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Post No. 1,044 - Cross post: some thoughts on discrimination

I've written a few generic thoughts on discrimination here, which I am cross-posting here.
This is a - sadly - massive topic, one that I have touched on or covered to some degree in quite a few posts, which can be found here.

Nevertheless, I have a few thoughts I want to record - particularly given that I am, above all else, writing these blogs for future incarnations of myself. This ... well, it is more a description of one aspect of discrimination than a "definition", but, whatever it is, came to me partly out of some meditation this morning, and I felt it was given to me for the purpose of recording, so here goes.

Actually, one last qualification before I get into this: this idea has surely been recorded in many other places in many other ways ...

Let's start by looking at a couple of characteristics that are stereotypically attributed to different groups of people. After working through lots of possible ways of identifying these, I decided to go with the colours I use elsewhere: purple and orange. You can, as is appropriate, attribute these to either gender or race or some other group. (More on that later.)

The stereotypical view of the occurrence of these in the two groups is as follows:

Each group has its respective characteristic, which doesn't appear in the other (e.g., all men are ... , all women are ... , or race Z is ... - and that goes for characteristics considered "good" as well as those considered "bad"), their world view is constructed accordingly, and the unevolved people having these views try to enforce them for - ultimately - their own personal comfort, security, and mental/intellectual/emotional laziness. 

If we are dealing with slightly less unevolved people, they may bend to accepting that there is a slight distribution of these characteristics, along the following lines:
Now, the actual TRUTH is that both characteristics are likely to occur on the same axis, and have more of a bell curve distribution:
Furthermore, if we take out the active and malicious social engineering of neochristianity and similar Abrahamic religions over the last couple of millennia, and the other social engineering and patriarchy that went with the development of cities, to some extent, agriculture, and patriarchal social structures of the last five or ten millennia, the original (biological) distribution is probably along the following lines:
In other words, there quite possibly is a difference (this does NOT apply to "race"; the ONLY differences that exist there are as a result of cultural conditioning and the effects of massive, widespread and sustained discrimination/privilege), but it is nowhere near enough to justify the discrimination built up around it.

In fact, the ONLY valid way to view the occurrence of these characteristics is to - as the great Dr Martin Luther King, jr, said ("I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character") -  assume that you don't know, and treat/judge each person on their specific merits/faults.
As a digression, my view is that "the law" tends to take a somewhat haphazard view of such characteristics, along the lines of the following:
Science is little better, if at all, as - in my experience - too many modern academics miss to many obvious, everyday/common sense issues/aspects/consequences. (I also have some cranky thoughts about some of the assumptions scientists and statisticians use, but that is a thought for another post ... )

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Post No. 1,043 – Psychic Weather Report No. 0121

There is an introduction / reminder / explanation about these posts here (and also see here for some investigation into evidence of the effectiveness of this type of work, which shows variability [and mentions causes] and cycles in the energetic/consciousness response), and some additional comments at the end of this post, just before my signature block. Please also note that I hope this work will be taken up by a network of competent dowsers and BPM psychic warriors.
Now, as you read this, consider this: how does one outflank an idea, or attack an emotion in the rear? It is as well to consider what those who are unbalanced could do to good ideas and emotions, as well as considering BPM ways to outflank or ‘attack in the rear’ bad ideas/emotions. Also consider geopolitics, and this mapping exercise.
As a first point, it is also recommended that you read the relevant edition of Gnwmythr’s News.
This week’s assessment and plan:

Significant features this week are the preponderance of nonBPM energies – some at very high levels. 

My approach this week will be (incidentally, if you disagree, please use your own interpretations, or your own divinations):

  • Bindrune:

  • Sunday: the purpose of this day’s work is, mainly, to build a reserve of BPM energy to call upon during the coming week. In addition to the meditation / clearing work described below, I will also be working on making sure I, my crystals and my other tools / devices are as fully charged with BPM energy as I can make them (which is something I have posted about elsewhere, but may post more about in the near future):
     - clear nonBPM units from, and send BPM energy to South America, the Southern Ocean, Antarctica, southern Africa, and the Pacific, and to all actual and potential BPM Leaders, and for all humans to recognise the essential shared humanness of other people and to choose to live modestly;
  • Monday:
     - clear nonBPM units from, and send BPM energy to the South Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Australia and the Pacific;
  • Tuesday:
     - clear nonBPM units from, and send BPM energy to Central and North America, the North Atlantic Ocean, Europe and the Arctic;
  • Wednesday:
     - clear nonBPM units from, and send BPM energy to West, South and Central Asia, and Russia;
  • Thursday:
     - clear nonBPM units from, and send BPM energy to East and South East Asia;
  • Friday:
     - clear nonBPM units from, and send BPM energy to central Africa;
  • Saturday: this day will now be reserved for rest, recuperation and healing – of all those who are trying in a BPM way to make this planet a better place, not only of myself and those who are sharing this work. I ask that any and all healers who wish to contribute to this, take a few minutes to contribute to this on this day.
Remember, the meditation (see here, here, and here) consists of:
 - appropriate and responsible protection (see here, here, here), prayer and ritual (e.g., here) to establish and check protection (re-do or re-schedule, if you don’t feel safe and secure);
 - personal connection to Higher BPM influences;
 - flush one's aura with emerald green, royal blue and royal purple;
 - fill one’s Heart Chakra (and maybe one’s Earth Star, Solar Plexus, Third Eye and Crown Chakras) with emerald green, royal blue and royal purple; send a weave of three streams of this colour from the Chakra(s) to a visualisation of a gigantic, multi-faceted emerald (which has been created to facilitate networking of BPM workers) through your facet until you see your energy enlivening other areas of the emerald and can feel similar energies flowing back to you;
 - visualise the sequence of runes / bindrunes (if given);
 - generate feelings of love, peace, joy and respect;
 - strengthen those feelings (energies);
 - radiate those energies to the world for nine to eighteen minutes;
 - close your chakras, centre yourself and close your aura, use the banishing version of the LBRP to open circle, ground and release all excess energy; and make sure you are grounded and closed down – eat, if you need to, or seek help from someone capable and trusted.
Important note: although I show the flow of energy using arrows, they are really - to continue the weather chart analogy - more like the passage of a frontal system as shown on a synoptic chart. Also, if I ever miss doing a Psychic Weather Report, I have posted a standard, fall-back, default version here, which I will update from time to time when needed.
Irrespective of this assessment, however, please join us in trying to make sure that the Shield of Hope area formed by (part or all of) the South Atlantic Ocean, Southern and Eastern Africa (including both sources of the Nile), the Indian sub-continent (including the Himalayas) and the Indian Ocean, shown outlined in gold on this week’s energy map, consistently has BPM energy at or above 7 by the time Neptune leaves Pisces, on around 30th March, 2025 (a date which has an eclipse the day before). If you wish to do a little more coordinated action on a positive strategic front, I'm also planning on routinely sending BPM energy to Hong Kong, Tunisia, and Mexico, which show potential as "outposts of the BPM” and I wish to encourage their change for the better, and through the Red Sea and Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea.
I have a simplified blogiography of posts related to this work here, a list of themes I have identified here, and my changing the personality of oppressors and other world leaders post is here. It is also worth contemplating that one of the greatest weaknesses of those who oppose Balanced Positivity is the inherent pain, suffering and negativity of their aims and means – from the personal slights, insults and traumas left by the petty tyrant, autocrat, dictator/monarch or the ruthless (some at least are not; some are BPM) oligarch or politician, through the social dislocation of the economic ideologue to the long-lasting trauma, injury, death and desolation of society caused by those who use violence or war as a means to achieve power or impose their will. It may take time, but people WILL eventually realise what is not good, and will take action – which is why slavery is no longer ubiquitous, and why the march to freedom and democracy is underway – tentatively, and with backsliding and mistakes along the way, but inexorable nevertheless.
Also, if you’re interest is healing, I have changed the way I do these posts to more clearly show opportunities for doing healing. Those interested in providing protection for others always have a place – refer to the first item from yesterday’s summation of world events (details and link below), for instance. Finally, a reminder that if none of this is of any interest to you, but you would still like to contribute energetically / psychically to making the world a better place, there are other options – for instance, see here, here, here, here, here, here (and here), here, here, and here – and, no doubt, many other places on the internet.

Reminder: I have a 5 question survey at When you are considering the email option, something I would include in such would be places and uncooperatives that need to be cleared urgently - e.g., like this.

I apologise for publishing these posts twice, but Blogger keeps changing my formatting. I can either publish it and then correct it, or save and close the post and correct it when I reopen it, but that leaves an extra copy in my "drafts" folder ...

Love, light, hugs and blessings
(pronounced "new-MYTH-ear") 
Pagan Energy Worker, Wéofodthegn, Bellatrix Lux, Venatrix Maga, would-be Drýicgan
I am revamping my former website, and getting at least one other underway.
My "blogiography" (list of all posts and guide as to how to best use this site) is here, and my glossary/index is here
There is also a Yahoo group at

I started this blog to cover karmic regression-rescue (see here and here), and it grew ... See here for my group mind project, here and here for my "Pagans for Peace" project (and join me for a few minutes at some time between 8 and 11 PM on Sunday, wherever you are, to meditate-clear for peace), and here for my bindrune kit-bag. I also strongly recommend learning how to flame, ground and shield, do alternate nostril breathing, work with colour, and see also here and be flexible. 
May the best in me, my Higher Self,
and those of the Clear Light who assist me,
help me to keep myself grounded, centred and shielded,
to be Balanced and a Fulcrum of Balance,
a centre of Balanced Positivity and Spiritual Maturity,
with my aura continuously cleansed, cleared and closed,
repelling all negative or unwanted energies,
whilst allowing positive, balancing and healing energies in and through.
The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral. Returning violence with violence only multiplies violence, add deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.
Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.
The real dividing line is not between Christianity and Islam, Sunni and Shia, East and West. It is between people who believe in coexistence, and those who don’t.
Tom Fletcher, Former UK Ambassador to Lebanon
  • All of the above - and this blog - could be wrong, or subject to context, perspective, or state of spiritual evolution ...
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Post No. 1,042 – Gnwmythr’s News Ed. No. 168

As I indicated last week, work requirements will continue to restrict my ability to work on these posts for some time to come. The bills have to be paid, and the obligations that go with having a job met …
Information and Summary/Analysis:
Note: I am NOT a journalist, and make NO claims to objectivity or freedom from bias. Furthermore, I do not hold copyright to any of the articles I link to, nor do I claim authorship, except for those links to material I have written for this and my related blogs, and my commentary in these posts. (I try to make sure quotes are shown using quotation marks.)
The purpose of posting these news links is not only to inform; it is also to
   stimulate a connection to:
    - nonBPM units that need to be cleared, and
    - BPM units that need to be strengthened,
   so that you can do the clearing / strengthening that is required.
That only works if you don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by this, so take it in small chunks if you need to, but remember to actively clear and heal! … including yourself.
As part of that, note that there are key uncooperatives to be cleared (rescued): you should ONLY address those that are within your ability – if you get a sense (e.g., through meditation) or are told by your BPM Guides/Higher Self to back off, do so, and content yourself with clearing the smaller nonBPM units within your capability – which will weaken those uncooperatives. More importantly, there are many people doing this sort of work, and others are quite likely to be able to clear the uncooperatives concerned.
That is also one of the many reasons it is OK to take a break or cut back this work if you need – in fact, doing so will help you deal with the next point, which is …
… the energies we use and manifest in our daily lives contribute to the larger soup of energies that influence world events, so it pays to address those as well, to the extent that one can, or to at least stop oneself projecting them into the psychic soup.
The reminders / explanations about Sunday’s meditation-clearing are here;   see also here,   here,   here,   (here and also here and here are interesting),   here, here,   here,   and   this post reminds us to be patient and persistent, like a “speeding oak”.
There are some notes at the end of this post about other options for those who do not like this way of working.
Finally, one of the biggest concerns I have about spirituality in the world now is that the concept of agape type love has been perverted into both a quest for emotional warm fuzzies, and an excuse to avoid doing the hard work of improving oneself and all that one does. On that, it may help to consider the simplification that one cannot love perfectly until one has learned how to perfect.
The themes that come to mind for my work this week, after I review all this news, are:
(a)   based on my interpretation of information here and here with Saturn in Sagittarius contributing to finding an authentic balance (until 20th December, 2017), Uranus in Aries contributing to fresh and possibly radical starts (until some date in the Year 2018), and Pluto in Capricorn contributing to a transformation of power and business (and careers) (until some date in the Year 2024), conditions are ripe for a change for the better in world politics;
(b)   there is an enormous need to clear nonBPM energy – the thought forms, unattached energy and scars of the collective unconscious created by millennia of violence, including spirit rescue, and healing the warped views, seemingly “inherent” biases, and other damage created. Also, remember that:
        1. the counter to fear is
genuine  EQ and clear thinking, expressed through calm, de-escalating speech,
        2. where problems exist, advocating for
BPM responses, and being as BPM as one can be, are constructive solutions,
        3. peace is powerful, but it is a process requiring patient, persistent and nuanced nurturing, and a blend of conventional spiritual work,
clearing nonBPM units, and physical world activism;
(c)   viewing the overall emotional state of the world from an elemental point of view, this week we need:
           emotionally (astrally), more
BPM Air;
           mentally, more
BPM Water;
           a plot of the elemental influences on a causal/spiritual level follows, and shows a need for more
BPM Air and Earth;
(d)   I am using a bindrune this week that I created some time ago work, which is for compassion:

(e)   dealing with the 45th US President, for whom I use the alias Voldemort, requires:
        1. eroding
(i.e., slow, patient and persistent clearing of the little bits one can SAFELY cope with – remember, you are but one of many) the nonBPM influences feeding his arrogance and mind-set, and strengthening Voldemort’s BPM Guides and giving them whatever BPM help they need to present a BPM alternative – for which my “changing the personality of oppressors” post is useful – with a view to promoting what would seem to be a change of heart,
        2. lifting the nonBPM influences from the shoulders of Voldemort’s marginal supporters, allowing them to “come to their senses”,
which may result in them feeling bewilderment/shame, and simultaneously strengthening the BPM influences around them (e.g., their BPM Guides) to counter them backsliding,
        3. to address the others, physical world activism
(especially education) is required. As well as doing what one can there, help those who are doing this work (e.g., sending them “positive vibes”) and look for nonBPM blockages that can be cleared (e.g., setting up a BPM vortex above meetings to draw away external nonBPM influences/energies/
units, so that the audience can listen as they are, without any obsession/possession);
(f)   the major events this week are:   as attraction to violence continues to be inadequately addressed, there are risks of mass atrocities facing refugees;   escalating tension between the USA and Russia in Syria and eastern Europe;   growing animosity towards north Korea from the USA –particularly US citizens;   continuing limited responses to growing crisis in east Africa, and ongoing crisis in conflict zones;   continuing, significant support for Voldemort by US voters;  the trend back towards dictatorship in the Philippines;
(g)   the lack of clear thinking that results in the use of torture continues;
(h)   abuse of power – including, sadly, by a union in my home nation;
(i)   the fear and denialism behind bigotry and discrimination continues;
(j)   past abuses, incidents of hate, etc are slowly being brought to light;
(k)   financial inequity remains a problem, although acknowledgement of it as a problem is slowly growing – and being undermined by the desire of people to be rich (aka “have status”);
(l)   inability to think about others in any way other than from the framework of one’s own, direct, personal experiences, falsely assumed to be universally valid, continues to plague the planet;
I also take this opportunity to emphasise that it is absolutely VITAL that this psychic / metaphysical / spiritual work be performed non-violently and as is for the Highest Spiritual Good – which is part of being BPM – on all levels and in all ways. Always remember (see here): Do you fight to change things, or to punish? See also here, here, here, here, here, and my comments about “authentic presence” in this post.
News and other matters from this past week follows:
   news items are presented in the following sections (there is overlap, and items may appear more than once):
    - Permanent and Thematically Arranged News,
    - Location Based News,
    - From a Range of Other Sites;
   opportunities/good news are shown in green;
   comments are shown in purple; and
   WARNING: some of these links may contain triggers around issues such as violence, sexual assault, discrimination, etc.
Permanent Issues and Thematically Arranged News:
  • Permanent issue: may all actual and potential BPM [1] Leaders be kept BPM safe, including keeping them undetectable to the nonBPM and keeping all their Significant Others inviolable against being used for indirect  psychic attack, and may they have all the BPM opportunities and assistance (so-called “good luck”) for them to be BPM effective at influencing the world’s direction, development and unfoldment, all as is for the Highest Spiritual Good;
  • Permanent issue: may all humans recognise, irrespective of the appearance of difference, the essential shared humanness of other people, the inherent resilience, the dynamic power, the strength of BPM collaboration, and the opportunities of having a diverse, inclusive and welcoming population, and may all people choose fairness, when such decisions are before them;
  • Permanent issue: may all humans choose to live modestly – to forgo outdoing others, or trying to have more than they need - for the sake of an easier, more manageable life, if they cannot do it for the sake of the planet;
  • Matters warranting particular attention:
       -   articles on Responsibility and Severe Poverty, examining who is responsible for taking action on suffering, Poverty is No Pond: Challenges for the Affluent, examining the most effective form of giving (why not use DALYs?) – both of which I came across as a result of reading Leif Wenar’s book Blood Oil;
       -   an online video on slavery in cotton supply chains – and a call for consumers to use their power to stop this;
       -   a “Nation of Strangers is now a world of strangers – with an excellent question about learning indigenous languages;
       -   this week’s atrocity alert at R2P lists the world’s tens of millions of refugees;
  • With regard to democracy (which requires  protection of minorities and the vulnerable – and remember Gandhi’s question about whether one is fighting to change things, or to punish, and the list of 198 methods of nonviolent action), freedom and governance (e.g., here, here, here and here, and see also here):
    Note: I have a section specifically for the 45th US President below
       -   analyses this week include:   an article by the World Bank arguing that the best measure of inequality is lack of opportunity;   an article from Human Rights Watch arguing that the current version of populism and an “infatuation with strongman rule has led us to “the verge of darkness”;   from a report on a debate about politics and trust: “while corruption and the erosion of trust did not appear to have a solution, "we must tackle it with our indomitable spirits and overcome it for the sake of our children"”;   the United Kingdom’s Prince Harry has “suggested that no-one in the Royal family really wants to rise to the throne — and that it is duty, rather than desire, that prompts them to continue serving the British people” (interesting: I suspect that is true in the case of many royals, but I wouldn’t guarantee it for all – particularly the historic ones … );   a critique of Bhutan’s quest for happiness;
       -   of concern this week:   an online video on the UAE’s network of prisons and use of torture in southern Yemen – with the apparent knowledge of US officials;    “a Victorian fire brigade manager engaged in nepotism "so blatant as to beggar belief" by hiring her two sons after they changed their names to cover up their family connection”;   concerning reports that the cladding which caught fire in the recent devastating “tower block” fire in London may have been banned: later reports suggest the cladding is banned elsewhere, so … why not in the UK? There are also questions about issues such as not requiring fire sprinklers. There are governance issues which need to be addressed – see also here, which raises issues such as the conflicts of interest of MPs). Manslaughter charges may be laid, as evacuations of similar towers start – late at night, with no advance notice, and no provision for a place to be evacuated to;   “Guns kill nearly 1,300 children in the United States every year, making them the third leading cause of death for those under 18 years of age”;   in echoes of the former dictator and his nine years of rule under martial law (ended by the nonviolent People Power Revolution after the murder of Senator Aquino), Marcos-admiring President Duterte could extend martial law in the Philippines;
       -   in the grey/mixed area or neutral this week:   an event in Russia;
       -   and other matters in my home nation this week:   an Australian political party which is focused on workers’ rights has “backed away” from a threat made by the leader of a militant union "expose" Australian Building and Construction Commission inspectors and make their children "ashamed of who their parents are" (such threats are not helpful – they are bullying, and unacceptably personal);   blasphemy is still a crime in Australia – “and it shouldn’t be”;   an article on the differences between public opinion and the views of the Foreign Investment Review Board – with some particularly naïve comments by the FIIRB rep about land “staying here” that show he, and possibly his organisation, need to do some research on the topic of alienation of land;   a report by a Senate committee dominated by the ALP and Greens has stated the obvious: Centrelink’s utterly stuffed up debt recovery system was doomed to failure from the start;   “Drivers in [my home state] will face big fines if they do not slow to 40 kilometres per hour when passing emergency vehicles with flashing lights or sirens that have stopped on the roadside under changes to be introduced next month”;   sadly, is looks like "trash talking" has reached my nation's sports ... another sacrifice of sovereignty;   Australians are losing their trust in the USA;   “The Defence Department will terminate its relationship with a Sydney data centre in 2020 and move its secret files back into a government-owned hub, because a Chinese consortium bought half of the centre's parent company”;   my nation’s “Immigration and Border Force staff have delivered a damning indictment of their department's culture and senior leadership”, with evidence that “the department has been concerned by cultural problems ever since it merged with the former customs agency in 2014”;
  • With regard to the 45th US President (who I consider seriously dangerous, and NOT at all a buffoon) this week:
    I deliberately avoid using the 45th US President’s name for valid psychic reasons: however, to both simplify my typing and remind people that he is dangerous, I will use “Voldemort” – in this section, at least - as an alias.

       -   despite the “rolling scandals” around Voldemort, voters in local US elections have mostly chosen Republicans; (does this mean Senator Sanders is right, and the US Democratic party needs to be rebuilt from the ground up as a new Progressive Party?);
       -   concerns over (lack of) transparency under Trump;
       -   Voldemort now says he didn’t record any phone conversations with former FBI Director Comey – see also here;
       -   well, Voldemort can be … “creative”: he is now proposing to put solar panels on his wall along the southern US border to pay for it – and it is great to see more solar panels proposed, but the wall itself is a concern, it may not be suitable for mounting panels, and the initial expense will be extreme. It’s also a change of the payment method he had proposed … dose of political/international reality, anyone?;
  • With regard to violent extremism (VE) (aka, terrorism - e.g., Da’esh) (ALL people advocating hate or discrimination in response to violent extremism are actively doing the work of violent extremists. This will be countered, in part, by the sort of approach advocated by “Cure Violence”, and, in part, by addressing real and perceived disempowerment and acknowledging the variety in what provides genuine, BPM fulfilment as a counter to fanaticism as a source of meaning. I am deliberately avoiding the use of specific names of violent extremist groups as much as possible to reduce the publicity they get – I’m not a primary news source, and thus consider I can do so):
       -   violent extremist attacks/acts have occurred this week in Afghanistan, Colombia (possibly), France, UK (mosque) – by an Islamophobe, with other Islamophobes making offensive comments, and with anger over media and possibly police handling of the attack, Belgium, the USA, and, according to this Wikipedia page, there have been 5 attacks in Iraq, and 1 attack in Afghanistan (out of a total of 25;
       -   my home state has announced (why on a Sunday?) stronger measures for potential violent extremists (I would like the views of someone like ALP MP Anne Aly on the likely effectiveness of this: will it work? As a separate question, is it worth the loss of civil liberties?);   the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia will cooperate against a possible growth of violent extremism in south east Asia;   one of the remaining detainees in Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Bay has reportedly been charged in relation to the 2002 Bali bombings, which killed 202 people (in my opinion, there is absolutely no doubt that, overall, Camp X-Ray has been a disaster for counter violent extremism, and a recruitment coup for violent extremists. Nevertheless, this does illustrate that there were valid grounds for the detention of some of the people there – but NOT for their subsequent abuse. On that, there is a valid reason for people being presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law [e.g., see here, and here], and for other human rights issues, such as not obtaining “evidence” under the taint of torture [when you’re in excruciating pain, particularly for a long time, many people will say anything to get it to stop – which is, to me, an incredibly obvious point that I’ve found too many have never thought of]);
  • With regard to refugees (noting the New York Declaration):
       former UN Secretary-General  Kofi Annan has asked Why are only poor nations taking refugees?;   a festival has been held to mark the start of Refugee Week;   the terrible experiences of a refugee kidnapped in Libya;   the story of a Cameroonian who moved to central Australia after hearing the famous indigenous band Yothu Yindi and now mentors indigenous kids;
       other refugee-related matters have also occurred in: Libya;
  • With regard to human (and other) rights and discrimination:
       -   on homophobia/transphobia this week (noting that trans kids are the same as cis kids of the trans kids’ true gender) :   soldiers have bragged about violent homophobic assaults – at least one of which may have resulted in murder;   protests against a homophobic former sports player who spoke at a neoliberal party meeting;
       -   on racism this week:   support for changing the date of Australia Day;   a decade after the – notorious - Northern Territory intervention, Australia’s the Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister has admitted the top-down approach - with its failure to listen and refusal to talk , accusations of riding roughshod over remote Indigenous communities, forced land leases, changes to welfare and widespread alcohol bans - was “flawed”. As a noted indigenous media personality also comments, the 'torment of powerlessness' lives on, with the nation's Indigenous leadership recently standing on the ground where the intervention started to ask for a new relationship with Australia;   a boy in the care of child protection in Australia’s Northern Territory was covered in infected cockroach bites, had been raped, was living on the streets, and had track marks down his arms, his mother has told a royal commission;   the story of a Cameroonian who moved to central Australia after hearing the famous indigenous band Yothu Yindi and now mentors indigenous kids;   the resurgence of an indigenous language has given back a sense of identity;   a call for "the stubborn stains in [Australia’s] racist Constitution" to be removed;   an art project is aiming to show the experiences of Chinese miners in my home state's gold rush in the mid 19th Century – including an early form of the notorious White Australia policy (but, on the other hand, see here);
       -   on sexism this week (keeping in mind the overblown influence given to testosterone):   some abortion laws are forcing pregnant women to stay in violent relationships, as a call is made for women in abusive relationships to get early access to superannuation;   women over 50 are free, but bear the cost of having cared for others, which, according to this article, shows that feminism is incomplete (the “head slap story” the article starts with is quite good);   an increase in the number of women being charged with domestic violence offences may be – partly (I know women are capable of domestic violence – and abuse, up to and including rape)  - due to more physical self defence;
       -   other sexist matters have also occurred in: India, Russia, Nigeria (good news), China;
       -   on other forms of human (and other) rights this week:   I agree with this sentiment and call: "Blood sports like this should be consigned to the history books, no-one should lose their life for entertainment, human or animal";   evidence that “tourists are unwittingly eating dog meat in Bali”;   my home state has announced a new Council to address workplace inequality;   as the current president of the Australian Human Rights Commission prepares to end her term, she said she “would like to see better education about Australia's political system”, and was “"dealing with human beings" made her become "radicalised" in the job”;   financial “exploitation” of the elderly in retirement villages is “rife”;
       -   other human or other rights problems have also occurred in: the USA, Thailand, India;
  • With regard to crime, judicial matters and policing:
       the Police Minister is my home state has announced increased police search powers to address recent deaths from drugs at some music festivals (no matter how this is portrayed, it is the thin edge of a wedge, and an extremely major break to important limits on police powers – at least we have a regular review of laws and their impacts on human rights. Also, there is never any consideration given to the damage done by such searches);   a “South Korean web-hosting firm … has agreed to pay a $1m ransom to unlock computers frozen by hackers”;   after a mistrial (i.e., no clear result one way or another, and it will be held again) is declared in an alleged sex case against a celebrity, the victims comment that the “deeper truth is lifetime scars”;   in Western Australia, police are investigating random shootings at cars;   four men have tunnelled out of overcrowded Indonesian jail … or possibly someone tunnelled in … and possibly the men drowned … the matter is under investigation, with two having been re-caught and two confirmed as still on the run;   the experience of an Australian police officer who is now living and working in Sweden;
  • With regard to press aka the media, and freedom of expression (keeping in mind that claims of presenting “both sides” of a debate can be WRONG if the other side is RUBBISH –as is the case on LGBTIQ issues: having an “equal say”, or a “right to respond” MUST be assessed in the context of what is happening overall in society – NOT solely in one limited incident. Also, funding is an issue … ):
       although I am not a journalist, I respect good journalists (not trashy ambulance chasers or tabloid gossipers), and consider them one of the three key sources of accurate and objective information that is essential to democracy (the others are governments themselves [I subscribe to my home state’s media releases, for instance, and there is often valid information in what democratic governments release – the absence of such validity is one of the signs, to me, that the government is quite possibly not democratic], and whistleblowers [provided that is genuine, not conspiracy nut crap). I’ve added the Rory Peck Trust (which aids journalists going in to dangerous situations) and The Conversation (which combines the word skills of journalists with the “academic rigour” of academics, many of whom have problems communicating their work, as outlined in one of the news links I recently posted {I’m tempted to quip that some of them couldn’t order a cup of coffee in a café, but that underestimates the telepathic abilities of wait staff and baristas]) to the list of organisations I make donations to. So I was interested when my attention was brought (by someone who doesn’t know a great deal about this blog, given the reference to me using social media :) ) to an online guide, apparently written by a former journalist (Mike  Dagan), for journalists on maintaining security of information. Most of the guide is way beyond what I would ever use or even contemplate (although it needs to be kept in mind that the biggest risk facing people who are not journalists is crime, which is why you should still exercise appropriate, responsible caution and protection), but then it isn't written for the likes of me. I can say that the online stuff is consistent with what I’ve read in other trusted sources (such as Bruce Schneier, who is cited), and that I use Duck Duck Go, pass phrases, two factor authentication, and share the distrust of wi-fi (including for those using systems other Windows) and Bluetooth. I also refuse to have a so-called “smart” phone for my personal mobile – see here for a recent example of the (crime-based) problems that can occur with them. For those who are interested, the guide can be found here;
  • With regard to overcrowding and “modern” lifestyle issues (is YOUR smart phone free of conflict  minerals, environmental harm and child labour? IT manufacturers are making some effort in on those. Do you suffer from FOMO or addiction? Is your social media making you miserable or envious? Are you being duped by modern mantras? Are you “failing” at being well? Does your AI use ethics? Does your corporation misuse mindfulness as a distraction from working conditions? Are you afflicted by management  fads? Do you understand embedded emissions? Do you want a bigger, flashier home/car than people had 50 years ago – which means you are actively abusing the environment and society’s cohesion and contributing to the problem of financialisation?):
       -   on climate change and other environmental matters this week:   the man known as the "Godfather of Coral" has said “coal mining is the number one danger to coral reefs now in the whole world. Somewhere between a quarter and a third of all marine species have some part of their lifecycle in a coral reef. So if we wipe out coral reefs, we are going to crash the ecologies of the oceans. It is that serious";   learning from the 1970s how to not waste food;   “the world's only operating zebra rock mine has decided to stop production at its biggest deposit, opting to protect the site for future generations”;   buried in a news article: "The weather comes as new research found that nearly a third of the world's population experience 20 days a year when the heat reaches deadly levels";   thermal imagining has been used to improve house heat efficiency;   an article blaming former Australian Prime Minister Abbott, who is a notorious climate change denier, for imminent power cost increases (as some people already struggle to pay power bills) – and for damaging Australia's international reputation and his own political credibility in another outbreak of internal coalition infighting;   80 megawatts of battery storage will be built in my home state;   disputes over counting of an endangered possum – forestry on one side, conservationists on the other;   two whales stuck inside a reef appear to have escaped;   “The CEFC … believes the use of biomass is a missed opportunity for Australia”;   Tasmania will not resume controversial forestry activities;   “research … suggests dingoes are not a danger to threatened species”;
       -   other environmental matters have occurred in: Europe;
       -   on technology and science matters this week:   a trial is underway of a new mobile phone app to help teenagers tackle FOMO, insomnia, correct bad sleeping habits and prevent associated mental health issues, but work needs to start in primary schools with prevention, as social media is "intentionally engineered" to create endless conversations;   controversy over a website aiming to expose people making false claims about military service (which I am aware of, and have been told of cases where such claims have been used as an excuse for domestic violence), with veterans groups reporting genuine veterans have been vilified;   because of their greater use of social media to overcome physical isolation, regional Australians are more likely to be bullied online than city dwellers;   a test programme by Australia's consumer watchdog will monitor 'real world' speeds of the NBN;   driverless cars are running into the Australian problem of kangaroos;   a software virus has led to the cancellation of hundreds of speeding tickets to maintain confidence in the system;
       -   on economic and financial matters this week:   a doctor has started a movement to direct superannuation and other investments away from the tobacco industry (and ethical investment resurfaces under a new name … );   record low interest rates and low wage growth are not helping young buyers get into home ownership (doesn't help older people either), but there has been some good news for those seeking to buy a home in Australia;   criticism of a drug company for increasing rices of a narcolepsy drug 800% in seven years (while there are development costs to be recouped, those development costs would not increase after the drug is commercialised/legalised, so I consider there are valid questions to answer on this);
       -   on other matters in the category this week:   “two shire councils may consider introducing new measures such as taxes and a property register to help deal with the added tourist pressure from sharing websites like Airbnb”;   a jogger has beaten a tram along a busy route in my home city in a race held to illustrate the problems of congestion;   a message to companies that ads about working yourself to death are “no longer cool… were they ever?;   I am all in favour of forest bathing, but … guides?? Who needs guides for forest bathing???? (seriously, this is one of those matters that does NOT need to be carefully prescribed, and I question the motives of anyone who thinks it should be –even if they say they are trying to respect the Japanese culture which is allegedly associated with the Japanese term, as that MISSES THE *****Y POINT ABOUT RELAXATION!!!);
  • With regard to education:
       a far right wing politician has been criticised for wanting to exclude kids with autism from mainstream school classrooms, with experts saying inclusion is beneficial all round;   the story of one of "Australia's most outspoken barristers [who] has come out of retirement and into the schoolyard to help troubled high school students who are facing criminal charges" - and says it is possible to have lawyers in schools without government grants. Also, a story on my nation’s first (paid, I think) school lawyer, who overcame family violence and gained the ability to connect with the most vulnerable students from his troubled experience;   the problem I have with religious schools is that they don't prepare their students for living in the real world - where LGBT discrimination is illegal, along with sexism;   criticism of excessive pressure on Indian students (such pressures seem, to me, to be something that crops up at various stages of nations’ development: the solution, I suspect, is for aid to include expanding education networks, the number and range of jobs that pay adequately to be improved, and for curing the curse of patriotism);
  • With regard to natural and other catastrophes:
       forest fires in Portugal have killed scores of people;   homes have been swept away by a recent tsunami in Greenland;
  • With regard to peace and/or spirituality generally, and the occasional nice story (are you crippled by the fear of being single or asexual or off-grid or in any other way a rebel / innovator / non-conformist / true to yourself, or believe in management  fads and fashions? Do you distract yourself and fill your time to avoid finding real meaning? If so, you have a spiritual problem, and a need to constructively remedy that):
       I’ve come across a “healing humanity” website which looks quite good.
Location based News:
  • With regard to the conflict in Afghanistan (noting that Afghanistan was once a peaceful and modern society, even allowing women in miniskirts, before the Russian invasion – see here):
       a “scathing: report has criticised the Pentagon for wasting $28m on "forest" pattern uniforms for Afghan soldiers, despite the country's landscape being only 2.1% wooded, chosen by a former Afghan defence minister rather than a cheaper pattern that the US military already owned;   a critique of the current status of foreign intervention in Afghanistan;
  • With regard to Africa, the Africa Center for Strategic Studies (and other sources) has:
       -   More than 3,300 people have been killed in the violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Kasai region since last October”;
       -   from here: “The government of Eritrea must immediately end the enforced conscription, torture, sexual violence and extrajudicial killings of its civilians. The international community must address the human rights situation in Eritrea. The UNSC should impose sanctions and asset freezes on all senior PFDJ leaders and government officials responsible for the commission of grave human rights abuses. Given the refusal of the Eritrean authorities to cooperate with UN-mandated bodies, the African Union, and states that have close relations with Eritrea, should assist the UN and the international community in upholding their collective responsibility to protect the Eritrean people from ongoing crimes against humanity.” Apart from the need to address the small-mindedness and fear underlying the evident desire for power at any cost, I have been reading more of the 3rd Edition of Geoffrey  Robertson’s Crimes Against Humanity, and this looks like a situation where the need for human rights trumps sovereignty, although I’m not sure what that would mean … although African nations have, in the past,- taken action against those who have engaged in unconscionable acts – for instance, Uganda (but not Ethiopia nor Zimbabwe … );
  • With regard to China (may her growing middle class bring a love of peace and freedom), East and South East Asia and the Pacific (noting the risks of atrocities in North Korea and Burma):
       -   North Korea (the DPRK) has accused US authorities of "mugging" its diplomats at a US airport when a diplomatic package was forcibly confiscated, and said this raised questions – and, sadly, if these claims are true, the DPRK may have a point, given the- contentious, to many people who only one side of this issue -  laws around diplomatic immunity;   the abused US student released from North Korea (the DPRK) in a coma has died, leading to strong accusations against the DPRK which have raised risks in the region;
       -   while part of a large group cycling in Europe, Thailand’s King has been shot at with an air pistol by two young boys who are now being investigated by the police;   “The United Nations has called on Thailand to amend its harsh law against insulting the monarchy. The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said it was deeply troubled by the high rate of prosecutions, and the disproportionate sentences for the offence”;
       -   an article on the woman responsible for introducing palliative care to Mongolia;
       -   in echoes of the former dictator and his nine years of rule under martial law (ended by the nonviolent People Power Revolution after the murder of Senator Aquino), Marcos-admiring President Duterte could extend martial law in the Philippines;
       -   four men have tunnelled out of overcrowded Indonesian jail … or possibly someone tunnelled in … and possibly the men drowned … the matter is under investigation, with two having been re-caught and two confirmed as still on the run;
       -   and in the Pacific:   Vanuatu’s respected President has passed away;
  • With regard to Europe and the European Union (EU):
       -   Brexit and security” loom large” at an EU summit for next week;
       -   scientists fear new EU rules may 'hide' forest carbon loss;
       -   devastating fires in Portugal, made worse by the unmaintained growth of eucalypts from my nation, have left scores of people dead (having died in a fiery crash in my previous incarnation, and grown up seeing graphic photos of the horrors of bushfires, I have a particular concern on this issue. The economic decision to import eucalypts was clearly made without adequate consideration of safety and future situations. I am selfishly glad that none of the people I know there has been affected, but feel sorrow for those who have been devastated – not only by the deaths, but also by the scarring, psychological as well as physical);
  • With regard to the conflict in Iraq (noting that Iraq was once a peaceful and prosperous society, before the UK / USA / CIA backed revolution – see here, and that it needs an emphasis on a secular society and citizenship – but also here, although based in Syria and here):
       -   most injuries in Mosul are to civilians;   violent extremists have destroyed a mosque used to declare their so-called "caliphate" three years ago - thereby raising questions about how religious they are;   Iraqi forces have launched their “final assault” on violent extremist held parts of Mosul;
       -   and the Iraq Body Count project reports 444 civilians violently killed in the last week;
  • With regard to the Libyan civil war:
       the terrible experiences of a refugee kidnapped in Libya;
  • With regard to Russia (which is currently supporting an – in my opinion, based on R2P principles - illegitimate regime in Syria), Russian influenced nations and eastern Europe, and responses:
       in a particularly stupid escalation by the USA, a NATO fighter jet has “approached a Russian plane carrying the defence minister but was chased away by a Russian escort jet”;   “a senior official from the US Department of Homeland Security says there is evidence that Russian hackers targeted election systems in last year's presidential election but denies any actual votes were manipulated”;
  • With regard to South Asia (aka the Indian sub-continent), The Hindu and other sources have:
       -   International Yoga Day has been celebrated – particularly in India;   more Indians have died in road accidents than in all the wars the country has fought (that is common to many nations, actually);   “Fifteen Muslim men have been arrested in India for allegedly shouting "anti-India and pro-Pakistan" slogans during the Champions Trophy cricket final”;   criticism of excessive pressure on Indian students (such pressures seem, to me, to be something that crops up at various stages of nations’ development: the solution, I suspect, is for aid to include expanding education networks, the number and range of jobs that pay adequately to be improved, and for curing the curse of patriotism);
  • With regard to the conflict in Syria, where Assad’s regime has, in my opinion, lost all claims to legitimacy, and it is time to consider partition (see here, here, here and here):
       “Russia's defence ministry says it is suspending coordination with the United States in Syria over so-called "de-confliction zones" after the Americans shot down a Syrian government fighter jet” … and the USA has also downed an “Iranian made” drone.   Subsequently, a Russian jet flew (at a "high rate of closure" and with [allegedly] "poor control") within 1.5 m of a US reconnaissance plane's wing tip over the Baltic Sea - which Russia disputes, saying the US plane made a "provocative" move towards their jet".   There have been more than 30 interactions between US and Russian planes and ships in the Baltic Sea since the beginning of June, and neither side has an unblemished record at the moment on credibility, but the USA’s record is, in my view, better than Russia’s .. but that was before a US jet indulged in some particularly stupid escalation;   polio has paralysed 17 children in Syria;
      From here, recommendations for Syria include:  facilitating unimpeded humanitarian access,   cooperation  with the International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism formed to investigate and prosecute perpetrators of atrocities,   all airstrikes to have all necessary precautions to avoid civilian casualties and ensure compliance with obligations under international law,   and   Russia, Iran and Hezbollah must cease enabling the crimes of the Assad regime.
    What are the obstacles to that? Partly grief-driven desire for revenge, partly fear of consequences, but mainly the quest for power. The best BPM way to start to address that is to get decision makers – both in and out of Syria - to be more aware of the long term and broader situation, combined with a dash of compassion – there are more steps to be taken after that, but that would be a great first step.
  • With regard to West Asia (aka “the Middle East”) and North Africa, the Middle East Eye and other sources have:
       -   people in Gaza have become victims of the latest weapon in the dispute between Hamas and Fatah: the electricity supply;
       -   Saudi Arabia’s King has appointed his young (moderately) reformer son (and architect of Saudi Arabia’s actions in Yemen) as Crown Prince (heir);
  • With regard to the conflict in Yemen (unlike Iraq, I cannot find a source of regular information on casualties in Yemen, but the hardship and deaths from food, water and medical shortages that concerns me just as much – if not more, and I don’t know if such sites would report that; it is also important to remember that there are multiple sides in this dispute – and opponents to the government are not necessarily Houthi or violent extremist):
       an online video on the UAE’s network of prisons and use of torture in southern Yemen – with the apparent knowledge of US officials.
Other News:
  • a US comedian was arrested after an “on flight incident” – which he claims occurred because he was walking to ease back pain (I certainly empathise that with that, as my back problems include that one – and I know, from personal experience, how utterly appalling plane seats are, particularly the abnormal position of the head rests I’m often left in considerable pain after flying – for days, in some cases);
  • “A Sydney man's attempt to steal a car backfired when it turned out he could not drive a manual vehicle;
  • a sports player is taking a break for mental health reasons. Good on him for talking about it, and I hope he heals well. Interestingly, this cropped up in a conversation I had with a colleague recently at an event to celebrate finishing a project (I had a soda water: I was too thirsty to have a coffee – when I commented that I had been breath tested recently, the first comment my colleagues said was “well, that was a waste of time” :) ), and he commented about similar issues when running major projects, and the active, outstanding support he had from our company on that. The support is great, but Western civilisation has to face up to problems of stress – as I’ve posted elsewhere, we are living permanently in “famine mode” types of stress that our bodies never were intended to cope with: as gatherer-hunters, such stresses occurred from time to time, not continuously. Unfortunately, to a large extent, we’re bringing this on ourselves, by being compliant, well-socialised, consumer sheeple. See here for an example of major stress in a jury room. (Regrettably, the event was soured by some sexist comments – see here for an indication of how pervasive this problem is), so I may not go to such events in the future, but the thought has also occurred to me that stereotypical male behaviour is also a sign of being a stupid (unthinking, uncritical), compliant (conformist) sheeple … );
  • articles on the experience of having an eating disorder for Muslim women during Ramadan, and for men and boys;
  • a shearer “ has developed style of shearing based on elements of jujitsu, to help minimise injuries”.
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