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Post No. 441 - Reading

Well, I've been trying to read Lyn Webster Wilde's book "Becoming the Enchanter" (pub. Rider & Co, 2003, ISBN: 0712662294), and, at just over two thirds of the way through the book, have given up.

I've skipped ahead a bit, and it seems to be the same so I'll get into my problems with the book, which are:
  1. EXTREME heteronormativity; and
  2. that it is, despite the claim to the contrary, fairly standard paganism.
This sort of heteronormative [3] approach to paganism is a major problem for a good portion of those who are not standard cisgendered, heterosexuals. In fact, to be blunt, I know of groups where this has led to bigotry, prejudice and discrimination - some due to the absolute stupi- er, "lack of awareness" of people who have either grossly limited life experience and a pathological avoidance of media such that they do not even know of the L and G part of the LGBTIQ communities, let alone people who are not cisgendered. I have absolutely no idea whether or not Ms Webster Wilde has awareness of, or acceptance of, LGBTIQ people  but her book has the potential to exacerbate the problems that we do have.

Next, there was absolutely nothing in this book that I have not come across elsewhere, other than the DETAILS of the examination of the legends around Arianrhod [2].

Fairly early on, I began to suspect that the author may be playing a trickster role, similar to that which my Coyote ally ("power animal") and Carlos Castenada play. It was, therefore, no surprise to come across a statement, near the end of the book, where the author states that this book is indeed part of a test set for new members of the group she is in. After I gave up trying to read the book, I came across a review by Ayanna Haynes/Nimue at which further discussed this aspect of being the trickster, and also set out other sources of discomfort I have.

All in all, I personally wouldn't bother with this book, knowing what I now do - but if you do, be objective, thoughtful and detached / objective.

And now, some reading that I DO recommend (but provided you keep you thinking cap on!):

[3] For an explanation of terms like heteronormative, cisgendered, etc, try here, here, here, here, and here. If you do not already know, the acronym LGBTIQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual/transgender, intersex and queer.

[1] BPF = Balanced Positive (spiritual) Forces. See here and here for more on this.

[2] Please see my post "The Death of Wikipedia" for the reasons I now recommend caution when using Wikipedia. I'm also exploring use of h2g2, although that doesn't appear to be as extensive (h2g2 is intended - rather engagingly - to be the Earth edition of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy").

Love, light, hugs and blessings

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