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Post No. 038 - Giving oneself a kick up the backside

When I was a teenager, the first Oracular system I worked with was the I Ching (using coins; you can find out more about the I Ching at, which has a note that, as of 24th February, 2008, the neutrality of that article is disputed - so read with your brains turned on, and

I enjoyed the "flow", the combining of energies (all the hexagrams come from eight trigrams), the insight - and the fact that it would occasionally tell me off (I would, from time to time, get readings which said, bluntly, "you are using the I Ching too much!" :) ). I still have of the earliest books that I bought on the topic: "I Ching: A new Interpretation for Modern Times", by Sam Reifler (pub. Bantam, 1977 [1st pub. 1974], ISBN 0-553-11789-0).

It is the aspect of "being told off" that I wish to write about. It is very easy, when one is starting off with personal growth/metaphysics/spiritual matters, to get carried away by the joys of whatever one is studying. This can make one vulnerable to sceptics, as one is so enamoured with what one is studying that one lacks a balanced perspective. One example I can recall from my high school days in the 70s (does one's distant memory get better as one ages at the expense of short term memory?) is of some (male) students making fun of a female student for saying everyone should love each other by deliberately misunderstanding her intent, and debasing he appeal for compassion into a mere request for casual sex. When I confronted them (I was far more outspoken in those days), they admitted they knew what she meant, but the damage to the young girl had been done -and those boys probably never even had the decency to apologise to her (if they ever argued that they were just having "fun", they should be aware that "humour" can and is used as a weapon to control others, a very vicious weapon - which is something shown by some research into engineering students by the National Centre for Gender and Cultural Diversity [see]). There was a similar incident when I was at uni: I can't recall the details, but I CAN, even now, 30 years later, recall the pain my friend went through.

Consider the following two scenarios.

Scenario 1:

A "I've been getting right into the Tarot lately, and it's absolutely wonderful"

B "What are you into that shit for!"

A "It's not shit!"

B "No sane person believes it"

Scenario 2:

A "I've been enjoying working on the Tarot lately, and I'm getting a lot out of it."

B "What are you into that shit for!"

A "Do you disagree with the Tarot?"

B "Of course I do! No sane person believes in it"

A "That's quite a sweeping generalisation. What do you know about the Tarot?"

B "I haven't touched that rubbish - why would I know anything about it?"

A "Then how can you criticise what you don't know?"

B "There's no scientific evidence for any of that crap?"

A "Isn't there? How much scientific literature do you read, then?"

I'll stop the example there, as there are quite a few responses possible (at each step, actually). The main point is, by not taking the critical (bigoted?) response to heart, which requires a certain amount of objectivity, one can respond more effectively. That's really a topic for another post (mostly on assertiveness, which is a crucial spiritual skill, in my opinion), although my post at might be of some use. To return to the point of this post, if I felt I was either losing my objectivity too much, or getting complacent, or getting self indulgent (including emotionally and/or psychically - Carlos Castenada's writings [as usual, see if you want to know more about Castenada - but keep your brain switched on, as this article also had a note warning that it's neutrality is disputed] include some tough comments from his teachers about being self indulgent rather than self disciplined about his shamanic practice) I would ask the I Ching for some criticism - for a metaphoric kick up the backside.

It takes a certain amount of objectivity to be able to do that. I'm not going to say it takes self esteem to be able to ask it, as the struggles I was going through at that time were associated - in part - with a very low self esteem, but it helps to act positively in response to the criticism if you have a good self esteem.

Interestingly, I've seen this at work. As an engineer, I am expected to actively seek independent checks of my work before it goes to the client - which applies to other engineers as well. Unfortunately, dealing with that isn't taught at uni, and some less experienced engineers don't always cope with that - particularly if there are personality clashes with the engineer doing the checking. There can be clashes also arising from a misplaced loyalty to the lead engineer of a team as well - which is a problem that particularly mars too many engineers' responses to criticism from members of the public, some of which is ill-informed and some of which is well-informed.

As another digression (it's that sort of lazy, "floaty" Sunday, with some welcome rain outisde and relaxing Celtic music in the background), one of the things I dislike at work is the expectation that one will "blow one's own trumpet". I find that arrogant - it is the sort of characteristic which would exclude people from friendship with me. At times in the past I have blamed this on too much paternalism (male influence) in the workplace or too much American influence in the workplace. Now, as I have found out more about men and Americans as I grow older, I tend to say this behaviour is undesirable, and leave it at that (although there does need to be more of what is commonly attributed to females in business practice: the current emphasis on competition is unhealthy, and harmful to society - at least things like "alliances" [see] and "public-private partnerships" [see] are restoring the balance).

Going back to the point of this post, we all tend to get complacent, or overwhelmed by life. From time to time, however, it can be good to use whatever oracular methods we are using to ask for some objective criticism. If you're worried about this, you could also ask for guidance about using or responding constructively to such criticism.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


This post's photo is from a work trip to Mallacoota (see in about 2006. I liked the whimsical idea of the pelican possibly being a bit self reflective as a tie-in to this post.

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Post No. 037 - Past writings: The Syncretic Pagan

I have quite a few of my past writings (including automatic writing) that I want to review, as I think it could be useful for others to see how someone else has changed as they evolve. I've done one, which is at

I also want to write a review of Richard Rudgely's "Pagan Resurrection" (pub. Century, 2006, ISBN 0 7126 8096 9 and 97870712680967 -I don't know why there are two ISBNs), which is - to simplify - about the rebirth of Odin as a viable, active influence. I like the book, in part, because it doesn't gloss over past "evils", such as the twisted use of psychic material by the Nazis (who have, unfortunately, rendered the swastika useless, even though they used a "crooked", or tilted, version of the swastika [see]), and because it also talks about the "flaws" of Odin's influence (being the potential for mental problems).

For today, however, I just want to review a past article I wrote for the Witches Voice website, called "The Syncretic Pagan", which I wrote during my early explorations of paganism in response to an invitation from Witchvox for articles on syncretism in paganism. I was pleasantly surprised when the article was published, and the link to it is

I won't republish the article here, out of respect for the Witches Voice website.

In the article, I haven't directly answered the question which was posed by the Witches Voice (i.e., should paganism be syncretic). I've taken a broader perspective, and asked should the broader world be syncretic (inclusive) of paganism. Then I've moved to the topic of being open to growth, and the difference between individuals being syncretic, and pathways being syncretic.

Overall, I'm quite happy with the article, and it is one of the few pieces of my past writing that I wouldn't change - even though I have more experience (particularly formal experience) of paganism now.

Love, light, hugs and blessings
This post's photo is from One Tree Hill, in the Dandenong Ranges - see

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Post No. 036 - Time waves

One of the theories/channelled wisdom we came up when I was learning (I THINK this was at ASPECTS) was that events causes waves through time, much as a pebble dropped into a pond causes waves to spread out in all directions. in much the same way that, if the pebble is actually a stone, it will create bigger waves than a true pebble, events which cause a bigger response (good as well as bad) will cause a bigger ripple through time.

The significance of that was that, when using divination, the intensity of a foretold event wouldn't just constantly get stronger as one approached it: there would periods of more, and then less intensity, with the peaks getting much stronger as one got closer to the event.

Thinking about this now, perhaps it also means the troughs would be more pronounced, meaning those who liked calm/wanted to deny coming trouble could latch on to those troughs and get through the overwhelming peaks by using denial, and those who were inclined towards the alarmist or unduly dramatic would sieze on to the peaks and sail screaming maniacally across the troughs. Well, maybe not, but you get the gist of what I am writing about, I hope - and that I am inclined towards the view that balance is a wonderful thing :)

There would presumably also be mutual reinforcement from other events which, in time, were coincident (that's a complicated way of saying "things that occur at the same time" - sorry :) ).

There is an interesting project underway at the hands of scientists (yes, despite my post at, they do have their uses :) ) called the "Global Consciousness Project", where random number generators are looking at the possible existance of subtle interconnections by an increase in activity (my words - see for "proper" details). Apparently this project has shown some sort of activity is going on around major events. It would be interesting to see if they could identify these waves before events (I suspect not, at this stage, but that may yet happen).

Anyway, I will leave this brief post at that. I hope you have some useful contemplation with respect to any divination you may do :)

If you'd like another, very interesting point of view on this topic, have a look at (Also, lots of the Seth/Jane Roberts material [see] could be of interest.)

Love, light, hugs and blessings


This post's photo was taken, I think (it was a long time ago!), somewhere in north east Victoria ...

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