Offerings - Talismanic Tetrahedrons

Talismanic Tetrahedrons 

I first wrote about these here. In effect, they are a three dimensional magical device, an amulet, talisman or charm, created for a specific purpose.
I have combined a tetrahedron (a sort of pyramid shape built out of triangles) with Kamea (also known as Qabbalistic Squares or Magickal Squares) and a few other magical devices (such as the Seals of Solomon) to create something which works in a more complex fashion than something drawn on a flat sheet of paper or some other two dimensional surface. For instance, each face can act as a specific source of influence (i.e., energy, including the energy from a Deity if you wish).
The example in the below photos is one which has been created for the purpose of achieving psychic protection (actually, it is the first in that series, for me and my family, so is a little old and the worse for wear :) ).
There is, as with having a crystal, a certain amount of effort required to care for this device if you get one.
I have standard designs available (Psychic Protection, and World Peace) which I can either send to you as a design by email, for you to print, cut out, assemble and charge following the instructions sent with the Tetrahedron, or I can do that and send it preassembled and precharged.
I can also create a specific designs if I can be convinced that there is a valid purpose.

Love, light, hugs and blessings

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