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Post No. 861 – For Sunday evening’s meditation-clearing

While I am trying to survive the chaos of moving (last weekend we have for cleaning up the old place, so, one way or another, will be done there soon: then we have to recover from the energy drain of that and setting up a new house energetically), I can only do a cut back version of this post. My apologies.
For everyone’s convenience, I’ve shifted the reminders / explanations about Sunday’s meditation-clearing to this post. I have a simplified blogiography of posts related to this work here, a list of themes I have identified here, and my changing the personality of oppressors and other world leaders post is here. (Also, see here for some investigation into evidence of the effectiveness of this type of work, which shows variability [and mentions causes] and cycles in the energetic/consciousness response … and also here and here are interesting.) A range of information on emotions is here, and suggestions on how to work with emotions is here. This copy of a speech to one of the Parliament of World Religions also has excellent, helpful insights on generational transmission of harm, the cost of war, and ways to heal our hearts. This post reminds us to be patient and persistent (and I like the comment about a sudden “shift” being just another form of apocalyptic thinking).
The purpose of posting these news links is not only to inform: it is also to stimulate a connection to nonBPM units that need to be cleared and BPM units that need to be strengthened. That only works if you don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by this, so take it in small chunks if you need to, but remember to actively clear and heal! … including yourself. Also, it is absolutely VITAL that this psychic / metaphysical / spiritual work be performed non-violently and as is for the Highest Spiritual Good – which is part of being BPM – on all levels and in all ways. Always remember (see here): Do you fight to change things, or to punish? See also here, here, here, here, here, and my comments about “authentic presence” in this post.
Also, in the same way that activists used to argue that “the personal is political”, the energies we use and manifest in our daily lives contribute to the larger soup of energies that influence world events. If you want to, for example, improve the communication of nations, improve yours. To help stop abuses of power, be always ethical in your conduct. Want peace? Then work in an informed, understanding, intelligent and nuanced way for peace in yourself and your life.
Finally, remember that many others are doing this type of work – for instance, the Lucis Trust's Triangles network (which has been running for many decades),   the Correllian Tradition's 'Spiritual War for Peace' (begun in 2014, and the website was recently updated to include many more activities; on that term, see also here and here), the Hope, Peace, Love and Prosperity Spell (also from the Correllian Tradition, in around 2007 or 2008),   the Healing Minute started by the late, great Harry Edwards (held at 10Am and 10PM local time each day, and one can pay to be officially registered. This also has been running for decades);   the “Network of Light”  meditations;   and   also see here and here – even commercial organisations are getting involved (for instance, see here). No doubt there are many others, so, if you don't like what I am suggesting here, but want to be of service, there are many other opportunities for you.
(Please note that I now specifically have a role for (absent) healers on Saturdays, as explained in the Psychic Weather Report posts. Anyone who wishes to be protector has a role every day :) , including – perhaps particularly - the first permanent issue I list below. At all times, on all levels and in ways, BOTH must ALWAYS be BPM in the way they perform such roles.)
Now, if I am ever late getting my Psychic Weather Report up any week, the default plan is to build up energy in the “Shield of Hope” on Sunday, send energy to West Asia / the Middle East on Monday, and then extend that to include Europe on Tuesday, the USA on Wednesday, East and South East Asia on Thursday and Africa on Friday.
Now, the themes – short, medium and long term - that come to mind for my work this week, after I review all this news, are (and no apologies if this repeats the themes of any previous weeks – in fact, given the size of this task, that is to be expected):
(a)   based on my interpretation of information here and here with Saturn in Sagittarius contributing to finding an authentic balance (until 20th December, 2017), Uranus in Aries contributing to fresh and possibly radical starts (until some date in the Year 2018), and Pluto in Capricorn contributing to a transformation of power and business (and careers) (until some date in the Year 2024), conditions are ripe for a change for the better in world politics;
(b)   there is an enormous need to clear nonBPM energy – the thought forms, unattached energy and scars of the collective unconscious created by millennia of violence. This need includes rescuing those who have been trapped by that history, and healing the warped views, seemingly “inherent” biases, and other damage done by the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual violence committed on scales large and small in that timeframe;
(c)   viewing the overall emotional state of the world from an elemental point of view, this week we need more of the clear thinking of BPM Air;
(d)  karma ensures that there is always Divine accountability: the problem with that, on our level, is that there can be a failure to see that accountability. Physical world accountability for abuses such as corruption or abuse of power overcome that shortcoming, and thus inherently move us to a more spiritual (more "Divine", if you prefer) state of being;
(e)  "independence" in the physical world equates to "objective" in the spiritual: both are desirable as they are potentially profoundly beneficial;
(f)  fear of diversity is, on the other hand, NOT beneficial - to anyone, and both the fearful person (i.e., the bigot) and their target are harmed (although I may smile at the thought that the bigot is probably condemning themself to a life as exactly that which they have hated so actively);
(g)  everyone faces ethical challenges which they find difficult. No matter whether an independent / objective observer would consider such challenges small or big to the observer, how successfully the person manages them will contribute, if not equally, always significantly to the "soup" of energies and influences in the world (so the person stealing a pen from work is, in their own small way, contributing to the bombing of hospitals in Syria);
(h)  lack of clear thinking is a problem - specifically, jumping to conclusions. As an example, seeing evidence that does not seem to us to support a position we have does not necessarily mean we are wrong: it may be that the evidence we want is shown in  different way;
(i)   change is not always good. Those who cannot accept that have a personal flaw, an inherent problem, with boredom that must to be addressed;
(j)  nations and other groups grow - or slide backwards - just as much as individuals do;
I also take this opportunity to repeat that it is absolutely VITAL that this psychic / metaphysical / spiritual work be performed non-violently and as is for the Highest Spiritual Good – which is part of being BPM – on all levels and in all ways. Always remember (see here): Do you fight to change things, or to punish? See also here, here, here, here, here, and my comments about “authentic presence” in this post.
News and other matters from this week include the following (opportunities/good news are shown in green; comments are shown in purple; WARNING: some of these links may contain triggers around issues such as violence, sexual assault, discrimination, etc).
  • Permanent issue: may all actual and potential BPM [1] Leaders be kept BPM safe, including keeping them undetectable to the nonBPM and keeping all their Significant Others inviolable against being used for indirect  psychic attack, and may they have all the BPM opportunities and assistance (so-called “good luck”) for them to be BPM effective at influencing the world’s direction, development and unfoldment, all as is for the Highest Spiritual Good;
  • Permanent issue: may all humans recognise, irrespective of the appearance of difference, the essential shared humanness of other people, the inherent resilience, the dynamic power, the strength of BPM collaboration, and the opportunities of having a diverse, inclusive and welcoming population, and may all people choose fairness, when such decisions are before them;
  • Permanent issue: may all humans choose to live modestly – to forgo outdoing others, or trying to have more than they need - for the sake of an easier, more manageable life, if they cannot do it for the sake of the planet;
  • With regard to democracy, freedom and governance (e.g., here and here):
       the Philippines candidate who has been shooting his mouth off has now shown that he is also unfit to be a parent;   on the other hand, in Australia Stan Grant is considering running for office;   the Mexican government has been accused of hampering the investigation into the 43 missing students;   Brazil has recovered $125 million of money siphoned off by corruption;   US President Barack Obama has called for greater European unity, describing it as a "necessity" for the world, and for greater European – and NATO – responsibility for defence;   a cautious assessment of the new Burmese government with respect to inclusivity;   some of the least developed African nations are leading the way with budget transparency using what is known as “citizens budgets”;   concerns about the growing religious influence in Brazil’s politics;   a tax proposal to ensure the ultra-wealthy pay a fair share;   a review of some of the rethinking of economic theory;   the Secretary-General noted with deep concern that the agreed-upon date of 24 April for the holding of elections in Haiti has not been met and that no alternate electoral calendar has been announced, and reiterated his strong support for the completion, without further delay, of the 2015 elections and calls on all Haitian actors to ensure the prompt return to constitutional order, as the country can ill afford a period of prolonged transitional governance while facing major socio-economic and humanitarian challenges;   growing economic segregation in the USA;   growing concerns on Australian territory Norfolk Island about the replacement of local government with an administrator;   in my home State of Victoria, corruption investigators have recommended sweeping changes to public accounting after finding the Department of Education has been defrauded of several million dollars;   a judge has decided that South African President Jacob Zuma should face almost 800 corruption charges which had been dropped in 2009;
  • With regard to violent extremism (aka, terrorism - e.g., Da’esh) (and, incidentally, I consider ALL people advocating hate or discrimination in response to violent extremism to actively be doing the work of violent extremists. This PARTICULARLY includes those cretins [including in the media, and Amnesty International] who use the acronym ISIS (see also here), which is actually the Greek name of the Egyptian Goddess Aset – and others (see also here and here) - and actively perpetuates the patriarchal and sacrilegious evil that terrorists are trying to accomplish in this world – which will be countered, in part, by the sort of approach advocated by “Cure Violence”, and, in part, by addressing real and perceived disempowerment and acknowledging the variety in what provides genuine, BPM fulfilment as a counter to fanaticism as a source of meaning. I also am inclined, personally, to include here the last two millennia of neochristian and colonialist social engineering, which has led to suppression of women, child abuse, the Crusades, the Inquisition, etc, as violent extremism, but that would take too much explaining):
       terrorist attacks have occurred in Turkey, Bangladesh, Bangladesh (twice), Turkey (a 2nd), the Philippines, Libya, Afghanistan (kidnapping of a female aid worker), prevention has or may have occurred in Australia, and actions have occurred against terrorists in the cyber world, the world of finance (up to $800 million destroyed – although that may have led to more “gangster” style crimes), India;   a terrorist group pays its terrorists more if they have sex slaves;   hostages have been released in Mali;   peacekeepers in the Sinai have been moved in response to terrorist activity;   concerns Canada may become a hub for terrorist financing;   violent extremists who allegedly planned an attack against refugees last year are now on trial in Germany;
       Germany’s court have stopped the trend towards increased surveillance;   “vile” Islamophobic responses to the appointment of a Muslim woman to Victoria’s courts has been – rightly – condemned;
       an analysis of terrorist threats in South East Asia;   failure to share data has impeded action against terrorists in Africa;   a review of where counter-terrorism resources should best be used;   suggestions that “government snooping” is harming the search for information (although the article actually suggests that is limited to some categories);
    With regard to refugees:   Papua New Guinea’s Supreme Court has ruled that detention of asylum seekers is illegal, which has led to a decision by the Australian Government to close the Manus Island gulag (whether or not that is good depends on what is done instead) and calls for the refugees to be allowed in to Australia;   more violence at refugee camps in Europe;   more than 100 refugees have been arrested trying to leave Niger;   Austria is taking a harsher line on refugees;   an MP who will retire at the next federal election has described the politics surrounding the issue as a "sick game that must be brought to an end";
  • With regard to human rights and discrimination (including associated violence / crime):
       the Australian military has finally given permission for recognition of LGBT service people at this year’s ANZAC commemorations;   terrorists are continuing to target LGBT people;   mosques that welcome LGBTI people;
       a call for a treaty with Australia’s indigenous people, rather than recognition;
       what domestic violence can lead to – a life of pain;   the Australian Public Service, once a leader for gender equality but then gutted by a policy driving it to look like the private sector, has started the slow, long journey back towards being a leader in this field;
       homelessness costs Australia over half a billion dollars each year;
       the Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) said that it deplored the confirmation of the death sentence for apostasy against a Mauritanian blogger (UN daily briefing);   Burma’s Rohingyas are in desperate straits;  a call for Burmese authorities to dismiss politically motivated immigration charges against a prominent former activist monk and release him from detention;   Thailand’s military government and its organs are showing their stupidity yet again;   in an incredible act of political courage that defies a half-century of official lies and denial and moves toward accountability, Indonesia’s President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has instructed his security minister to start documenting the location of mass graves of the estimated more than 500,000 victims of the 1965-66 “anti-communist” massacres (Indonesia has chosen well with this and the previous President, choosing men who have set and are setting examples that other world leaders could do well to emulate, on many - not all [there are discrimination problems] - issues, who have and did deal as honourably with many of the complex issues that vast, multi-faceted nation has);   ethical failures of a fashion company which claimed to be ethical have led to harsh responses (the article seems to be suggesting that these failures occurred after the company was sold by the founder: did the new directors go through mental mind games to convince themselves that their outsourcing was “helping poor people”? I’ve come cross that sort of condescending stupidity in such situations);
  • With regard to crime, judicial matters and policing:   five gang members have been arrested by police in Melbourne;   sexual assault victims are using online forums;   a group of Good Samaritans saved a woman and arrested a man following an alleged sexual assault on a bike path (the perp sounds a little like someone possessed);   a social media support page for mentally ill police has been shut after the NSW Police objected to posts which criticised senior officers;
  • With regard to press aka the media, and freedom of expression (keeping in mind that claims of presenting “both sides” of a debate can be WRONG if the other side is RUBBISH –as is the case on LGBTIQ issues):   a good article on “betterspeak (although this is good, have they finally started getting their errors fixed around trans people and Pagans, yet?);   criticism of the 60 Minutes team for failing to adhere to journalistic conduct;
  • With regard to overcrowding and “modern” lifestyle issues (is YOUR smart phone free of conflict  minerals? I was recently pleasantly to find IT manufacturers now making at least some effort in this regard. Do you suffer from FOMO? Are you being duped by modern mantras? Does your AI use ethics? Does your corporation misuse mindfulness as a distraction from working conditions? Do you understand embedded emissions?):   we’re now affecting the tilt of the plant’s axis … ;   a German city has put traffic lights on the ground to cater for mobile phone using idiots;   a very surprising article claiming there may be benefits in low levels of radiation (and acknowledging the harm of higher doses) (I’m strongly inclined towards caution on these claims. There are low levels of radiation in nature, and it is used with care in medicine [although that can be stuffed up as well], but this sort of claim needs – in a scientific sense – replication, and a lot more research to understand it: as I tell people when talking about brand new, just developed wastewater treatment processes, what is not known about them is bad …);   the problems of social isolation. The article focuses on middle aged men, but others experience this as well;   an article on rewilding;
  • With regard to education:   in Australia, conservative ideology has stuffed up an education measure - again;
  • With regard to the conflict in Afghanistan (noting that Afghanistan was once a peaceful and modern society, even allowing women in miniskirts, before the Russian invasion – see here):   an assessment of the situation in Afghanistan;  a call for the USA to consistently ban suspected war criminals from entry, including key Afghanis;
  • With regard to Africa, the Africa Center for Strategic Studies (and other sources) also has:
       Amnesty International has urged Nigeria to “come clean” in relation to alleged killings of Shiites after more evidence emerges;   hundreds are feared dead in communal clashes;
       the UN has expressed serious concerns about rising political tensions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo);   the USA has called for timely and credible elections in DR Congo;
       Somalia will hold elections later this year;
       piracy in the Gulf of Guinea is increasing;
       South Africa has moved to bolster ties with Iran following the lifting of sanctions;
       the International Criminal Court will investigate violence in Burundi;   the Secretary-General condemned the assassination of Brigadier General Athanase Kararuza, his wife and daughter in Burundi;
       ethnic violence in Ethiopia – see also here;
       some of the least developed African nations are leading the way with budget transparency using what is known as “citizens budgets”;
       Nigeria's "rabble rouser for peace", who convened the national peace committee which brokered an agreement between former and new presidents and led to a peaceful change, has become a key voice for national unity as the country strives to overcome the religious and ethnic divisions;
  • With regard to China and East and South East Asia:   North Korea has claimed a submarine launch of a missile;   a warning that China’s land creation in the South China Seas risks “losing the peace”;
  • With regard to the Indian sub-continent, The Hindu and other sources have:
       the overload existing in India’s judicial system;   52 of 200 allowances are to be “rationalised”;   the possibility of using India’s “infrastructure of public support” to cope with droughts;
       an editorial on the revocation of a visa to an Uighur activist;
       talks between India and Pakistan have stalled;
       Bangladesh is introducing a law with provision to impeach Supreme Court judges if allegation of misconduct or incapacity is proved;   fear amongst activists in Bangladesh;   two Hindu teachers have been jailed for “insulting Islam”;
       Sri Lanka is signing international trade agreements;   a housing project for Tamils has been commenced;   a call for the Sri Lankan government to extend its good work so far on transparency;
  • With regard to the conflict in Iraq (noting that Iraq was once a peaceful and prosperous society, before the USA / CIA backed revolution – see here):   after weeks of political chaos and public protests, steps towards a new cabinet;   the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Iraq has urged an immediate end to the fighting taking place in Tuz Khurmato, strongly urging continued efforts to defuse tensions and expressing his utmost concern that the fighting is endangering the lives of the civilian population and could hinder the fight against Da’esh and that a truce was violated soon after it was reached, saying, “This is not the time for such futile fighting. Nothing can justify this violence” (UN daily briefing);  the Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, Kate Gilmore, ended a week-long visit to Iraq and said today that the country must immediately take concrete steps to plan for “the day after” the defeat of Da’esh, grounded in equality, the rule of law and a vision that has earned the confidence of all the country’s diverse communities (UN daily briefing);   a call for the protection of civilians to be prioritised in the battle for Mosul;
  • With regard to the Libyan civil war:   an interview with the UN envoy for Libya;
  • With regard to Sudan and South Sudan:
       protests over – denied – plans to sell some University buildings;
       the UN Refugee Agency, (UNHCR), the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Food Programme (WFP) have said that they are deeply concerned at funding shortfalls which could affect the assistance provided to South Sudanese refugees in Sudan (UN daily briefing);
       South Sudan's rebel leader has – finally - been sworn in as vice-president in a boost to the peace deal as the USA accuses both sides of blocking peace;   a call for action, not words, to end the abuses in South Sudan;  the UN Secretary-General has announced the appointment of Abiodun Oluremi Bashua of Nigeria to lead the Special Investigation into the attack against the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) protection of civilians site in Malakal, South Sudan, when at least 25 civilians in the site were killed and 144 were injured;
  • with regard to the conflict in Syria:   a rebel bombardment has killed 19 civilians and wounded over 100, and (government) air strikes have killed and wounded more –hundreds, and have hit two medical facilities;   the situation in Daraya is dire;   Russia is still active in Syria;
  • with regard to Turkey:   a Dutch journalist has been arrested for criticising Grand Sultan Erdogan;   Turkey shows more signs of becoming an officially religious state - with police breaking up demonstrations protesting that;
  • with regard to the conflicts in Ukraine, particularly in the east:   the US has flown fighter jets to Romania to discourage more overt Russian involvement in Ukraine;
  • With regard to West Asia / the Middle East, the Middle East Eye and other sources have:
       a debate about housework has shown how backward Saudi Arabia is;   Saudi Arabia is starting to plan for life after oil;
       Egyptian Pharaoh al-Sisi has called for people to resist protests against his government, and followed up arresting hundreds of Egyptians who had lost patience with his government, along with journalists and bystanders;
       an analysis of divisions in the political opposition in Israel;
  • With regard to the war in Yemen:   claims a port has been recaptured from terrorists;   an agreement has been reached on a framework for “extensive” peace talks;   a review of actions by the former government which have contributed to current violence;
  • With regard to natural and other catastrophes:   drought is causing devastation in parts of India – see also here;   a heatwave in India;   storms in Burma;   the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has warned that a serious food security crisis is unfolding in the northeast of Nigeria (UN daily briefing);   the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has warned that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK) has fallen for the first time since 2010 and is expected to worsen food problems in that nation;
  • With regard to peace and/or spirituality generally, and the occasional nice story:   the World Happiness Index;   a Burundian activist credited with saving thousands of children's lives during a 12-year ethnically charged civil war has received the first of a new humanitarian prize presented by Hollywood actor and campaigner George Clooney;   the UN Secretary-General has congratulated Member States on the outcome of the review of the Peacebuilding Architecture, and said that the adoption of these comprehensive  resolutions simultaneously by the General Assembly and the Security Council sends a powerful signal – see also here, which mentions Russia’s “fly in the ointment” role;   the Secretary-General spoke on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), and said that the occasion is not a celebration but a reminder of work remaining;   a review of the social dynamics and interactions that sustain / constrain rebel groups;   a review of the reasons that social campaigns can stop – including unanticipated violence;   experiences of a stay at home Dad;
and from a range of other sites:
  • one of the people listed on my heroines and heroes page is James B. Donovan: I’ve now found that he was actually helped by a CIA lawyer, Milan C. Miskovsky, who later investigated riots in 1967, and “concluded that the United States was transitioning into two separate societies, one black and the other white, and that the societies were inherently unequal”;
  • another accidental killing by a child – this child only 2 years old - gaining access to a gun in the USA. This is one of more than 4,000 deaths so far this year in the USA;
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