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Post No. 018 - Channelling energy

One of the concepts I've mentioned in previous posts is psychic strength (see the list below if you want to explore those posts). I'd like to explore a particular aspect of that: one's capacity to channel energy.

I first came across this concept when learning what I call "channelled energy healing" - basically, Reiki type healing, but without the specific disciplines and initiations that go with Reiki (I want to emphasise that it is NOT Reiki, but most times I try to explain it in recent years, the people I am talking to seem to interrupt with "Oh you mean Reiki?" or "Oh something like Reiki?" If you want a reference, maybe try "Spiritual Healing - the power of the gentle touch, by Dudley Blades, Aquarian Press, 1979, ISBN 0 85030 130 0; you could also try thinking of it as the Spiritualist version of Reiki). The more we practiced, the better we became - up to a point, which seemed to be limited by how much energy we could channel. There are techniques for getting around such limitations (e.g., asking for help from other healers - both physical and non-physical), but it also raises the issue of actually how much energy one can fit through a channel or chakra (see or if you wish to know more about this).

We would sometimes encounter people who's hands would shake when they were channelling healing energy: that was basically an indication that they were channelling as much energy as they could. It generally meant that they were channelling a significant amount of energy, but that wasn't a given: the potential exists that the quantity of energy channelled could be quite limited, even though they were clearly doing their utmost to channel energy.

This gets a bit complicated because people tend to be more in tune with certain types of energy: one healer, for instance, may be able to channel twice as much energy as another, but perhaps more mental energy than emotional or etheric - hence, the second healer could have shaking hands because they are channelling at their limit, and gets lots of positive feedback from the people around her or him, whereas the first mentioned healer is channelling just as hard, also at their limit, achieving more, but not getting the same feedback or awareness from others.

Nevertheless, the point remains: both healers could increase their capacity to channel energy.

As another example, consider mediums: one may have the skill/capacity to channel relatives, whereas another has the skill/capacity to channel great, inspirational leaders. Both could increase their ability to work by increasing their capacity to channel energy.

OK, how?

When I was learning, our emphasis was on clearing blockages created through past life "negative" karma (I'm planning on writing a critique on the failings of karma as a method of teaching in a future post). I consider that to be quite an excellent way to work (clear the energy from a lifetime where you restricted others' abilities to channel or work, and they will benefit as well as you), but there are other ways to increase one's capacity to cope with and channel energy. These include:

If you're trying to heal someone, and you need healing or an energy boost yourself, there is a certain amount of energy which is going to absorbed by you, rather than get to your patient. You can use techniques to minimise this "leakage" or loss, by why not ensure you are in a better energetic state in the first place? (Don't ignore that question! You can learn a great deal about yourself, including any tendencies towards excess selflessness from genuinely considering it.)

I would like to particularly commend self administered acupressure/shiatsu, breathing exercises and colour visualisation (especially flaming oneself and one's home etc) for no other reason than that I've found them so effective for me :)

There are other techniques, and it is up to you to work out what works best for you :)

I'll leave this post at that - I have a few other matters in my life to attend to.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


This post's photo was taken in southern NSW on a trip from Melbourne to Brisbane, in July, 2007.

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First published: Sunday 16th September, 2007

Post No. 017 - Purpose

OK, so who came here thinking they would come across a blog about spiritual purpose? My sincere apologies (I would have expected the same, based on the title!), but it isn't. What I am interested in here is what skills and learning from the physical world have a use when we are living in Higher realms, such as the astral (for a quick explanation of the concept of the various planes of existence, see and* - this is particularly worth doing for an explanation of some of the different meanings applied to these terms).

To illustrate this, consider food. The accounts I've read (including those of the controversial and flawed author**) suggest that eating food is something we do not need to do on the astral. Now, before you get all glib and say "Of course we don't, food is just a physical thing", keep in mind that it is possible to create a thought form of food and consume that astrally. That is, however, a waste of effort, as on the astral world one can absorb energy directly, and obtain the sustenance one needs that way.

When I discussed this with someone I knew in the 1980s, she responded along the lines "Well, what is the point of learning about things like nutrition?"

The points are, in my view:

(1) any lesson about respecting, caring for and looking after an entity (whether human or other) or object (including places as well as things) is a lesson which is never wasted, as the ATTITUDE is useful in other circumstances

(2) in this particular case, learning about taking in the "right stuff" is a principle which also applies to energy.

In actual fact, we can apply the lessons around taking in "beneficial" energy and keeping out "harmful" energy now, here, in this level of existence.

What energies are beneficial to your psychic health? Where do you find those energies? Are other energies complementary to their absorption? For instance, in much the same way that some Caltrate is sold with Vitamin D on the basis that it is beneficial, do you find, say, contact with the energy of the sea on a windy day helps you to meditate on calmness elsewhere?

My opinion is that most things we learn in this world have a direct usefulness elsewhere. Many of the lessons are of obvious use - lessons about ourselves, about the way we interact with other people, the attitudes we have towards places, animals and ideas, and so forth.

However, there may well be a more subtle level of lesson. In some cases, that subtle lesson may allow us to turn something around from being either an apparent waste of time and effort or even harmful to something which could possibly be a benefit.

As an example of that (I'll probably rewrite this as soon as I come up with something that is better!), consider the habit many people have of judging others on the basis of appearance. This is not just a case of judging people on the basis of their physical attractiveness (a fleeting matter), but also pre-judging people on the basis of characteristics such as whether they appear neat. Now, none of these approaches provides any reliable indication as to a person's character: after a few dates, most young people would probably be well aware that

(a) beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and

(b) attractive physical appearance does not necessarily mean attractive character (they can occur together, however: I've found some groups can be biased against those with an attractive appearance).

If I take the example of someone who looks dishevelled or unkempt (incidentally, if you ever want to check the meaning of any words, there is a free on-line dictionary at, what about the possibility that they were up late with a sick child (including situations where the unkempt one is male), or possibly they have a mental health problem (such as agoraphobia) and have achieved a major accomplishment in being out and about at all, and their appearance is the result of that struggle? What about the possibility that they consider people judge others by superficial matters such as appearance and they wish to have no part of such rubbish? :)

Appearance is something which I am judged by in my day job, as a professional engineer; I don't particularly like it, and I don't consider it is an accurate way for a client to decide whether ior not they're going to get professional service, but if I want clients to hire the company I work for so that I can get paid so I can pay the rent and bills and buy food and clothing, it's what I have to put up with - for now. At least I can do so with some awareness of the wrongness of it.

So ... most lessons and learning have other applications we aren't always aware of. Learning as children to keep ourselves physically clean has parallels with cleansing our aura; cleaning our house to keep it healthy (I'm excluding, in this case, cleaning for the purposes of "showing off") has parallels with keeping our psychic environment clean; learning about nutrition has lessons about energy as well. (Those who have a desire to have a children so they can create a heritage are sewing the seeds for wanting to create a spiritual heritage as they evolve further.)

In the case of this article, some of the subtle lessons and unexpected bonuses were actually the links I came across in the course of incidental research - links which led to writing this article to taking MUCH longer than it should, given it's length, links which I will now, dear reader, leave you so I can go and explore them further :)

Love, light, hugs and blessings


* When I was referring to the Wikipedia "disambiguation" page for "astral", I was surprised to see "astral plane" given a notation that it was a controversial explanation of "out of the body experiences" [i.e., astral travel]; I thought it was the most logical and sensible explanation, personally :) , although other explanations are valid in some circumstances - meaning some dreams don't necessarily have significance or meaning)

** The controversy around Lobsang Rampa is strongest in relation to his claim that the body, which was born Cyril Hoskin, was "taken over" by the spirit of a Tibetan Lama. This process is also referred to as transmigration (see or becoming a "walk in": for more on this topic, see the book "Strangers Among Us" by Ruth Montgomery [my copy is one of the books which has disappeared over the years, so I can't provide publishing details and an ISBN, but I did find copies of it [today] on the Amazon books website), and the Wikipedia article (which, when I accessed it [on Sunday 16th September, 2007] had a note that it's neutrality was disputed). While I was doing the web search on this topic, it became there are quite a few other pages on the topic, such as (which I haven't looked at in any great detail, so don't consider the link an endorsement). There was a period in my early 20s when what I experienced may have been a case of someone partially "walking in", or partially taking over my body, to help me get through a time of extreme emotional distress. This could also perhaps be "overshadowing": one of my guides being in my aura and influencing me strongly, to keep me going and prevent me committing suicide until I could come to terms with some issues.

Going back to Rampa, the flaws are - in my opinion - Rampa's blatant sexism, which leads to some comments which are - again, in my opinion - not correct. The Wikipedia article contains links which detail the criticisms around Rampa, some of which relate to Tibetan culture.

Nevertheless, Rampa's books remain quite a good introduction to metaphysics and psychic matters.

This post's photo was taken in eastern Victoria, near Mallacoota.

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First published: Sunday 16th September, 2007

Post No. 016 - Dreams

There are lots of guides and groups around which focus on the meaning of dreams. No doubt most of those are well intentioned and, in the case where dreams are a message from one's guides/Higher Self/subconscious, appropriate (dreams could also be memories - possibly garbled - of astral travel, or simply meaningless mental "static", as well as valid messages in my experience). That's not what I want to write about in this post: what I want to cover is one's conduct in dreams.

How, in whatever category of dream you are having, do you conduct yourself as a human being? Are you open minded, patient and always conducting yourself with selfless honour, or are you, perhaps, angry, vengeful or spiteful? (This question is particularly relevant for those who do sentient dreaming.)

Dreams can indeed be a useful tool for gaining insight: one of those insights is into our innermost/"natural" character/personality, without all the shields and barriers we have in everyday life. I have to make it very clear that quite a few of those shields and barriers are good things, so I am NOT advocating for change to those in everyday life necessarily. I don't consider it a good thing to start behaving vengefully or spitefully in everyday life simply because you do that in your dreams - the appropriate, mature response is to continue behaving like a civilised adult, while doing something constructive about your inner self.

Dreams ARE indeed a potential source of information: it's high time people started paying attention to one of the most valuable of those sources, which is is what sort of person you are without social mores and constraints.

I also don't advocate simple acceptance of your "inner self" personality. As I've written before (, personality is a malleable construction - it may take a lot of effort to change a few hundred years of influence, but it CAN be done.

It is also important to be sensible about how you change your personality. What works well for one person won't necessarily work for another, and what works for someone in one area may not necessarily work in another area. Hence, for example, one person may find affirmations work well for changing their dream self, whereas another person may need counselling to deal with repressed issues affecting their dream self - and maybe both can use past life regressions to improve the character in the workplace. I don't consider that there are any hard and fast guides: you will have to work through the slow, tedious, often frustrating process of trial and error. One of my university lecturers used to insist we call this process "trial and correction", but it ain't so in this case - there will be lots of dead ends for most people, until eventually you find what works best for you.

There is a story about Edison's having 1,000 failures before finding how to make an incandescent light bulb; when asked about the failures, he said "I haven't failed 1,000 times, I've found 1,000 ways not to make a light bulb". That story works for some people, and it does NOT work for others. Don't worry if you're one of the one's it doesn't work for, 'cos I'm one of them too :) I've simply had to find my own ways of keeping myself in a balanced, well motivated state of being while working on this path of discovery - the things that work well for me are things like listening to music, going out bush, going sailing, and exercising. If I do enough of at least some of those, the whole issue of how I am thinking about the failures/frustrations becomes irrelevant, because I find my patience naturally increases under those circumstances.

See? Everyone's different.

Enjoy your dreams, and the journeys they lead to :)

Love, light, hugs and blessings


This post's photo was taken at Blue Rock Lake, where some stones have been set up in a scenic viewing area: on those stones are plaques telling the history of the early white settlers in the area.

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First published: Friday 7th September, 2007

Post No. 015 - Personality and the lack of permanence

You are not your personality.

Unsettling? I know that most of us tend to get a bit attached to our personality, and I have no fundamental problems with people HAVING personalities, but the reality is that our personalities are not fixed. We change with time and experience. For instance, I've been through an enormous amount in this lifetime, and I no longer have the same views that I used when I was born (I've got more of an Aussie relaxed attitude to some things). My last post, at, shows some of this change. Indeed, there is a saying, which I think I came across through Buddhism, that the only permanent thing in the Universe is change.

I have to qualify this by pointing out that there can be valuable aspects of our personality or character. I know the mistakes in my last incarnation (much of which fall into trying to be popular or going along with the crowd far too much, and also with taking on too much work), and have worked at deliberately changing those mistakes (although I still tend to allow myself to get into situations at work where I have too much work - which can be a manifestation of "wanting to be popular", by not saying "no, I can't do that, so you'll have to crash and burn or find another solution like tell the client you'll be late"). I also know, however, some of the strengths of that incarnation - which relate to what tends to get called "team development" now: training or teaching, in a sense. I still enjoy facilitating the development of people, and that is one of the joys of my day job at the moment, a joy which does at times get swamped by the workload.

As another example of that, I am aware of an early Middle Ages lifetime where I had a strong sense of honour: that can be a strong motivator now to maintain my integrity, but that lifetime was also one where I was intolerant, and made the sort of mistakes I've commented on others making (things like judging others on characteristics I have no right to even have an opinion on).

In the sense of personality, my "religious" lives, such as being a priestess or a Tibetan monk, have led to major changes in my character (I apologise if you are upset by my use of personality and character interchangeably, but I honestly don't see much difference - and I do think some people get too hung up on trying to define specific shades of meaning that don't exist), and the joy at seeing others develop seems to have started with combining the effects of some of my past lives as a mother with the changes brought about by those "religious" lives (specifically, seeing all humanity as my family, rather than only my blood relatives).

In this life, my current (day job) workload is a major problem: this is one of the current challenge I am dealing with, and it will be interesting to see what sort of person I am in a year's time.

This process of change is one that you can take charge of. I was fortunate to come across Buddhism at an early age (as a teenager), and started doing things like using affirmations (there is an art to this - I'm not impressed by the "fluffy bunny" type of affirmations, but it IS possible to write an affirmation which will lead to useful change for the better in your character, and I'm as equally not impressed with those who think affirmations are rubbish - well, that part of them, at any rate).

The life you planned for yourself, combined with the guidance of your incarnate and discarnate guides, will lead you to the lessons you need to learn. Have faith and patience, but then look at yourself critically: what do you want to change? Are you aware that you are possibly changing thousands of years of habits or some overwhelming past experiences (not necessarily all in past lives), and prepared to be persistent accordingly? Are you prepared to be sensible about this - for example, common, everyday garden variety counselling may actually be your best tool for change, rather than affirmations or past life regressions or rituals or using keys (see my post at - or a combination of these and other techniques may actually be best.

Your personality if a key part of you on the levels of this planet and the etheric and astral worlds about us: there are aspects of our personalities and other aspects of ourselves which we discover as we "find ourselves", or explore our inner essence: ALL of those are within our power to change, both for the better and for the worse.

Your decision about your next step in life may be the beginning of an enhancement of your wisdom.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


This post's photo was taken many years ago, at sunset near the entrance of Boxes Creek in the Gippsland Lakes.

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First published: Sunday 2nd September, 2007

Post No. 014 - Colour healing (example of my early automatic writing)

We grow, develop and change with time. At the risk of EXTREME embarrassment to me (think of teenagers saying "You're embarrassing me, Mum!"), I'm going to include a few examples of my early work, and then comment of where I would differ from what is in the writing now.

To put this in context, I was studying in a New Age group with methods which - to simplify - were largely spiritualist based. We worked hard, learned a great deal, and the group and its members came up with some innovations and techniques which I still use and teach to this day. (I left partly because of the exhaustion resulting from the hard work; I don't have permission to mention the group [I haven't got around to asking yet!], so I won't mention them here.) The purpose of these writings was not to change the world: it was to practice and develop our skills at automatic writing.

That leads into my first comment on how I've changed since then. I now no longer accept that (non-physical) guides necessarily know more than incarnate people. Consider the guides of people living a materially simple life under hard circumstances in some barren area. Their (non-physical) guides would probably know a great deal about physical survival skills, but not much about complex social interactions of the type found in cities, or necessarily much about advanced metaphysics or spirituality (remember I described this situation as being a struggle to survive). Also, consider the person who is more evolved spiritually than someone else: the former may actually know more spiritually than the guides of the latter - which is not to imply that ANY are less deserving of respect. This does, however, make me far less likely to give a piece of automatic writing credence simply because it has been obtained by automatic writing: use the gift of your mind, and don't be gullible! I consider that my experience and knowledge is valuable, so make sure I contribute wherever possible and reasonable to any channelled writing I do - I now consider the quality of the end result to be more important than the method by which it was obtained (but at the time of this writing, that wasn't the case - I wanted to develop my psychic abilities, including the strength and clarity of my connection to my guides, and my ability to communicate both generally and by means of automatic writing).

So, now to the writing, which I channelled from White Waters Fall (a brother in a past life in North America [pre-white settlement] whose death I was responsible for) on 15th April, 1986.


It is fairly well known that colours do affect people in various ways. This is used when using mental, or absent, healing quite often, by imagining the patient surrounded in blue or green healing colours. In some places in the United States, the police are experimenting with the use of colour to reduce the strength of violent people. Several books have been written on the subject of colours - for meditation, and for healing. We wish to suggest an exercise that may be of use for those who are interested in learning more about colour for healing.

At , the visualisation of bright colours to help psychically clear rooms, and one's aura, has been talked of. Also, the use of colours to assist healing, as mentioned earlier in this article. Flaming involves imagining a bright gold light radiating from the centre of the body, often the heart chakra, to clear one's aura. A slight variation on this is to imagine that within oneself there is a point of light that grows until it fills the body, and then the aura. As this light grows, it pushes any darkness in the body out of the body, out of the aura, and to higher spiritual realms where it is dissolved.

These exercises, done frequently, have a beneficial effect on one's psychic health. They should be used as preliminaries to the exercise described, as they make it easier for one's Divine Light guides to come closer to one, and more difficult for negative forces to interfere with any Divine guidance one wishes to receive. For that reason, many people often use them before sleep also.

The books that talk of colour deal mainly with the effect that specific colours have. Unfortunately, some books do not always agree with other books, or the guidance that one gets. One should check the accuracy of the guidance as much as possible, So, to learn more about the effects of specific colours, visualise the colour around oneself and ask one's guides to assist you to feel the way you would if you had as much of that colour as you should have in your aura.

So, for example, visualising pink and asking one's guides (after asking for Divine protection and guidance, of course) to help one feel the way one would if one had the ideal amount of pink in one;'s aura would generally result in some change to the way one felt. If there is no change, one either has enough pink, or does not have the karma to know that one doesn't have enough pink, or one is being blocked. It is always a good idea to specifically ask that the maximum love and light that is for the Highest Spiritual Good of all go to all entities, incarnate and discarnate, that could cause or contribute to any blocking. This specific request increases the amount of protection one is entitled to. The best way to overcome the lack of karma is to persist with the exercise, and to assist other people in whatever way one can, and to ask for Divine Light guidance on this exercise.

With persistent practice, one would learn that, perhaps, pink increases one's sense of security and one's caring. It is important to persist with this exercise, so that pone is less likely to come to the wrong conclusion through interference, or carelessness.

By doing this exercise for a few main colours, perhaps pink, blue, green, gold, orange, white and violet, one can soon gain a better practical understanding of the effects that colours have on oneself, and which colours one needs most. Then, one can visualise the colours, or dress in the colours that one needs most until there is no deficiency, or some other colour is more important.

One important point is that the tone of the colour is very vital. A dark colour can have a negative effect , while a bright shade can have a positive effect. So, use bright pastel tones of the colours.

This exercise has benefits that are not obvious. Firstly, by being psychically brighter and healthier, one heals oneself and also the other people one comes into contact with. Secondly, by making the effort to work with one's Divine guides in this way, it is easier for one's guides to channel colours through when using channelled healing.

That brings us to the final point we wish to make. When using channelled healing, we suggest that one does not try to channel colours for specific effects unless one has had a a thorough psychic training. Simply use white, or the normal blue and green, and make the request that one's guides channel the correct colours, and change the effect of one's visualisation where appropriate. If one wishes to be of more assistance than that, then suggest this exercise - along with what you may have learned about healing - to the patient, so that they can learn to heal themselves.

White Waters Fall

OK, my comments now:

(1) there is an excellent (nigh on brilliant, actually) analysis on some of the subtle errors which can occur when working with psychic/paranormal matters - errors such as failing to consider that a medium could simply be telepathically reading what is in the sitter's mind and relaying that back and that being misconstrued as "proof" of life after death - in Stuart Holroyd's "Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth" (renamed "Prelude for the Planet Earth" in some markets). BUY AND READ IT: it is an excellent example of how not to be gullible, without being blindly and inflexibly sceptical. Publication details: Corgi 1979 (originally W.H. Allen 1977), ISBN 0 552 10997 5.

(2) I am now more open to the notion of balance between "light" and "dark", between evolution and involution - Wicca has taught me that. I now use terms like "destructive" or "disharmonious", as they more accurately reflect what I used to want to express when I or my guides referred to things like cleansing the darkness our of my aura. I've also talked to people who are members of the Church of Satan, and know that they are NOT into child sacrifice or other such rubbish: at the risk of misrepresenting those people and their views, my understanding is that they are about focusing on involution, or the "left hand path": i.e., focusing on learning about and developing the self.

(3) A bit related to the above, but I also send energy to Mother Earth for recycling, not only to higher realms for dissolution.

(4) I still am careful to specify what guides I wish to work with: there are upset, angry or downright malicious entities in both the physical world, and the realms about this world where earthbound people tend to accumulate. It can happen that people are misled by (earthbound) people who are upset and angry at being ignored by everyone else (a common experience for those who are earthbound) that they spit out an angry comment when they finally find someone who appears to be listening to them - and there can be malicious misleading. I tend not to use the term "Divine Light Force" ("DLF") as much as I used to (I may use "constructive non-physical guides"), but I am quite comfortable with the notion of light as a differentiator in astral realms (think of the colours you would send to someone who needed colour healing: would you send them a turgid, dirty green if they needed green, or a bright or rich, vibrant shade?), so I still often do use the term: it has the personal associations I want in that context.

(5) I'm also less strict about wearing bright colours in my clothing, or having bright colours about me, but that can also be a problem if I'm going through a flat spot so it isn't necessarily an improvement! Similarly, I haven't used this exercise for some time, but I do have other exercises where I work regularly with colour to cleanse and heal/boost my aura or the pl;aces I live, work and visit.

(6) I am still VERY strong in judging the effects of colours (and the energies of crystals) on a case by case basis. This could partly be the effect of having been on the receiving end of so much discrimination myself because I don't fir into other people's little boxes, but simply from working with crystals I know that one piece of rose quartz usually has a different energy and quality to another piece of rose quartz, so the guides saying that such and such stone is good for X, Y and Z don't necessarily apply to all stones. Similarly, if I ask a group to visualise the colour green, I can pretty much expect as many shades of green as there are people in the room - and everyone has a different history, so may have particular associations that can change or even reverse the effect most colours have. For instance, say someone had been tortured in a previous life in a blue room, they may find blue not restful at all, whereas quite a few (NOT ALL!!!) do. I also use more than just pastel shades now - my favourite green is an emerald or Kelly green, which can hardly be described as pastel. But the notion of trying something yourself (i.e., in the context of this post, visualising a colour round you) to see what effect it has on you is a valid one. I also still agree VERY strongly with the notion of CHECKING any guidance you receive - whether physical or psychic, and with the notion of working with adequate protection (see my post at

(7) I still accept that one may not be entitled to know the answers to a question - whether that is a karmic limitation, or because one has to go through certain experiences, or perhaps because one simply has to work it out for oneself (perhaps to drive the lesson home more strongly than simply being given an answer). There is a way of checking whether one is being limited karmically, and I'll add that to my list of future posts.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


This post's photo is from a recent trip to Queensland to visit my ill (adoptive) mother, and was taken going into a country town in NSW (which I thought was appropriate, given the idea of developing over time, or spiritually travelling, in a sense, for this post).

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First published: Saturday 1st September, 2007

Post No. 013 - Superheroes

I have to admit to having a weakness for a good superhero/ine film or book - a "superhero/ine" story can be quite inspiring, I find. BUT .... I can and do recognise when they are a story that may not have much to do with the real world.

The Harry Potter series is a case in point: the magical world created by J. K. Rowling is a wonderful, imaginative and entertaining place filled with the sort of miraculous magic quite a few people would no doubt want to be able to do (I know there are things in the series I would like to do :) ), but they have little relevance to the magical work most witches, Wiccans, etc I know do. Casting a spell to bring calm and/or enlightenment to a political world leader may not be as spectacular as creating a patronus, but it is no less special or lacking in the right to be considered a "superhero/ine" act.

Actually, the notion of creating a patronus raises an issue I would like to touch on: "keys". Keys, in the magical sense, are - I was taught - anything which can help you to change your state of consciousness. They can be things like incense, music, moving in a ritual way (e.g., the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram [see my post at], or Tai Chi or a circle dance or some sort of physical hobby that puts you into a reflective/meditative mood [such as painting or gardening]), chanting, visualisation, wearing robes or any of the aspects of ritual work. In my case, one of the earliest things I used as a key was to build an association between a word and a thought form/visualisation.

The act I wanted help with was what is called flaming: using visualisation or similar skills to cleanse one's aura of negative or disharmonious energies (see the post I have already given a link to). In my case, I used a visualisation of bright golden light flowing from my centre outwards through my aura and flushing/burning it clear. I would meditate, using the alternate nostril breathing exercises of Lobsang Rampa (a VERY controversial person - I'll post of Rampa and the breathing exercises at some stage down the track), and also (mentally) chant the word I wanted to build the association with - in this case, the God name associated with the Qabbalistic sphere Kether, which is Eheieh.

Effectively I was creating a thought form which I could activate by (mentally) chanting Eheieh (if I had built the association with a spoken word, I would have had to speak the word - not always possible when in a stressful situation such as a confrontational meeting at work). I found it effective then, over 20 years ago, and I have continued to find it effective and it is still effective today. I have also created the same sort of thought form with objects such as crystals I wore, or perhaps a ring, which I tended to use when I wanted to work on some aspect of my personality (that's a topic for another post in the near future).

The technique worked very well for me, and it seems to also work for at least some other people (I commend it to you). In fact, as a species (or smaller groups within the species), we seem to have created such associations - and to have changed them, from time to time. As examples of this, consider the associations with the Christian cross, the pentagram (whether inverted or not) and the flag of whatever your country is: would those reactions occurred had that object been seen a century ago, a millennium ago, or ten thousand years ago? The swastika used to be a powerful symbol for good in Asian cultures - but, after Hitler and his evil had finished with it, it has become almost irrevocably associated with evil (actually Hitler used the crooked swastika, but the evil was so powerful, all forms of the swastika have, in my opinion, become corrupted).

I am going to be interested to see if any of the Latin and Latin sounding phrases used in the Harry Potter series start to develop some potency of their own - Expecto Patronum, for instance, could possibly become an effective protective spell. On a down side, maybe Abracadabra will become subject to a certain amount of wariness in usage because it is phonetically similar to the Avada Kedavra used in the Potter series. (There is an interesting article at Witchvox, "Say the Magic Words: From Movie Magic to Personal Power" by witchdoctorjoe , at, which touches on something similar to this.)

I actually like the learning that is there in the Harry Potter series for those who look. There are some fairly obvious lessons about teachers, schools and learning (I recently read an article in the Melbourne newspaper "The Age" which reported that educationalists had pointed out that good and bad teaching techniques were illustrated in the Harry Potter series), and also some stimulating material about families, friends (who I consider the family you choose) and traits like loyalty and support (including when it can be misplaced, and when fear can be mistaken for loyalty). More interesting to me is the illustration of what people's actions can do to others.

Severus Snape's character is, in part, due to the tormenting he received at the hands of Harry's father, James, and friends. (There is another excellent article on this at Witchvox, "The Peril of Solipsism in Magical Practice" by Taylor Ellwood, at, which I STRONGLY recommend you, dear reader(s), peruse.) Hypothetically, how different would Snape have been, and all the other events in this hypothetical series have been, had James et al behaved with some common decency and manners towards the young Severus?

This issue crops up in everyday life frequently. I was recently abused by a woman walking down a street near my workplace: she was obviously being as deliberately offensive as she could, trying to hurt me enough to provoke a reaction. The simplistic reaction would have been to bite - to say something to her which was also hurtful (without going in to details, her appearance was such that it would have been quite easy to do that). However, tuning in to some of the energies involved showed she was actually suffering from self loathing, and was seeking to hurt herself in as many ways as she could to punish herself (possibly out of guilt). I think she would have been, in a perverse way, happy if I'd crossed over the street and hit her.

That very real woman, and the fictional Severus Snape, are very good examples of how deciding people are "bad" is not as simple as it seems.

Something I learned from Buddhism, which was reinforced by my Wiccan studies, is that we all have a negative or shadow self: all the parts of ourself that either a potential weakness or are what we wouldn't like paraded around the dinner table at a family meal. Not some of us, or most of us - ALL of us. There is an American Indian parable about the two wolves inside us: one good and one evil; the one that grows and is strongest is the one that is fed most.

ANY one of us, if we are not aware and alert, could potentially be driven to commit acts that we consider wrong, bad or mad. If I remember it correctly, criminals in Tibet used to be (before the Chinese invasion and occupation) locked in stocks and unable to feed themselves, but did not starve to death because other people would feed them - partly to earn "good" karma, and partly because the Tibetans recognised something similar to the sentiment of the saying "There, but for the Grace of God, go I". On this world, we are not that far away from serious errors: a moments carelessness when driving could lead to someone else's injury or even death, and that could possibly land us in jail. I get very wary of people who are smug, and see themselves as inherently different or superior to others who commit acts of great evil. If you had been in their shoes, how different would you have been? (There are people who I am confident would NOT repeat the mistakes of such people: without exception, those people are not arrogant about their difference/"superiority".) In fact, have you, like Harry's father James, committed acts which you consider innocent or harmless "fun" which may actually have contributed to someone else's character being harmed?

And this leads us back, eventually, to the topic of superheroes/superheroines. In the world of the superhero/ine, things are always fairly clearly black and white - even in the case of flawed so-called "anti-hero/ines". What I would like to see, is a superhero/ine who lives in a recognisably everyday, mundane world, dealing with everyday, mundane stresses such as working to pay the bills, who uses whatever super powers they have and has to deal with the consequences, and learns from the mistakes.

As an example, perhaps they force a brash loud-mouthed yobbo at work to be quiet, and then find that this was an act to help the person to cope with being picked on, bullied or abused as a kid (if I wanted to make the story particularly poignant, perhaps the person concerned would commit suicide after the superheo/ine's intervention). Or maybe they stop a boss at work being so arrogant, and as a result the company doesn't win as much work and goes bust. If I chose an environmental example, perhaps they bring rain to one part of the country which needs water, and as a result somewhere else suffers drought. (This point is emphasised in the Earthsea series; and the heroines in Kate Forsyth's excellent Witches of Eileanan series [see] are very human.)

Everything is interconnected, and everyone and everything has layers of meaning and motivation. (I read an interesting science fiction story years ago, which I think has been turned in to a film, about people who travel back in time to hunt dinosaurs which would have died just after the hunters killed them anyway; one of the hunters steps on a butterfly, and creates a sequence of events which changes - destroys - the time they came from.)

I personally would still find such a superhero/ine inspiring; in fact, I may just happen to find them even more inspiring. (In fact, I found the idea so inspiring I started work on such a story some time ago :) )

May you find and manifest the superhero/ine in your life, and may it be a wise, inspired and understanding manifestation.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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First published: Saturday 1st September, 2007