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Post No. 100 - Film Review: The Lovely Bones

Last night, my partner, a friend of hers and I all went to see the film "The Lovely Bones".

As a film, my partner (who is also psychic) and I thought it was great (the friend said it was "like "Ghost" but without the humour"), with incredible performance from the actors and director. One thing which was particularly noticeable was how much harder it was for the serial killer to pick up victims in later years, when young women were being less subservient and docile than they had been conditioned into being in earlier decades.

I'm not going to try and make this a full blown or formal review: I'm just going to list a few points.

- I liked the way communication between the worlds was shown, with hints and whispers for those not trained
- it was pity the film didn't show the earthbound conditions that the serial killer would have experienced after his demise
- the trance mediumship of Ruth was a good scene (maybe not the most representative of real life mediumship, but resonably well done)
- the way the non-physical world changes in response to emotions is accurate (in concept) and was a particularly important point (in my opinion)
- the lack of help from spirit rescuers is, unfortunately, accurate: there are just not enough doing this valuable work
- it was a pity that the term for the Summerlands was the Christian term (i.e., "heaven"), but that was probably a commercial thing (particularly for the American market) - if the author/filmmakers knew of any other terms!

My partner had picked up the book at a school fete and started to read it years ago - until life got in the way. I'm now looking forward to reading and reviewing that - and am curious as to how much the author, Alice Sebold, knows consciously about rescue work. She has certainly had some rough experiences in life: a rape while studying led - eventually - to her writing career, and the following is attributed to her from the Wikipedia article about her:

In an interview conducted by Ann Darby of Publishers Weekly, Sebold said of The Lovely Bones: "I was motivated to write about violence because I believe it's not unusual. I see it as just a part of life, and I think we get in trouble when we separate people who've experienced it from those who haven't. Though it's a horrible experience, it's not as if violence hasn't affected many of us."

I'll have a think about that comment as well ...

In the meantime, I have a few (psychic) people that I want to recommend this film to.

Love, light, hugs and blessings


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First published: Sunday 17th January, 2010

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