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Post No. 101 - A New Visualisation: Astral Trees as a clearing/healing tool

I developed the following technique while working on clearing a nest of vampires. No, not people who turn physically into dust at the touch of sunlight (nor even people who have porphyria) - not even people who are eveil or unpleasant, and some of them even have an interest in spiritual matters. No, this is a group of people who have wound up in a situation with lots of complicated factors (serious illnesses, including cancer [one terminal], lack of money, addiction [to smoking], etc) that they are being overwhelmed by.

When you're drowning, you grasp at almost anything - lifejackets, timber, or even other people. When I was a kid being taught in the local life saving club, one of the things we were taught to do is dive down when approaching a struggling swimmer and some up behind them so they don't latch on to you and get both of you into trouble. That was in the 60s: I rather suspect things may have changed since then (because of personal floation boards, etc), but the principle is a useful illustration of what I am talking about.

These people are not feeling good: they are, as is the human tendency to want to do, wanting to feel good. If anyone offers help, they will latch on and take more than the other can give. They will be as pleasant as they can be, in their own way, and as grateful as they can be (in their own way), but they will be totally unaware of the problems they are causing others - much as a drowning swimmer will not be aware that he or she is drowning the would be rescuer.

The end result, though, is that they fit into the strict definition of energy/emotional vampire - and they have, unfortunately, picked up some astral entities who are vampires (not ones that honour the Black Veil, a Code of Ethics associated with part of the vampire culture - see "Magickal Self Defense", by Kerr Cuhulain, pub. Llewellyn, ISBN 978-0-7387-1219-2, p. 111*), and who are both feeding off the pain, fear and other negative energies, and doing all that they can to

So ... what does one do?

Well, one does NOT abandon them: one uses smarter healing and clearing techniques and, while maintaining a sympathetic relationship, keeps a protective distance.

This is a lesson all would be healers and helpers need to learn: don't be too involved, look after yourself - if you don't, you won't be able to help anyone. It is particularly important to be aware of this if, as is too often the case, you are getting involved with helping others because of your own needs (for self esteem, to feel valued/needed/wanted, etc). Those may not be ideal motivations, but - unlike those who take cheap shots at such people - I think it is worth having more people helping others than less, provided the helpers are not causing harm, and such people do NOT necessarily automatically cause harm (they do, however, in some cases - usually where they place their own expectations of what they, the "helper", would want in that situation, rather than being objective and checking what the person being helped actually wants).

In terms of this blog post, a technique I have developed for this situation is to create a thought form of a tree. In this particular case, it is a silver coloured tree - actually, a series of trees, one for the house, and one for each of the key players, including the astral vampires who have attached themselves to these people. I perceive trees as light pumps, so effectively I have created light & love pumps for these people and the hourse they live in.

The trees were nearly overwhelmed in the first few hours, until I added vortexes, both up and down, to remove the negative energy being flushed out by these creations.

As is the case with any new technique, I've tried it out on myself first, and found that it is particularly good at clearing chakras, but not so good at, when I tried it, helping with asthma attacks (although that may have been because I was trying to deal with the lungs, rather than the other nonphysical energies which are associated with the asthma.

It may work for other people's asthma; it may work in this case I'm using for and not others. If yopu feel so inclined, think about it, meditate on it, communicate with your guides, and maybe try it.

I'm just hoping it will make helping these people less of a painful, disruptive and unpleasantly wearing experience. I have other, earlier, and more important commitments in life to honour.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


* I'm working on a review of this book

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First published: Sunday 17th January, 2010

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