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Spirit Rescue and/or Clearing 

In essence, not all people who die pass on to the astral worlds (also referred to as 'the Light', 'the Summerlands', 'Heaven', etc): their spirit (or 'soul', or - more accurately - astral body) may become 'stuck' around the physical world. I, and others who do this form of work, help these people move on.
Largely, I do this because it is one of my main life tasks, but I have also done this in response to requests from people who are experiencing problems as a result of earthbound entities. Such problems can range from simple discomfort as a result of the presence of earthbound entities through to haunting or obsession/possession.
Never, in my experience, has possession been anywhere approaching what was seen in the film The Exorcist. Also, I consider the portrayal of rescue in the American series Ghost Whisperer undisciplined and technically ... less than perfect (for instance, why is there no mention of protection or Guides? Then there is the whole approach ... ). Still, it is enjoyable, and it does get spirit rescue known. On the other hand, but the way the Harry Potter series addresses issues around the need for “occlumency”, and the approach of the British television series Afterlife, are actually more accurate.
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Please note that, to do a clearing of earthbound entities, I don't necessarily have to go physically to the place or person of concern. In fact, sometimes it is better not to.
So … if you consider you may have a problem with an earthbound entity, the first work I will to will be before I go anywhere near the location concerned (or the entity may be attached to people or an object: same principle, the first work is done at a distance). In many cases, that is all that is needed. If, however, that doesn’t work and it is necessary for me to attend the site (or person, or object), I can do so (provided the location is reasonably close to the northern parts of Melbourne), but, if I have to go to site, be prepared to learn and possibly change some aspects of your lifestyle. My experience is that, if you do not do so, there is a moderate chance that you may acquire another earthbound entity.
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Love, light, hugs and blessings

Gnwmythr, Wéofodthegn 
(pronounced "new-MYTH-ear"; ... aka Bellatrix Lux? … Morinehtar? … Would-be drýicgan ... )

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