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Post No. 102 - Judging others: people who experience a lot

Know anyone who seems to have had a great deal of suffering? Do they have endless bad luck?

Ever think they deserved it - perhaps karmically?

Well, it may well be that, far from having "deserved" a life of suffering, they are actually well ahead of you spiritually.

In my early days of serious study on the spiritual path, I came across a test to work out where you were karmically: when you do something that is wrong (not if!), note how long it is before that comes back to you. Let's say you cut someone off while driving: how long is it before something like that happens to you? There have been times in my life when it was only a few minutes, but usually it is longer.

If the return is only a few hours or days, maybe a week or so, you are doing reasonably well - for the karmic load that you assigned yourself in that lifetime. If it is months, you have a slipped behind ...

(1) no-one else can do this test for you, and you can't do it for others (unless you're so advanced that you don't need this blog and probably wouldn't be bothering to read it anyway - except maybe to check up on how I'm going :) )
(2) it is related to the karmic load that you have taken on for that lifetime.

People have a certain rate of karmic return that they take on. They can, to some extent, alter that from within a lifetime (for instance, when I was learning, we all accelerated our karmic return - and struggled thereafter), but mostly its set as part of the planning for an incarnation - which you may or may not have been a willing part of (you would definitely have been part of it at a soul level, but not necessarily at the level of consciousness which reincarnated as ythis parallel of the soul).

When you see people who are overwhelemd and struggling, consider that you may well be loking at people who have been extremely evolved sp[iritually in their previous lives, and then decided to clear up karma at an accelerated rate. Maybe they're dealing with what would be, at a "normal" rate of karmic return, say, six or ten lifetimes worth of karma - perhaps so they can have a "clean slate" before moving on to a new phase of existence.

From my personal experience of a relatively minor acceleration of rate of karmic return, that can be a major matter, so ... if you see people who are ovewhelmed by "bad" experiences, DON'T assume they've necessarily been exceptionally evil in a past life (and I have come across this attitude in some people who have learned a little about karma): they may actually be more evolved than you.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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First published: Sunday 17th January, 2010

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