Projects for Others

 As I’ve been writing on this blog over the last almost seven years, I’ve had quite a few ideas – more than I can make happen, actually. When I do so, I like to try to make the ideas available for others who might be interested to do something with (in a non-Pagan/psychic/spiritual/metaphysical sense, that is the purpose of one of my other blogs: Kayleen’s Ideas). I’d like to make it very clear that there are quite a few ideas in this blog that I am hoping others can develop, and the following list is an initial list of such projects.

I will add to and subtract from this list from time to time.

Projects for others to complete (in addition to studying and becoming sufficiently skilled at the matters I write of to not only be proficient and expert in their use, but also to teach others - including teach some others to teach):
Love, light, hugs and blessings

Gnwmythr, Wéofodthegn 
(pronounced "new-MYTH-ear"; ... aka Bellatrix Lux? … Morinehtar? … Would-be drýicgan ... )

My "blogiography" (list of all posts - currently not up to date) is here, and my glossary/index is here.

I started this blog to cover karmic regression-rescue (see here and here), and it grew ... See here for my group mind project, here and here for my "Pagans for Peace" project (and join me at 9 PM on Sunday, wherever you are, to meditate for peace), and here for my bindrune kit-bag. I also strongly recommend learning how to flame, ground and shield, do alternate nostril breathing, work with colour, and see also here and be flexible.