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For this blog I am using my spirit or craft name: Gnwmythr, which is pronounced “new-MYTH-ear” – the “w” is pronounced in the Welsh way, as “oo”. Why? Because that's how it came through, in a dream many years ago – I woke up with the pronunciation, the fact that it started with a “G”, and found a version with a Qabbalistic numerology that suits my tasks in this life and a style that links to some of my heritage - which includes Welsh, Irish, Cornish, Scottish, English, German, Silesian and just a dash of Danish :)
It’s not quite right, actually, but it is key to my spiritual and psychic identity.
And on identity, I identify these days, after many variations, as an “energy psychic” - I sense energy: earth and nature-based energies, past life energies, the energy of earthbound entities, auras, etc. I use that sensing, and the training and experience I have had since the early 1980s, in a range of ways – which I’ll outline on the “Offerings” page.
In terms of energy, I have had an awareness of nonphysical energy most of my life. As a child, I would pick up 'happy rocks', and then, when they wanted to go 'home' or became un happy, I would take them back to where I had found them. That led to me getting into crystals fairly early on in my development, but in terms of the flow of this post it is significant that even at that relatively tender age I was aware that “everything is really energy”, as I solemnly told my father one night, and was very strongly inclined towards ritual and exploring spirituality. I would write my own rituals and daily practices to follow, but I had limited examples to base these on – and I wasn’t too happy about the mainstream faith I was raised in, partly because they said animals didn’t have souls, and partly because of some double standards I saw in some of its adherents. So, as I grew, I started to search more widely.
Before I go into the spiritual searching I went through at that time, it is perhaps worth a moment to reflect on some of the significant influences I had at that time. For a start, I am adopted, so I have one set of genetic influences, and another set of environmental influences, and am proud of both families. I am also very aware of the influences I have experienced from previous lives - probably two of the most obvious are my affinity to cats, and my love of sailing and just generally being on the water. My connection to cats came, I suspect, from a life in Ancient Egypt as a Priestess of Bast (no-one famous, or even recorded in history), and my love of sailing from several lives as a sailor, including a life in the British Navy in the 1800s (no, I was not at Trafalgar). That life in the British Navy was also particularly useful in introducing more self-discipline into my psyche, and helped to balance out an earlier (definitely not good!) life as a pirate, as well as one as a too-hedonistic poet. In this life, the physical poetry and joy of sailing – particularly the connection with the dynamic aspects of Nature - has helped get me through some very rough times: I consider it has literally saved my life in at least one period (as have my creative interests – sketching and writing).
On other past life matters, I’m also aware that my first life as an engineer – my current day job - was in the ancient Roman Army, and that some key lives along my spiritual path have also included being a Druid and a monk in Tibet (again, no-one famous or recorded in history). Of more recent significance, my current partner was my girlfriend when I went out on an experimental submarine in the First World War, a submarine which then sank, and others in this life have been connected to my most recent previous life, when I was a (successful - not the most successful, mind) German night fighter pilot - for instance, one person I was close to was a crew member on one of the bombers I shot down. I have a particular advantage with that life, in that I was recognised by one of my former colleagues, who gave me a glider flight in the 1980s. I wasn’t ready to come to terms with that life at that time, but now I regret that I didn’t stay in touch.
In that life, I became a pilot against the wishes of my family, but at the same time I was, to a large extent, going with “the flow” of society. That is why I was later – i.e. in this life - to be so vehemently against the evils of John Howard's Prime Ministership, as I could recognise the same sorts of social sheep behaviour as was in Nazi Germany before the Second World War. Howard didn't, of course, cause a war, invade other countries or create a Holocaust, but the social tactics of "us-and-them" and, above all else, fear, could almost have come straight out of the Nazi manual.
There are other things I can recall from other lives - such as my past warrior lives, my many past lives as a mother (it has been ironic, at times, to have someone berating me for not following her views on being a mother when I have more lives in that role than the other person!). It has been quite a journey, and that is a good note to go back to the spiritual searching in this life, particularly that from when I was younger.
Initially I found (re-found?) Buddhism – well before it became fashionable, and I found the self-discipline useful, and the emphasis on compassion resonated with me, but, again, as with Christianity, I found its (Western) adherents were sometimes … less than genuine in their commitment to personal change and growth. I did, however, like the emphasis on ethics (even if I now disagree with some of those ethical values!), and I identified as a Buddhist much of my life (from my teenage years).
That interest in Buddhism led me to the controversial writings of Lobsang Rampa, an author who I consider to have considerable metaphysical knowledge, but flaws around same sex and feminist issues. Nevertheless, Rampa's books had a major influence on my psychic and personal development (which just goes to show the value of not necessarily accepting everything from any one source, without discarding everything because of a few flaws - in other words: think critically and objectively for yourself about everything). For more on Rampa, read here and here.
The Yi Jing (formerly known as the I Ching) and Qabbalah were also influences from this early time in this life.
Subsequently, in the early 1980s I moved back from Queensland to Victoria, and began my training in earnest.
Incidentally, I consider that the physical moves in my life have been important, although I don’t think I fully understand all the details of this as yet. For instance, moving down to Melbourne when I was a baby (apparently my first flight was in the back of a DC3 when I was just a few months old) led to a love of cold weather, but moving back to Queensland helped me break free of city-only viewpoints (as did many of my relatives - from both families) and helped me develop my heavy weather sailing expertise (my experience competing in sailing at the Sydney Gay games suggests I am just in the top third of sailors on a worldwide basis generally, but better ranked when sailing in decent sized waves [anything up to 20’ will do me :) ] and strong winds [up to 40 knots is OK, 50 knots as a stretch … all in dinghies and small boats, of course :) ).
When I made that move back to Melbourne, I explored New Age groups, spiritualism and shamanism, and started doing spirit rescues and channelled energy healing. Since then I have run a few healing and development groups, various workshops on past life regressions, crystals and other topics – including, since the mid-90s, studying runes intensively under the guidance of a Rune Master who is both greatly skilled and a great friend. I consider the work I did with rescue (as one of several trance mediums working with crystals up to 55 kg in size) was important, and I am of the view that it helped to change the world at that time. I judge my spiritual accomplishments since then against that, and have to say I consider everything I’ve done since then to be lacking – with the possible exception of the human rights lobbying I’ve done, mainly that in the 90s locally to change anti-discrimination law.
Going back to the time of my return to Melbourne, I at that time left engineering, swearing never to do that work again, but wound up back in that field after 15 months when I was low on money and not earning much through massage - and nothing at all from my hoped for career of writing. I have experienced some atrocious – utterly appalling - behaviour through engineering. That, and being a member of several minority groups, has enabled me to get a good view of society’s underbelly, and has been a key influence on my human rights and spiritual work. On the other hand, engineering has given the opportunity to contribute to public health and reduce environmental impact, and to develop and refine my thinking, organising and teaching abilities – and provide an outlet for my innovative streak.
On unpleasant things, I’ve had quite a bit of experience, unfortunately, with receiving psychic attack. The first major attack happened when I was still in Queensland, but I knew enough from my Qabbalistic studies to defend myself (and stayed friends with the person concerned: he didn’t know consciously what he had done, and was “just” acting out of jealousy). Sadly, my experience of receiving psychic attack has increased since I moved to the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne, and that has done nothing to make the torment of city living any easier.
In the early 90s, when I had moved to Frankston in order to take over a healing group, I started performing full moon rituals with some friends – using quite an eclectic mix of Qabbalah, shamanism and the very little I then knew of Wicca. In 2003, I attended the National Queer Spirituality Conference in Adelaide, South Australia (I am a lesbian), and came across the Goddess and Wicca in a serious, credible way. After the Conference, I found the Witches Voice website, and a local Correllian Temple (the Temple of LaVeda), and began my studies. Subsequently, I have explored other pagan paths, including Druidry and Norse/German paganism and it was after attending the 2009 Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne that I decided the best way to identify myself was “pagan energy psychic”.
That is not something that one can get, as far as I am aware, a qualification for :) . I am, however, an initiated First Degree Priestess of the Correllian Wiccan tradition (initiated before the tradition split in two), but I have no particular framed certificates on the wall. If you want to see such, you will have to go elsewhere :) (possibly try the Pagan Awareness Network, PAN for short, for people who might have certificates on their walls).
More recently, and more notably for me personally, I have found the Tel’Ennyn Asur, a tradition which I greatly admire as a breath of fresh air, and where I have been honoured with the position of M'Jnoir.
I’m trying out a few other (self appointed!) “titles” as well (Wéofodthegn and Bellatrix Lux), which you can explore via the links in my signature blocks after most posts.
I’m still learning in all areas of my life - my most recent lesson is that I should have planned for a way to be able to take life easier as I aged and my health started failing :) I lived on a boat in the 90s; I may yet be able to build another, slightly bigger boat for my partner and I (I hope! I was single in the 90s, and put most of the stuff I didn’t get rid of [mainly my books] into storage, but the boat was still too small - I often suggest people who want to know what it was like spend a winter living in a cupboard in their backyard), and hopefully life will either slow a little or ease up a little then.
In the meantime, I have found that there is plenty of spiritual work - including teaching - to be done in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne. I just may have to get my escape onto a boat organised in the interim to help me cope with city living (and work and other stresses) while I do the work assigned to me …

You will also notice a symbol in my signature block, shown at right. This symbol is a bind rune of my craft name. 
I hope you will find something useful here.

Love, light, hugs and blessings

Gnwmythr, Wéofodthegn 
(pronounced "new-MYTH-ear"; ... aka Bellatrix Lux? … Morinehtar? … Would-be drýicgan ... )

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