enforce patriarchal control of relationships is continuing;
       -   elsewhere in South Asia:
       -   a review of a book on how Bangladesh has managed to make gains well beyond what aid could result in;
       -   a weather insurance scheme for farmers in Sri Lanka;
  • With regard to Sudan and South  Sudan:
       -   the joint African Union-United Nations peacekeeping mission in Darfur has urged restraint after fighting between displaced people and government forces killed three people (is that enough? Are the PK forces sufficient, and properly enabled to act?);
       -   those fighting in South Sudan aren’t interested in peace;   the need for a new aid approach;
  • With regard to the conflict in Syria, where Assad’s regime has, in my opinion, lost all claims to legitimacy, and it is time to consider partition (see here, here, here and here):
       scores of civilians have been killed in US-led airstrikes, leading to debate over the extent of safety measures;   Raqqa has been destroyed;   the Assad dictatorship is now targeting its former Kurdish allies;
  • With regard to Turkey:
       Turkey has threatened to cut off oil from Kurdistan;   an escaped intellectual has described Turkey as a “veritable madhouse”;   Turkey wants to trade a US cleric imprisoned there for its (free) targeted demon-in-chief in the USA;   after meeting Turkey’s President, Russia’s President has said “the de facto conditions needed to end Syria's civil war had been achieved (what are those conditions, and what sort of “peace” will happen?);
  • With regard to the conflicts in Ukraine, particularly in the east:
       fire and explosions at a Ukrainian ammunition depot have led to the evacuation of 24,000 people;
  • With regard to West Asia (aka “the Middle East”) and North Africa, the Middle East Eye and other sources have:
       -   on Israel and Palestine:   settlements are undermining Israeli-Palestinian peace;   allegations that a famous musician is being smeared for his support of the Palestinian cause;   analysis over why the Palestinian President has suddenly referred to a one state solution … ;   the Palestinian President has condemned a Palestinian shooting attack that killed three Israelis;   Hamas claims it has accepted an Egyptian proposal for a prisoner swap with Israel;   the USA has again rejected comments by its Ambassador to Israel supporting settlements in occupied territories;  Israel is – allegedly - working on getting the USA to close the Palestinian diplomatic office in the US;   the disabled pension in Israel will increase;   an Orthodox Jew who is pro-Palestinian – because of his faith - is tired of the anti-Semitism shown by other advocates;   Interpol has admitted Palestine;
       -   elsewhere in the region:
       -   Egypt has arrested people for waving a gay flag;
       -   a call to leave the Iranian nuclear deal alone, as the UN’s IAEA calls for clarification of a key section;   Iran is opposing the creation of Kurdistan;
       -   a Lebanese cleric has been sentenced to death for violence which killed over 30 people in 2013;
       -   Saudi Arabia will FINALLY deign to allow women to drive - some restrictions may apply, and other forms of misogyny still exist: the next battle is the notorious guardianship rules - see also here;
       -   allegations of war crimes by the UAE in Libya;
  • With regard to the conflict in Yemen (unlike Iraq, I cannot find a source of regular information on casualties in Yemen, but the hardship and deaths from food, water and medical shortages that concerns me just as much – if not more, and I don’t know if such sites would report that; it is also important to remember that there are multiple sides in this dispute – and opponents to the government are not necessarily Houthi or violent extremist):
       lack of funding is restricting aid;   a US citizen has been kidnapped by unknown armed people;   Saudi Arabia considers only a military victory will bring an end to the war, as it pushes for a weaker investigation into war crimes.
Other News:
  • a Canadian groom has saved a drowning boy;
  • a female activist US lawyer.
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