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Post No. 476 - The news: a comment

It seems like it's the week for stupidity. On a local scale, I've encountered two vehicles stopped in the middle of a suburban street so their drivers can have a chit-chat, despite them blocking the road for all traffic (ever hear of the offence of "obstructing traffic" boys? Try pulling out of the way, morons!), more inattentive pedestrians, etc. But the really big piece of stupidity is the US Government.

I've read plenty of commentators saying it's not so bad - pensions will still be paid, other pays will be made buy late, the stockmarket isn't doing too badly ... oh, and some people are going to be forced onto unpaid leave.


To downplay this as "not too bad" when people are probably being stressed - perhaps to the point of suicide - by financial pressure is unbelievable. Maybe the commentators, like the politicians, are rich enough that they could live off their savings ...

And this is all motivated, it seems to me, by one group of politicians not wanting people to have affordable health care!

The US health system, according to the people I've talked to from there, is abominable - and fundamentally flawed by the insistence on it being provided by employers.


Oh well, that's another batch of candles for me to light ...

PS - traffic has been extremely chaotic today - I even saw a pedestrian walk across traffic moving (with a green light) at 60 kmh - cars were braking everywhere to avoid the idiot. People were vague and confused - in and out of cars ... maybe the geomagnetic storm (Kp index spent most of today around 5 to 6) affected more people than just myself ...

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[2] Please see here and my post "The Death of Wikipedia" for the reasons I now recommend caution when using Wikipedia. I'm also exploring use of h2g2, although that doesn't appear to be as extensive (h2g2 is intended - rather engagingly - to be the Earth edition of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy")

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