Regrets and (Minor) Lessons

This page is where I will record a few things that are mostly minor, but personally significant – the major lessons are on the main page of the blog :) As I have said elsewhere, the ultimate audience for this blog is me in a future life, so the lessons are of significance to me, but quite possibly no-one else.
  • Resisting social pressure has always been a good thing – even if I haven’t been able to explain it at the time, and only resisted because of the mindlessness and controlling nature of the pressure, it has always been good. Now, I can say that doing so has preserved the independence of my Soul / Spirit – preserved the Integrity of Me, to coin a phrase. There have been a few occasions where I was overwhelmed and gave into such pressure, and, without exception, I have always regretted doing so.
  • Standing up for ethics has always been good and worthwhile, but there has been a price – especially in office politics, where I have been shut out of opportunities that have plagued me ever since, and all because I was not a “yes woman”. I need to keep that in mind, and make sure I am not financially vulnerable, which is how I usually get locked in to jobs.
  • Resisting the pressure of several of the people who have wanted to be in an intimate relationships with me has been a good thing – without exception, I can look back at those people and see the bullets I’ve dodged (especially the situations which could have led to children - who are NOT the reason and meaning of life). For my next life, I hope to be more mindful of the price paid for being in a relationship, especially the constraints on doing serious psychic and/or spiritual work, but also the financial cost, and the wear and tear - I have generally taken on too much with relationships (and beware of Munchausen by Relationship - aka getting into a situation because of wanting to rescue / heal / etc someone else). More generally, not being able to function on one’s own is a major personal flaw that needs to be fixed in every person who has it – which, in my earlier life, also included me.
  • I regret not moving onto a boat earlier in my life (although not having access to a cyclone proof mooring in Queensland was part of that), moving off boats to live on the land, and not completing the development of an on-board treatment plant.
  • Intersectionality has helped explain things, and being a part of several minorities has let me see the underbelly of society.
  • Activist viewpoints, rationality, logic, philosophy, etc do NOT explain everything: for that, the concept of the Soul / Higher Self and the multi-level Nature of Reality is necessary.
  • On financial matters, I should have stuck to my guns about always saving, and starting the saving to replace major purchases (e.g., car, white goods) immediately I have bought them. In my defence, I have taken on two families, a troubled one in my middle age and another in late middle age, and that has stuffed me up completely financially. It also didn't help that I got into what was bordering on a cult situation in my young (and stupid) days and paid far too much for learning and for the opportunity to work (and develop something new for the world): of course, what I have done with taking on families since could be described as something I have done in my mature and stupid days :) 
  • Plan to retire by 55, as poor health may make work after that incredibly difficult - and keep in mind any remonitions about a short life may be wrong ... 
  • I am also very much aware that relationships can lead to other constraints - the karma of your partner will affect not only them, but you as well, as will their psychic abilities. Relationships can still work (although the highest levels of insight and work are done singly, not as a couple/whatever number your relationship involves), but, next time, I will be more careful about making sure we have the same growth orientation, some pace of learning in life, and similar spiritual and psychic commitments - things like marrying an alcoholic don't really help one to achieve more spiritually and psychically.
  • When I was younger, I moved so much that I limited myself to what I could fit into a 6’ x 4’ trailer. Living on a boat also helped limit the amount of “stuff” I had. Whilst I have eased my views to what I can get into a moving truck, I still consider I have too much stuff, and am downsizing. I should never have weakened on that, either – apart from the practicality of limiting possessions, it helps spiritually and, these days, environmentally (because of the embedded greenhouse gases in possessions).
  • I regret re-starting the cycle of pet ownership before I retired, which is what I had planned when I lost my previous cat. Now, I would prefer not to have pets at all. I DON’T regret insisting on my cats being indoor cats, even if that pre-agreed rule has often been breached, and I am RIGHT to insist that cats are part of the household and thus have more rights and entitlements than visitors.
  • I am right not to rush into taking students on, and to be reserved about having workshops in my space (because of the abuse of one of my cats by the partner of an attendee: that is something I should hold more firmly to – if you’re not booked in, get off the property).
  • I am right to insist on integrity and respect of my personal space – and especially so when it comes to the crystals that I work with.
More to come.